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BREXIT Update with Sam Evans

BREXIT! Great Britain pulls out of the European Union! The British pound tanks and causes financial panic and a Black Pudding Friday on Wall Street. The New York Times says to expect “Turbulence and Uncertainty” after the vote in one headline and “Take Some Deep Breaths and Don’t Do A Thing” in another. If you just lost a chunk of your savings and investments, who are you supposed to listen to? Who could have seen this coming? “It’s not the end of the world,” says Merlin Rothfeld, host of Power Trading Radio, “It’s a golden opportunity.” Great Britain’s vote to leave the European Union in the “Brexit” referendum has caused markets to tumble worldwide, causing extreme volatility, massive price swings and general panic on Wall Street. Listen to Merlin discuss the implications of Brexit with Online Trading Academy instructor and currency trader Sam Evans. He couldn’t have told you the vote totals the day before, but Sam and his students were already looking for footprints where financial institutions were selling, determining supply levels and probabilities, and preparing to capitalize on the expected market moves. How are Sam and his students at Online Trading Academy handling one of the most significant changes in the financial markets ever? “Business as normal,” Sam says. “We still sell high and we buy low.”

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