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Invest a few life-changing hours in our free workshop, where you'll learn:

  • How professionals locate high reward, low risk and high probability trading and investing opportunities.
  • Learn how markets really work; how institutions trade and control markets.
  • A patented strategy that shows you where professionals and institutions are buying and selling.
  • Why most short term traders fail and longer term investors never achieve their financial goals.


“I started my journey without prior Experience and Knowledge in Trading never thought that I can also Trade as "Trading is Very Risky". After completing the Courses from Trading Academy now I feel myself secure while taking Trades and also got the huge knowledge about the market. I got so much interest now on Trading field that I am doing the full course. Thanks to Trading Academy and the Mentors and Instructors who helped me to change my negative views on Trading. Thanks for their professional guidance.”

Apurba Lal Mukherjee – Kolkatta Testimonial

“"IGNITE" conducted by OTA is an awesome course for day traders as well as positional traders. In IGNITE , we are trained to take the trade in our own hands rather than being dependent on business channels like TV channels etc. We are given skill to take profitable trades through continuous mentoring. Within 6 months time 70-75% of our trades start getting profitable.”

Sharmila Malhotra – Noida Testimonial
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