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“The Program takes you from knowing nothing about Trading to having a very strong basic core knowledge of trading... I highly recommend this program.”

“Coming from a background with zero knowledge of the markets, this program is exceptional as it teaches complete knowledge of all assets and gives you an excellent amount of information at your fingertips. I love my Mastermind program and all of the instructors help on a daily basis.”


“I started this class without much trading experience. During the Core Strategy class, I felt very comfortable asking questions, and the teacher was generous with his explanations. The camaraderie between alumni retaking the course and the new learners was wonderfully helpful. Everyone respected each other’s questions and supported the reinforcing of lessons.”

“I like the fact that OTA teaches a process to trading and emphasizes following the process and setting up rules which should be followed with every trade. Also, there were different trading purposes discussed, such as day trading and weekly or monthly trading, which will fit different students’ needs.”

“I just took the Core strategy course-- it’s my first class! I think it’s the best teaching that I have had to learn how to manage risk and earn money. OTA has given me the tools to take control of my investments!”

“As a person very new to trading, I had my doubts about starting any trading classes. After this first Core Strategy class, I’ve gained so much knowledge! This was the best class ever, and I feel it gave me a very solid starting point to go into trading and crave to learn more by attending the Forex specialty course. Paul is an amazing teacher and trader! He delivered all the needed information in such a way that a 5-year-old would understand! By the end of the class, the process was completely embedded in my mindset. From now on, it’s practice, practice, and more PRACTICE! Thank you Paul and OTA!!!”

“Immense information, focused instruction and passionate instructors equals empowered and successful students.”

“It was an amazing learning experience and I am looking forward to using this knowledge to make money.”

“I have found all the instructors to be very professional and competent. The staff at my Trading Academy are super helpful and knowledgeable. They willingly reach out to help and support me in my trading experience.”

“This is a wonderful experience for supportive learning in a very complex, competitive field.”

“I always enjoy class and always learn so many new things. And the things I have questions on the instructor guides me to the answer.”

“I knew nothing about trading. Just signing up and attending a few classes on top of the my ota website I now I'm in the right spot to take trading where i want to go. The staff is great to work with and very helpful. Thank you OTA!! Brian ”

“OTA not only teaches you about trading, but it also teaches you to examine yourself and what your personality, drive & determination are and encourages you to remember your ultimate WHY for learning about trading.”

“I continually hear people saying, "I wish I had done this (Joining Online Trading Academy) sooner. If I had only known then what I know now, I would have saved a ton of money" So, drop what you're doing and join now!”

“I like the way OTA is methodical in presenting the way to trade and always emphasizing the placement of stops to limit exposure to extreme losses.”

“There are many ways to gain from the opportunities offered. Success requires your participation and effort to be successful. OTA learning is a skill set requiring diligence in appropriating the resources available. OTA has provided a great platform for anyone to excel as a trader.”

“The course was very informative, and well worth the money I paid for it. The instructor did an excellent job throughout the entire course, especially with the live labs. The content was very detailed and thorough.”

“I am now prepared to alter my trading plan with golden information for my Future trading. I feel very secure with my Trading Business. The instructor Don Dawson was outstanding. ”


“I highly recommend any focused, level-minded individual with a hot pressing WHY... to redirect their energies, resources and sources to become a productive, inspired trailblazer in transforming their family legacy. New, Beginner and Professional, there is much to learn and relearn...!”

“I feel that I am on my way to a better life for me and my family. Well worth every penny.”

“This was my first introduction to the stock exchange. I was truly excited about taking this class and I must say it was more enjoyable than I could have ever imagined. I learned so much and I'm looking forward to my next class. Thanks, Paul.”

“Any time you can get instruction -- Take It! Every time I hear a section over again, I learn(relearn) something more.”

“The help of all the OTA representatives (Counselors, Student Support Specialists and Instructors) is priceless. The Personal Trading Program has helped me understand "my rules" for successful trading. A truly fundamental step before risking my hard-earned capital!”

“I've had a good experience in every OTA class I've taken. Now I'm on my second round of classes. The instructors know their stuff and really want the students to learn the material and use it in the real world. ”

“I love this school. I am building a skill in trading that I will be able to use for the rest of my life. Thank you!”

“The tools that I wanted to acquire to enable me to trade with confidence have been well covered. The onus is now on me to consolidate and grow in my experience.”

“Very good program. It covers all the aspects of trading in a very hands on and methodical way. You always feel protected and mentored.”

“The Core Strategy class was excellent. I had spent a good amount of time prior to the class watching Core-Strategy and Hour-With-The-Pro recordings, which were very helpful; but the class really took my understanding to a deeper level - particularly through all of the interactive discussions during class, and, most importantly, through the hands-on experience with placing trades.”

“OTA really opened up a new way of thinking about finance. I am so glad I attended Core Strategy. Now I have a foundation that will guide my actions as a professional trader. ”

“What I receive from OTA can't be measured in time or money. I appreciate the community of people who care that I achieve my WHY!!”

“The Core Strategy class was extremely insightful as to what happens in the trading market, the importance of timing the market and great information about Gaps, what they are and how the market reacts to them. This class is truly a must if you want hands on training for trade success. The staff is always ready to help.”

“OTA has helped me with every. single. question I have ever asked with concise answers. They also will make sure that I understand the answer and will continue to show me various forms of the answer until I understand.”

“I am so impressed with what I have learned from OTA thus far and I have only started 3 months ago. It's amazing looking back at how much knowledge and experience I have already acquired just going through the classes and online tutorials. One of the simulated trades I placed was really successful and I could not believe how profitable futures trading can be when applying the strategies taught in class. I am excited to be in this community where wealth of knowledge is readily available for new traders like me.”

“It was awesome. To be honest, I didn't catch on at first. I asked for help and they took more time with me because I was that slow guy in the class. The key point is that they found and made time to help me out. Another really cool thing to note, I can take the class again if I need. Of course I will, because I want to fly. And so will anyone who takes a leap to join Online Trading Academy and listens to and follows the plan that they set for you to win.”

“All the instructors I've had guiding me are very committed to helping me (and every other student) succeed at trading the financial markets.”

“My wife and I knew we made a great choice investing in ourselves and our future, and that was only reinforced after finishing our Core Strategy class. In one week, we went from being total beginners to being able to go home and place trades, with confidence that following this system will make us money as well as help us manage our risk.”

“Following the process as instructed proved to be exactly what we saw the market reacting to. Proves the theory. Results in live trading proved that the theory is sound and if followed, I will be successful.”


“There is absolutely nothing negative to say about the class and OTA in general. Telling my experience, I enjoyed it, taught me so much about managing risk and profit potential which I greatly needed. Now I have a core strategy in my daily risk managing routine.”

“The opportunity to learn a new skill at this phase in my life is very exciting! So I look forward to the challenges of becoming an expert trader. The staff members are very friendly and inviting! The facility is state of the art in my opinion. It's really a nice environment for the ultimate learning experience.”

“OTA is for you if you love being taught by professionals that practice what they preach. My experience has been a perfect blend of both theory and practical application.”

“I have always found the trading world fascinating, but I was always afraid that I could not figure it out. I had read some books and all the things that I had learned led me to believe that I could not figure out how to have any dealings with the market without a lot more knowledge. I heard about Online Trading Academy from the radio, and making that phone call was the best decision that I have made for myself. Although I am not ready to begin trading live just yet, I think that I will be soon and it is all because of the wonderful instructors at the Academy. I have just been amazed to see how terrific the instructors are and that they are willing to share themselves and their own extensive knowledge and trading experience with new students not just in the classroom but into the future as well. I have contact information for each one of them and I know that I can rely on them to help any time if I need it. I just love everything about Online Trading Academy.”

“I loved this class. It was very educational and built a great foundation of the markets and the market mechanics. It was awesome we got to apply what we learned and actually make some trades in class!! Everyone was super helpful and knowledgeable!”

“OTA will educate you on how to make money in Forex, Futures, Options, and Stocks. OTA will expand your depth of knowledge that opens your eyes to multiple income possibilities through trading. The instructors practice what they teach and preach.”

“My experience so far with Online Trading Academy has been excellent. The Staff and Instructors are top notch. They are extremely competent and professional and their experience is put on full display in the courses and supplemental material. They make learning enjoyable and easy to trust with my trading education.”

“It's hard to know where to begin. I thoroughly enjoyed myself in a life changing experience unlike anything I've experienced. For people who are tired of working for someone else, trapped in an unstable job with little reward and appreciation, and especially have no control of their time and compensation, OTA is an unquestionable must do experience to transform these negatives. OTA professionally gives you the keys for you to take control and start working to live rather than living to work. This is an experience that should have happened many years ago.”

“OTA is an investment and leadership training institution that is teaching ordinary people how to learn the art and science of asset and money management as well as retirement planning”

“This is exactly what I was looking for. I now have a plan and confidence to trade the right way.”

“OTA offers an opportunity to trade for a living or to enhance retirement. If you follow the rules, you cannot lose overall. Having once worked for Smith Barney/Morgan Stanley, I can tell you this program is leap years ahead of what they teach their Financial Consultants/Brokers. Like anything, it takes work and practice to get the "muscle memory," but then it takes the effort you are willing to put in to get the results you desire.”

“The best financial and self improvement choice I've ever made. I rate it a 100 on a 1-10 Scale!!”

“I first started trading without any education, and even though I occasionally got lucky my results suffered to the point of losing most of my trading capital. After a long hiatus from trading, I received an invitation to attend a free trading seminar from Online Trading Academy. I am glad I went to the seminar. It was exactly what I had been looking for. Online Trading Academy equips its students with the tools and support needed to guide you through shark infested waters. I am excited to be a part of the OTA community, and looking forward to the future for me and my family! Wes Moser”

“I believe Online Trading Academy is a premier trading school. I have been trading since the 1980s using technical analysis, with mixed success. I taught myself how to trade reading and studying the myriad of methods used in technical analysis. Online Trading Academy's proprietary trading method has provided me with everything the books did not. I find the OTA system of trading is simple in concept and easy to implement once you understand it. I believe the OTA way is a beautifully simple mechanical process for trading, and thus, creating wealth.”

“Understanding the market is imperative during these turbulent times. OTA training provides the process and understanding to successfully navigate. An essential tool.”

“OTA is intensive, but it allows you to be immersed in trading concepts to allow you to learn, hands on, with an instructor both in classroom and online. All you need is dedication to your end goal and the perseverance to follow through on what is being taught.”

“OTA is the best organization to be a part of. Community, tools, mentorship; what more can you ask for?”

“Anyone that is teachable will gain the knowledge needed to understand the investment landscape. People from all backgrounds and walks of life can benefit from the training. This program is best for people who have a desire to be empowered to take the reins of their investments and not rely on the big-box investment outlets. My only regret is not finding this school 20 years ago as I could have saved myself in time and money working in the corporate world.”

“Instructor shows great passion about sharing his many years of trading experience, providing me a shorter path to success. The center provides a great atmosphere for learning and getting to know people.”

“As a person with no trading experience, I come to learn that OTA is truly a family community wanting you to be successful. ”

“In just the first few hours of training I've been amazed and overwhelmed by the opportunities for personal trading and it's all thanks to Online Trading Academy. Not only do I understand how the system is rigged against me, but I'm learning how to combat it with the training from OTA. The OTA center staff are always friendly, polite and accommodating. There's always plenty of coffee, water, goodies and such. They bend over backwards to make me feel comfortable and welcome.”

“I have gained a great deal of knowledge and experience about trading and investing from the instructors in this institution. Their shared knowledge and experience have helped to make me a better trader.”


“I am new to trading and my experience with the markets has been employee stock purchase plans. I love that this involves a process, and following the process increases the odds of a successful trade. The fact that help is always available is encouraging and you can sense that OTA really wants you to be a successful trader.”

“I had deep reservations and even regrets about the price of the courses. (Price rarely equals value) but my reservations have been satisfied. The process is simple and effective. Learn the process, trust the process, work the process and you will make good money. Just stay focused on the process, the money will take care of itself.”

“OTA continues to deliver solid training with experienced instructors. I learn something new with each instructor.”

“Waited ten years to sign up for the program. That was ten years too long! Michael T.”

“Everything you learn here you cannot learn anywhere else. This is a great pathway for me to learn why I haven't made money in the past through the markets and take control of my finances to generate income and more importantly wealth preservation.”

“My name is Jerry Greene, and one of the things that I appreciate most about the program is the structure; all of the learning phases are calculated, no guess work or fly by night. Another thing is that you can see the road to success and it's put in your hands to get there or not.”

“I have always been interested in the markets but never thought that I would be able to trade profitably. With Online Trading Academy I feel that I am going to be successful and realize a dream. Everyone is very friendly and easy to work with and very helpful. The center is clean and parking is available!!!!”

“Easy to learn with hands on learning and real world examples. I would highly recommend Paul as an instructor. Great Class. Very Clean, easy parking, great attitude among employees.”

“I learned a lot. I feel like I can learn to be a successful trader. The system is not too complicated and I liked how emphasis was placed on making a plan and sticking to it. Making good trades instead of making money.”


“I have been trading over the past two years almost full time, five days a week, with little positive results, using many of the tools used by OTA. As the courses progressed I saw the error of my analysis system and have now decided to switch to the academy system. It will take some additional effort on my part to change but the possibilities are obvious. Since taking several courses on equity and options trading, I see the system I was employing to determine the analysis of stocks for trade failed me miserably. I must now assemble a new trading plan employing the principles taught and quickly incorporate academy lessons into a trading plan that can be used to supplement my income for the rest of my years, as at age 79, I see the horizon on my IRA and if I am lucky enough to live several more years I will not be forced to change my present life style.”

“OTA takes the mystery out of the market.”

“Online Trading Academy provides the required knowledge base for me to invest with skills based knowledge to increase and manage my investments.”


“I had no trading experience or knowledge of how the markets worked. After Pro Trader I know a lot more than I thought would. One week of classes gave me so much more knowledge than any book I could have read.”

“Understanding the language of trading and the mentality of the professionals has increased my confidence tenfold. I learned a tremendous amount in Part 1. I feel like I can be a much more successful business person with the skills I learned today.”

“You gave me the Knowledge, now it is my job to take the information and do something with it. Thank you for the opportunity!”

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