Phoenix, AZ - Student Testimonials

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“This Professional Options Trader week cemented for me that OTA gives an excellent return on educational investment. This was especially true since my young adult "Gen Z" son was along for the entire ride and ran circles around me.”

“Truly an enjoyable learning experience. I was frustrated with my options trades in the past. Now, I understand how options work and how to maximize my profits.”

“Online Trading Academy's education program is the best available. It utilizes true highly experienced and actively trading instructors able to provide the insight needed to learn how to trade and manage one's portfolio. The ability to take extended education and repeat classes allows one to work towards a proficient, profitable, enjoyable confident investor life-long experience.”

“I have been trading for more than 15 years, never been a successful trader so far. I joined OTA and completed my core strategy classes. Now I feel more confident to trade as I learned the technical, risk management and strategies. This course helped me a lot, I will recommend OTA to my friends and family.”

“OTA is providing a very valuable experience, knowledge and most importantly, providing the opportunity to translate knowledge into application.”

“I had a lot of reservations about everything associated with OTA. After interacting with Steve, AJ, and Ron, it became obvious the course material, resources available are designed so you won't fail. Don't mistake this comment. The student will have to put in the effort and work to learn the material and apply the learning.”

“I first heard about OTA from Ken's radio program. I researched every trading school I could find. OTA does what it says. Steve was very patient and makes it fun.”

“The presenter was wicked smart, very polished and professional. Extremely patient, especially explaining the same concept over and over. The material is excellent, meticulous in detail; I can tell much thought and detail went into the courses. Additionally, the online information is fantastic. It's remarkable all of the tools available to my advancement. Recordings, Live Classes, eBooks and much more, moreover, the technology OTA spent into distributing the online classes has been very well put together. Throughout my classes the staff has been amazing, super professional and very helpful. Excellent job guys. Thanks a Million! Richard K Scottsdale AZ”

“Online Trading Academy is a first class company offering the education, resources and support necessary to succeed with online trading. They are truly committed to seeing their graduates succeed. Someone once said, 'If you think education is expensive...try ignorance'.”

“We would recommend this class to anyone who is looking to get into trading, whether for long term wealth or income. The teachers are top notch, very knowledgeable and able to answer questions in a timely manner. Student support personnel are always happy to answer any questions that you might have as you move through the training process.”

“I was motivated to become an active investor after selling real estate for a profit this year. After meeting with a couple of financial advisors, I was not comfortable with how my money would be managed. Attending this class has confirmed I made the right decision and motivated me to continue to be educated on how to manage my own money. ”

“The material presented in OTA classes is available nowhere else that I know of. I have gained an enormous increase in understanding in the few weeks I have been so engaged.”

“Far exceeds my expectations. I am a veteran educator so I speak with a good deal of experience. The structure, speed, and comprehensive depth were all to be commended. If only we were allowed to teach all levels of education this way.”

“The Core Strategies class helped me better understand the process and mindset needed to successfully trade on my own in the future. The instructor (Dan) and other staff were positive, insightful, and helpful throughout the program and there was a hope for us to do well mixed with a genuine concern for us to minimize any potential personal risk. I look forward to reviewing notes, making initial trades and then attending my next class with OTA.”

“OTA is for the serious people only who want to learn and enhance their trading skills. It's hard work and requires dedication and commitment. OTA is a great place to learn.”

“This has been one of the most informative, challenging, satisfying, and enlightening courses I've ever taken. Not only is the trading methodology exceptional, but the instructors, both live and recorded, are exceptional. I am also amazed at how many useful resources are available during and after the course. I feel confident that the systems I learned will be a solid foundation for many years of learning and trading to come. ”

“Having experience in the stock market, I can honestly say that OTA Core Class has provided me the necessary foundation to succeed in ongoing education with risk vs. reward. Applying the tools provided by OTA and their education is a recipe for success. Instructor, Steve Bobbitt, is great!”

“Like every other class I've taken at OTA, I was given MOUNTAINs of data and advice that stokes my confidence and inspires me to dig deeper and avail myself of the astonishing resources that are available both online and from the support staff. OTA is a for-profit business, of course, but it is also very obviously a community with something like a sense of family among the staff and so many of the students as well.”

“OTA is truly the best trading education available. It aims and achieves turning novice or beginning traders into solid, knowledgeable traders and provides the tools and community to continue one's education for success.”

“OTA, unlike other investment training, provides a long term methodology that can be used now and in the future. The training is professional and prepares you to get started trading or, if you are already in the market, to expand and enhance your trading results.”

“I have taught economics in higher education, and believed it was a pretty good picture of human behavior and economic results. Now, I wish I had had this course when I was in Graduate Business School about 40 years ago. It would have changed my life and career, enhanced my sense of accomplishment, and given me a much more precise set of tools to watch and profit from conditions in the "real world" instead of the domain of theoretical economic models.”

“The way OTA has broken down the trading process is truly remarkable. The step by step process makes so much sense, yet is not something the majority of people would ever think to implement. The amount of time and work that has gone into building this program is mind boggling. Watching the instructors time the market and make trades so effortlessly gives me that much more confidence that I can and will get to a point in my trading that I can use it as my sole source of income. I highly recommend Online Trading Academy!”

“OTA met me where I was at in terms of being a true novice. My instructor, (Steve Bobbitt) has a classroom management style that kept me engaged and challenged. The practical nature of the class, coupled with beneficial contact with other students, creates a wonderful, collaborative atmosphere.”

“The OTA concept is simple; learn great skills and don't worry about the money... it will come. Especially with the excellent systems that they teach. If you follow the rules (and there are rules) then you will be successful. The wide variety of instructors, with various background knowledge, bring experience and strength to the courses they teach. It is work, and you have to discipline yourself, but it is easier to be successful and confident with your new found skills. Plus, their support group is included for life; a great bonus.”

“I think Online Trading Academy is the only way to go to truly take care of your own financial future. I am looking forward to continuing with my education and to begin to trade every day in the market. I know with what I am learning, I will be consistently very profitable in the market. The staff at the Phoenix OTA are the best. The instructors are always very professional and knowledgeable. Tim Blotzer was very professional and knowledgeable. He gave the class some real world trading ideas and showed us what he uses.”

“I feel very capable of really using this material to manage my retirement and hit the ground running. The information was exceptionally delivered, and the different aspects really built up in a very easily digestible manner.”

“OTA has put together a very detailed and comprehensive learning program that I don't think that you could find anywhere else! My wife and I feel like we are on the edge of a greater experience for the foreseeable future, thanks to OTA and all those associated with it. Thank you, OTA!”

“I am new to trading. The material presented was concise, relevant and practical. The instructor, Dan Sugar, was awesome. The supporting staff were helpful. The program was very well thought out. ”

“Trading the markets requires OTA education to be successful, period.”

“This course is a great start toward my trading career. OTA offers more content than I am reasonably expected to digest. This is much more content than any of the other trading schools offer. The content of the course is outstanding. ”

“I really enjoyed the program. It was impressive, the level of care exemplified by all the members of the academy. OTA's instructors and staff members are absolutely committed to the success and advancement of the students in the class. Thanks!”

“I had a great week in our core strategy class! I finally have a good grasp on topics and strategies I have been trying to learn on my own for years. I truly appreciate that spouses are allowed to participate in all the classes I am enrolled in. Originally, my wife attended just for support, but by the end of day 5, Brooke was engaged, fascinated and did well learning the core curriculum. The instructor, Steve (the Texan,, :) was great! In addition, the student support specialists; Ron, AJ, and Todd were wonderful. We are excited to start options, futures, and the forex classes in the coming weeks.”


“If any individual is considering getting involved in the market above simply using a broker, then by all means consider On Line Trading Academy before you take the plunge.”

“The class presented the materials of trading with objective perspective so you do not trade with emotion which leads you to lose the trade. You know what you are doing when you just follow the protocols of trading. If you want to have an enjoyable retirement. Check it out. ”

“What stands out to me, is a strong willingness of the staff to do whatever is necessary to make the student's goals realized.”

“For anyone who has ever thought about investing in the Markets; Online Trading Academy is a must! The educational tools are world class, the staff is very knowledgeable and professional. I am looking forward to my educational journey with Online Trading Academy to learn the skills I need to become a successful investor; providing me a path to reaching my financial goals.”

“Highly informative and presented in an interesting way with hands on help. Took much of the mystery out of the market trading and made me understand how to limit risk and maximize opportunities to profit.”

“After trading in the markets for several years without success and structure, this course has changed my direction in how to structure my trading and implement the great tools that were taught. I highly recommend Online Trading Academy to any of those traders who are on the fence. It has truly helped my trading.”

“My knowledge on trading has grown exponentially. I now have a reasoned, non-emotion based system for finding trades with a greater probability ratio of success. I have a lot of previous experience to let go of.”

“Mind blowing experience, very detailed step by step instructions. By following the rules and staying disciplined, there is no way you can fail.”

“I am very encouraged about my trading future because of the Core Strategy training at OTA. The methodology is decidedly more logical and easier to follow than the prior two training systems I have been through.”

“I couldn't have asked for a better location, instructor and staff to lead my Forex re-take at the Denver OTA Center. Jody Wong is by far the most impressive, knowledgeable instructor that I have had the privilege to be a student of. His experience and application of Core Strategy in the Forex market is second to none. The office was beautiful, clean and well set up for the facilitation of class. As students, we had all the support needed from the incredibly knowledgeable staff and the top notch equipment in order to apply what we were learning in class to the live Forex market. All staff went above and beyond to accommodate the students' needs and helps answer questions and any technical issues. I was very impressed with the entries staffs' knowledge of the markets (especially Nikki and Tad). As a full time trader, I would recommend this program to anyone looking to make real money in the markets.”

“This course not only confirmed my commitment to becoming a successful trader, but also clarified why prior futures trading based on technical indicators was not successful. There is no substitute for the solid, competent education delivered by OTA nor the supervised, structured practice in class. The instructor was excellent in his demonstrated competence with supply-and-demand based trading, as well as his effective way of presenting the curriculum and insights from his many years of experience. The facilities, classroom, technology and support staff evidence OTA's desire for quality and excellence.”

“I spent thousands on education with another organization, and have nothing to show for the expenditure. I know I will have more success with what I've learned at OTA, and will always have access to not only retakes of the classes, but to the support from their phenomenal support staff. Parking? Not even an issue. Cleanliness? A hospital should be this clean. Friendliness of personnel? These are the friendliest people I've ever met in a financially oriented institution. There are people who I've only met once who knew my first name the second time I saw them. On top of that, they are all consummate professionals. I'm jealous of all of them, they seem to genuinely enjoy working at OTA, they are all sharp as tacks, and they love sharing their knowledge with the students. The people, more than anything else, make taking a course at OTA worth way more than the cost of the course. The added bonus is that you get an education that will allow you to make the cost of the course back in time, and you get all of those new friends for free. What a deal! Oh yeah, I gained 6 pounds over the week because of the excellent food and unlimited snacks they provide.”

“The instructors were very knowledgeable and started the trading process education in the simplest terms. The center was well run, organized and clean with a very friendly and helpful staff. When OTA personnel say, "We will not let you fail," they back it up with action, not just words.”

“OTA provides a rare opportunity to get professional real time knowledge and experience into the world of trading. The instructors are excellent in breaking down and simplifying an otherwise intricate process. I highly recommend OTA to anyone looking at the financial trading markets and the opportunities they can offer. Thank you to all at OTA.”

“The financial education provided by these folks is nothing short of AMAZING!! I can really feel the commitment to consistent long-term success in this endeavor from everyone here!”

“Online Trading Academy is an amazing tool and I am nothing but pleased that I enrolled. The on-location classes are really good tools but what makes it a really useful tool is the extended learning they offer out of class.”

“I've been around OTA for approximately a year and have taken retakes. Each time I do a retake, either in class or online, I always uncover and learn about a new gem in my learning process. You will go a long way to encounter a learning program to match OTA. The over the top education and support of the OTA staff is unmatched; they want nothing more than to have their students succeed.”

“I've known about Online Trading Academy for a while; I thought I could get a handle of the market on my own. I tried and it was more complex than I realized, can't wait to get to take the individual classes. I came out of this class with very good understanding. I can only imagine how much more successful I could become with the additional training and practice. Steve Bobbitt seems to enjoy helping students understand and become successful.”

“We are very pleased how we were taught from nothing to understanding the beginning part of the process, and that there are so many resources available to use. The fact that they let us take the classes together has really helped us tremendously. I would definitely recommend this to family and friends. Thank you.”

“The OTA program is not a walk in the park and not a get rich quick scheme. It is, however, an in-depth training course that teaches conscientious students a proven strategy for profitable trading.”

“The OTA Core Strategy is genius. I actually feel sorry for anyone that has money in the market and doesn't understand this simple concept. They're asking to lose money. I feel like I have a solid understanding now and am ready to learn how to trade specific asset classes.”

“Once I was a novice trader, then I entered The Core Strategy Program. No longer am I a novice trader. Now I know the difference! OTA has such excellent instructors and educational materials that anyone having desire to gain short term income, long term wealth and wealth security can succeed.”

“I have learned so much from OTA. The instructors are exceptional, they are very knowledgeable and go far and beyond to help you succeed.”

“Everything is awesome at PHX OTA. Very friendly staff, great food and comfortable setting. Every instructor I have had with OTA have been great. From being available to discuss topics after class to responding to emails after the course is completed has been a great resource. Each instructor brings their own flavor to the class topics being discussed and they are additive instead of contradictory, providing additional tools to make better trades.”

“I found the education to be invaluable as I start my journey as a professional trader. I found it to be at a pace I could follow, through the repetition and reinforcement of the concepts throughout the 5 days. I noticed each morning as I logged on to the trading tool, I felt more comfortable with what I was doing as a repeatable process. I was thrilled to see many of my trades actually working!”

“Great experience; I learned so much information that would have saved me years of my life trying to figure it out on my own.”

“This center is owned by a great trader and analyst. The teachers are top notch, all profitable traders. The student support staff is the best part of this center. They have jumped through hoops of fire for me. I figured after I spent my money I was a "past customer". I have been shown the opposite. My success is the center's success, at least that is what I have found.”

“My experience in the OTA has been eye opening. As a novice trader, who had spent a year trying to teach myself, I am only now beginning to really see the big picture. I found the error in my previous approach and now am able to clearly see a direction and strategy to be a successful trader. The core strategy gives a simple step by step process to increase the odds of a successful trade. It helps me know when, and when not to trade as well as where and when to get in and out of a trade. I have renewed excitement about trading and feel I have a solid foundation to build upon. Thank you, OTA! Thank you, Steve Bobbit; watching out for that "monkey hammer"!”

“Coming into the program, I knew little to nothing about trading or stocks in general, and was nervous that it would be too much to grasp. OTA's program took the mysticism out of the process and showed me a simple process that felt very doable. ”

“OTA classes are very informative and financially powerful. I, Frank Piersanti endorse this OTA experience to all who desire a fruitful life with a real retirement nest egg. Wishing you all the very best of health, wealth and happiness in all your days.”

“We truly enjoyed this program. Mr. Steve Bobbitt is very informed and current with his information. The time, and class assistance was wonderful. As a former trader, I really appreciate learning in a hands on setting. Our trainers are current; with years of experience. The last day we traded with real money! Guess what? We made money that day. Thank you, Online Trading Academy, for existing. We love you Mr. Steve (Our Trading Dad). Thanks.”

“The techniques and information taught in class are excellent and are absolutely necessary to be a successful trader. This knowledge and the techniques makes it possible to be more than a novice trader. ”

“20 years in the business and still going can't be wrong! Everyone at OTA have been polite, fun and most owe it to yourself!”


“Trading is a complicated and challenging endeavor. If someone is seriously wanting to change their life and find a rewarding and challenging career, this could be it. I've tried several avenues to get into trading and I believe I have found the holy grail of professional training with regards to trading. I hope to get all my adult children doing this in the near future. I want them to feel as in control of their destiny as I do right now.”

“This whole experience and everyone associated with OTA has been a fabulous one, I'm really looking forward to the futures class, and continuing with my education. Top notch all the way around, and just being a part of the whole community and the resources within, "PRICELESS". Steve and Mike both have been top notch instructors.”

“The Phoenix OTA center is perfect. Staff is wonderful and VERY helpful! Only bad part for me was the distance I had to drive. After a bad experience learning to trade from a snake oil salesman, I have a great appreciation for OTA which teaches true and correct principles. The quality of the folks involved is first rate! The knowledge and experience of the folks involved is first rate! I can't wait to practice what I've learned to develop my own trading skills. I can't wait for my next class! Steve Bobbitt is AWESOME! Thank you, OTA!”

“I like the professionalism of the instructors and how they make the classes fun. Every member on the staff is very friendly. I will say that the class members are friendly and respectful to one another which presents a comfortable learning environment.”

“The classroom is a first-class professional atmosphere, with friendly and supportive instructors and staff. Everyone was very helpful and supportive, and they were genuinely concerned about providing us with a positive learning experience. My education at the Online Trading Academy was very helpful in advancing my day-trading career.”

“Totally Awesome! Not only do they teach you how to make "money", they give you the foundation, training, education and tools to "change your life personally" not just financially, and I'm looking forward to my new journey.”

“I have been a member of Online Trading Academy for several years. The OTA approach is effective and the curriculum is excellent. The instructors are very knowledgeable and the support staff is very dedicated to the success of its students.”

“The Staff and Instructor were well prepared and open to any and all questions regarding my experience and learning. Jenafer and Mary are great! Ron and A.J were always available and open to answer questions and concerns to make for the consummate learning experience! Tom Joyce's instruction was well worth the time with excellent bonus information only Tom could personally add to the class!”

“The class was amazing and I really got to trust the strategy and plan that was taught. Before enrolling I was a bit worried because of some bad reviews I saw online. I am sure those are from people who either did not put the effort required (it is simple but not easy) or did not take the class at all. Also, instructor was amazing at the class and an expert at the subject. We made a lot of trades at the lab and even ended with a profit!”

“The Pro Trader class was very helpful for a beginning trader like me. The pace was good and it left my mind swimming with new information. The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and his sense of humor kept us all from entering frustration mode. It appears that they are dedicated to making you a success if you put the time in. The center is awesome and the personnel were very motivating people to be around. They even accommodated my food allergies in their lunches which was considerate of them.”

“I can't imagine people not wanting to gain the market and trading insight that OTA provides. They make it fun and I know my performance far exceeds my highly "trained" and paid financial planner.”

“Thank you OTA, the Professional Trader 1 class was great. This was a retake class for me. The last time I took this was several years ago. I was worried that the information would be too elementary, but was very wrong. The curriculum is very targeted, relevant and useful even though I have been trading several years. It was great to review the fundamentals again and focus on the key elements of the trade plan. Thank you.”

“The Online Trading Academy is a very professional training institution and gives the notice trader valuable information to be financially and emotionally successful.”

“Very dedicated and accommodating staff, lots of info, lots of flexibility, and time to pace yourself and expand knowledge base.”

“I had high expectations for this class and they were easily exceeded. The content was excellent and the instructor (Josip Causic) was outstanding. I will be taking this again soon.”

“I am an absolute novice in the world of trading. I have dabbled in the past but always wound up losing money. The techniques taught at OTA are different; and in discussions with others who have completed the various programs successfully, they work. I am dedicated to being a prime example of how well they work. Certainly worth the investment if the world of trading is something in your future. OTA exhibits on every level a high degree of professionalism. The facility is spotless, the treats and lunches served during classes are top notch, and the entire staff shows the dedication to the students to achieve success at their trading endeavors. I continue to be impressed with OTA.”

“My experience was exceptional - the teacher was engaging and easy to talk to. The classroom is new, clean and lunches were good. It was a very informative and enjoyable class.”

“Coming from a family background of investors who bought by tips and other means?, whose results were hit or miss, the Professional Trader course has given me a much clearer understanding of how the markets work; giving me a lot more confidence in trading.”

“Attending Online Trading Academy - Phoenix has been a very good experience for me. I went from trusting others who don't have my interest in mind to being able to determine my own future. OTA has provided me with the education, tools and hands on training to map out a path for success trading in the equities and Futures markets. They also provide on-going support after the classroom instruction has been completed. The support OTA offers is truly exceptional and OTA Phoenix has outstanding personnel that are ready to step in and assist where needed. Thank you to the entire staff at OTA -Phoenix!”

“I really enjoyed the course. I have taken several OTA courses and would recommend all of them. They have changed my investment experience in a truly positive way.”

“I have been trading for over 25 years and I have never heard of any of what I was taught at the OTA Pro-Trader course. I can't believe that I had never known what a Stop was and how it can minimize my risk. I have learned so much and it is so relevant to what I want to do that I can't wait to learn more. I am very excited to take this information and use it to my advantage.”

“The teacher(s) are excellent and the material, although difficult, is learnable and can become profitable, especially for those who are tired of their broker's performance.”

“If your retirement funds are not growing at a rate equal to or better than the S&P Index, you owe it to yourself to talk with Online Trading Academy about how to achieve this. The sooner the better because each delay is costing you more than you could ever imagine.”

“I feel that OTA offers a structured training curriculum in trading that is far and away one of the best on the market. Their Core Strategy makes perfect sense and only serves to show how all of us "sheeples" have been led down the wrong path by investment advisors who have NOT had our best interests at heart. With OTA, you learn how to take charge of and protect your own income and wealth, and you learn things about investing that you should have known all along. The training is backed up by a professional organization, managed and staffed by people who DO care about your success and who show it with every interaction. If I had it to do over again, I would still choose OTA. If you're not happy with the balances in your retirement accounts, or what a broker is feeding you, or what all those fees are on your account, OTA has an answer. Trust yourself and just do it.”


“Excited to put my new skills to work. Everyone at OTA Phoenix has been great!”

“Any individual having a desire in gaining specialized knowledge in how to make money in the markets for Income and Wealth would do well to investigate and join Online Trading Academy. All well done and very satisfied with all aspects of the Course, Instructor, venue and Staff!!!”

“Even with a great college degree in Economics, I learned more from OTA on how to actually make money and apply knowledge to the real world. The course completely shifted my mindset from traditional "retail investing," from all of the books by investors, to actually how to trade like an "institutional trader." I can now effectively setup a trade with confidence and manage it like a business, and without letting emotion impact my trades. Steve was just AMAZING!!! He was extremely engaging, fun, and explained everything clearly and connected concepts to great real world examples, and just was awesome!!! I'd take a course from him in less than a heartbeat!!!”

“I really loved the concepts, learning to read charts better and improving my risk management ability.”

“It's great learning new concepts and starting to apply them. I appreciate the support outside the classroom as there is so much to learn it is easy to forget some aspects.”

“Wonderful experience with each lesson. It's a lot of material to digest but OTA takes care of you when you come to learn.”

“This has taken me from zero knowledge to a very strong comfort level to put MY money into the market. The retakes have been so very valuable to me, as well as the community. I love this company.”

“I have been in the financial services business since 1981. I have several industry designations and have taken too many courses to count. I feel the education provided by Online Trading Academy is the best information and the most worthwhile course I have taken (and paid for). If you are looking to make money investing and want to grow and protect your wealth, the Online Trading Academy can help you to that end.”

“Core Strategy is unlike anything I've seen in trend analysis. It's remarkable to be able to pick turns in the market. Steve's personal anecdotes lends credence to examples and makes them more a real life example. Also, appreciated Steve was not monotone and active all around the room. I felt that I could grab his attention, and he wasn't isolated.”

“OTA's core strategy is so consistent with what we can measure in the markets, and emphasizing the risk management needed to trade like a profitable business is so smart. I love taking small risks and testing my judgments, but I am delighted to now learn how to turn that skill into a regular trading income. ”

“I came to OTA with very little knowledge in the stock market, except what not to do. I was impressed with all the great information I received in every class I attended. I just felt like everyone there knew their stuff and wasn't afraid to share it with me. With the lifetime support and the ability to retake classes at any time, it just felt like the right time and place to take control of my financial future; and from what I've seen so far I am very glad I did.”

“This class truly has given me an understanding of this game! Knowing the rules and having a resolute trade plan is VITAL. Being a younger student, I feel very confident that when my education is complete I will be a dangerously profitable trader. THANX, OTA.”

“The staff is great from the first day and everyone appears to be on the same page and is able to transmit that to the student. Especially with someone who knew absolutely nothing.”

“OTA is the best place to learn how to do stock market trading and future contract trading. I have taken other courses from other companies and by far this is the best experience. I learned not only about being a trader, but about the how, why and what I need to consider before I pull the trigger and place a trade in order to protect my investment and create income. It gave me the tools I needed to feel confident to enter the trading world. I would recommend any of the courses OTA offers.”

“What OTA teaches really makes sense. The use of Supply and Demand and how you can apply this to become a better investor and trader really makes sense and hopefully I'll be able to apply what I've learned.”


“Investment in my financial future was a critical decision that I made, trusting The Phoenix OTA as a vehicle to accomplish my goals. The Instructors have mastery of the subject matter and deliver it in a most professional manner. ”

“I am grateful to have OTA in my life. It has enhanced my understanding of the markets and given an enhanced rule based system to use moving forward. I am 8 months into the learning curve and starting to make consistently profitable trades. Thank you.”

“Today I have completed the Pro Trader Course. After attending the 3 day market timing class it seemed that it was only logical to proceed with my education. After finishing both classes I feel like I am well on my way to developing the skill set necessary to become a successful trader. Both Michelle Volmering and everybody else at the Phoenix location have definitely helped put the wheels in motion.”

“This is my second round of this class and I felt I learned twice as much this time as I did in the first class and was better able to apply what I learned in the first class. I will be back as many times as I can to keep sharpening my trading skills.”

“Significantly increased my understanding of trading fundamentals and encouraged me to continue my learning/execution.”

“Helped to clarify some of the charting issues I have been experiencing. I also enjoy information that I obtain from other OTA students in the class and everyone's willingness to help each other. I want to keep my brain sharp up through my 80's and this course is helping me to do this.”

“I knew going into this class that my knowledge base lacked something. This class filled in some of the gaps in my education and now I have a much improved base to work with. Steve is an excellent instructor, as is all the staff at Online Trading Academy. Everyone is helpful and knowledgeable, this is a fantastic experience and opportunity for anyone willing to put in the effort to succeed.”

“These classes give me the juice to succeed”

“Very clean and professional atmosphere. 4's were given in some areas only because you can always learn, change, adapt and improve. I'm not sure where or how in your case, but I'm confident you'll figure it out.”

“The team at Phoenix Online Trading Academy continue to impress me with their dedication to my education. I found this recent re-take class of Futures to be even more informative than the first time around. The instructor, Steve Bobbitt, added additional information to motivate the seasoned traders in class. I always leave the Online Trading Academy facility with a nugget or two of great information that I can apply immediately to my trading efforts.”

“This is a top notch school. Great instructors, great environment and plenty of people here willing to address any of your questions and concerns. And, as always, they never let you go hungry or thirsty!”

“The online active trading was the most helpful. I would recommend this to anyone interested in improving their stock trading skills.”

“These guys actually make sense. I'm only sixteen but I've been curious as to how the stock market works and, as the math guy, I refuse to accept things that are not logical. This method is.”

“I enjoy being around other people that like trading as much as I do. Class is always engaging and I would like to thank Online Trading Academy for everything they do to make class and my overall trading experience positive.”

“Online Trading Academy truly offers an objective and methodical way of buying and selling investment avenues that are controlled by the larger trading institutions. I am beginning to no longer feel like a small fish surrounded by sharks!!”

“An excellent value for the novice and would be trader. I am so much more confident about what I might be able to achieve with the training received. The on-going support I know will be invaluable. I am excited about the opportunity that this new found education has provided.”

“Congenial and collegial approach from Instructors and fellow students is one of the greatest attributes of Online Trading Academy training.”

“Everything more than met my expectations. I learned a lot and expect to do well trading.”

“I entered this experience as a total novice to the trading world. In the past I have traded without the proper knowledge, (tip from my brother in law kind of actions) and lost a lot of money. It kept me from being a bigger participant. I have looked for something like Online Trading Academy for years. Spent money on seminars that all were the same and all driving you to trade with the particular brokerage firm. I highly recommend Online Trading Academy for the semi professional or the novice. I am delighted with what I have learned and looking forward to a long relationship with Online Trading Academy.”

“Online Trading Academy has first class offerings, student support via mentors and a wealth of well organized online content. It is abundantly clear they continually strive to improve their training materials and the class room experience. Online Trading Academy's policy of certifying instructors by requiring on-going successful trading results ensures the best possible opportunity for students to learn trading. Online Trading Academy is the real deal!”


“I am a trading new-comer. I have never traded anything. If I had not heard Ken on the radio and decided to take this class I am positive that I would have paid for my education the "old-fashion" way. One poor trade after the other. I have been given the realization of asset preservation that wasn't even on my radar screen when I entered my first day of class. THANK YOU, Online Trading Academy!”

“The training takes the fear and anxiety out of trading. Utilizes a unique strategy concept.”

“Online Trading Academy has the tools that the beginner trader or experience trader need to stay on track for success in the trading arena. My hats off to a team that stays focused on the macro and micro of the business of trading.”

“This is one of only a few trading classes which can truly make you money. This academy truly follows the science in the market, as opposed to "tricks" that are otherwise unproven.”

“This has been a powerful and exciting learning experience, the knowledge gained here will help shape my future and that of my family. The rewards of this training will be life changing, and allow us to live our dreams. Everyone has been very helpful and courteous to us.”

“Everyone here at Online Trading Academy in Phoenix is just terrific. They always go above and beyond to make sure everyone is taken care of. I am honored to be a student of this school and I like everyone here very much.”

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