Income & Wealth Education Planner

Please follow the three steps below to get started on your Income & Wealth Education Planner:

Step 1

Set aside ten minutes to watch the video and click the link below with your country to start viewing.

Step 2

Select the Income & Wealth Education Planner for your country from the list below.

  • Select the "Automated" button to complete the Income & Wealth Education Planner online. The automated process will send the Planner automatically to your Education Counselor on completion.
  • Or, select the "Manual" button to download the planner and save it to your computer. If you selected “Manual” you will need to download the most recent Adobe Reader (click here). Once you complete the Planner:
    • You will need to attach your planner to an email and send it to your Education Counselor.
    • Or, if you completed it by hand, scan and fax the Planner to your Education Counselor
United States Automated Manual
Canada Automated Manual
UAE Automated Manual
United Kingdom Automated Manual
India Automated Manual
Indonesia Automated Manual
All Other Automated Manual

Step 3

Fill out your Income & Wealth Education Planner. If you chose "Manual" then please follow the instructions in Step 2 above to submit your Planner to your Education Counselor in preparation for your next call.

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