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Merlin Rothfeld

Merlin Rothfeld

Director of Content Production

Merlin Rothfeld has been actively involved in the financial markets for over 20 years. After receiving his degree in Business Finance, Merlin worked for a large financial planning firm in California where he applied traditional, long term investment strategies. In 1998, he began day trading his own money using a variety of DAT trading platforms. Over the next 7 years Merlin became a frequent guest speaker at trade shows and universities throughout the world, hosted a syndicated radio show and became the editor of the Investnet Trading Newsletter (2001 - 2004). He also helped build the largest trading school in the US, Online Trading Academy.

From 2001 - 2005, Merlin worked in Italy, building curricula and programs to teach the European community the inner workings of the financial markets and the best methods to access these markets. During this time Merlin had the opportunity to learn and trade most of the European markets. He was also a professor at the Universita Politecnica Delle Marche, a finance specialty school located in Ancona, Italy. Here Merlin created the first dedicated trading lab at a European university.

Merlin's experiences with trading strategies, ranging from long term investing to short term, high volume trading, offers listeners a well-diversified perspective of the trading life as well as valuable trading tips, strategies and market analysis.

John O'Donnell

John O'Donnell

Director of Research

John O'Donnell is the Director of Research for Online Trading Academy. In this role he delivers a combination of educational and corporate experience that has been instrumental in making Online Trading Academy one of the premier trading schools in the world. His extensive management and consulting experience has been a key ingredient in Online Trading Academy's fast global growth and industry recognition and awards.

Mr. O'Donnell was a finalist two years in a row for the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award by Inc. magazine in Orange County, California. He has often been featured on financial web portals and television networks such as CNBC, CNN and MarketWatch. Mr. O'Donnell's focus and thoughts on issues such as historic boom/bust business cycles and the potential coming burst of the credit bubble in the "Globalization 3.0 Era" has also been featured in financial focused newspapers and magazines such as The Wall Street Journal, Investors Business Daily, Traders Journal and EQUITIES magazine, just to name a few. Mr. O'Donnell is frequently a keynote speaker at global finance expos including Trade2Win, Online Traders Expo, London IX Expos, Brazil Active Traders Expos, World's First Virtual Online Traders Expo, Canadian Financial Forums, and The MoneyShow.

Mr. O'Donnell received a BS in Science from Southwest Baptist University in 1968. He began his career as a public school teacher and then transitioned to public corporations, working as an investment banker. His background in both education and financial services gives him a unique ability to speak about complex financial theories, trading strategies and economics.

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