OTA Tax Pros

OTA Tax Pros

OTA Tax Pros is a trader tax preparation service focused on education and consultation services that can help traders avoid audit, reduce taxes legally and keep more of their profits.

You’ve worked hard for your money... OTA Tax Pros helps you keep more of it!

Active traders have special needs when it comes to tax planning. Common tax filing mistakes could invite an audit, restrict your deductions, and cause you to pay thousands in unnecessary taxes.

OTA Tax Pros can help you unlock all the tax benefits which are available to you, increase your cash flow, and minimize your exposure to the IRS. We can show you:

  • How to decide to file as a trader or investor (and when the IRS will decide for you)
  • How to write off the full amount of market losses, instead of getting stopped out at the $3000 limit
  • How to legitimately deduct office furnishings, research-related travel, books, education and more

Trader tax preparation services: OTA Tax Pros is available to prepare the entire tax return for traders who want to ensure they take advantage of every legitimate opportunity to save on taxes, as well as consult with other tax preparation professionals.

Tax consultation: Traders may access the services of OTA Tax Pros on a one-on-one basis for answers to specific questions or to plan a comprehensive tax strategy. These consultations are especially useful at year end to make sure all transactions

You can also connect with OTA Tax Pros via social media, #OTATaxPros:

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