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Weekend Wrap with John O'Donnell & Alan Hall

Alan Hall began studying Elliott wave analysis and socionomics after meeting Bob Prechter in 1995. Alan’s grasp of socionomics made it easy for him to recognize the escalating housing mania, thus in 2004 he closed his building business and soon joined the Elliott Wave International staff as a writer. He received his degree in Fine Arts from Berry College, graduating into the world of the 1970s bear market. His range of job experiences spans from outdoor therapeutic counselor to decades as a custom homebuilder/designer. Alan wrote the lead articles for the inaugural issues of The Socionomist in May and June 2009. Since then, his article topics have showcased the wide range and deep applicability of the socionomic perspective. Alan has traveled widely, and been a contributor to Global Market Perspective, The European Financial Forecast and The Elliott Wave Theorist. Alan does a wide variety of research aimed at demonstrating the utility of socionomic theory.


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