Minneapolis, MN - Student Testimonials

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“John Thrailkill Jr. Starting with the entire process with OTA, I had plenty of uncertain feelings and emotions. Throughout my time with OTA so far, I have consistently had feeling of uncertainty transition to feelings of confidence. Kelly was a very patient Core Strategy instructor. This allowed for me to ask plenty of questions that put my mind at ease. The more time I spent in class and in the OTA learning center, the more I felt like I was actually a part of a community that cares about each other. The online Technical Support team as well as Spencer in the Learning center has went above and beyond to help with any needs to improve myself. I would recommend this type of learning environment to any and all without question. ”

“The core strategy class opens your eyes to how markets work and how you can personally benefit from the market . i personally wanted to find an opportunity to better myself and the lives of my family and i believe i have found that here . i look forward to my next class and showing my kids everything that i have learned here . thanks OTA . Adrian Carter ”

“Really enjoyed the honest expectations and information shared with all of us. Truly feel ready to continue learning and growing on a daily basis at my own pace. Duane Winter ”

“I've taken several stock market trading classes over the years, and hands down, the Online Training Academy is by far the best training program I've ever taken. The instructors are excellent and all have years of experience in their areas of expertise. The classrooms are well set up with individual computers and the environment is comfortable. I would definitely recommend OTA to anyone who wants to get an excellent education in all facets of the stock markets.”


“Very informative and well planned. I am excited to start using what I learned, and it makes you hungry for more information.”

“Great environment for learning. You can repeat coursework if you need a refresher. You will get quality responses to questions. Extremely knowledgeable instructors. You can tell that Kevin is sincerely looking at success of the client, not just pulling in more money.”

“I can't believe how much I've learned about how the financial markets really work, from instructors that are traders that bring such a real world perspective!”

“I'm someone that had zero experience. The course was designed so the process and strategy are made easy and functional. The new flow of the course that Kelly used for this class was very understandable and effective.”

“My knowledge after taking Core Strategy is unbelievable!! I went from having no idea what a stock market chart looked like to being able to dissect and evaluate what the chart was saying!! Something that seems so difficult can really be executed thanks to the OTA and their amazing instructors. If you're thinking about taking the leap, DO IT!! You will be surprised at what you're capable of!! Thank you to the Minneapolis OTA team!! Thank you to Kelly Boycks for sharing your talent of teaching and your knowledge of trading!!”

“This program is blowing my mind. You don't know till you go to OTA.”

“I appreciate the care and attention to detail the OTA program offers. Everything needed is available either online or in person. There is a sense of community. Everyone I have met has been supportive, cares about our success, and is willing to go the extra mile to help us succeed. Classes were interesting; they had their humorous times and, considering the varying levels of prior experience, were well-delivered.”

“The staff at OTA truly are invested in each student to help them learn about investing. They give you the tools to further your learning to be a successful trader. No matter what your asset class you choose to invest yourself in the instructors are there to help you.”

“I think this is a great investment in your future. If you are willing to invest the time in learning and applying what you learn, you will have not only financial freedom and the ability to manage your time the way you want (setting priorities as you see fit), but also the self-confidence and personal growth to make you a better person. It does challenge you, so you have to be brave and believe in yourself.”

“OTA delivers! I was very impressed by the process and the follow through. Professional at all levels. Instructors are top notch and experienced in the content they teach. Tech support, student counselors, and administration are always available for any questions. Looking forward to my next experience on my path to success in trading and investing!”

“The class is well structured; lots of practice, and resources are provided to help you continue learning. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and was a very good instructor, made the material understandable for students. The staff is very helpful, pleasant to students and seem to be generally interested in your success.”

“Everyone at OTA is extremely helpful and professional. My experience with the staff is that they want to help all succeed, whether it's for daily income or long-term wealth. It is a relief to have a grasp on the financial markets and to know that it's not a mystery any longer. I look forward to more classes moving forward.”

“Everyone is very nice and helpful at OTA. They can answer almost any questions you have and explain them so you understand them. And they want you to be successful, because with trading, just because you're winning doesn't mean they're losing.”

“Minneapolis OTA staff and academy are so welcoming and inviting. They treat you like family and truly care about your success, which I love.”

“A fantastic experience. The instructor and center exceeded my expectations.”

“I have totally enjoyed learning and being in the classes here at the OTA Center Bloomington. What an eye opener to finally be learning the right way to trade... Thanks guys, for all your help.”

“The instructors here are amazing! Many have years-- in fact, decades-- of trading experience. I'm grateful for the information they share.”

“I was nervous about investing such a large amount of money on this program. Somewhere around the fourth day, I was thinking I did the wrong thing. Then all of a sudden it started coming together and an excitement started to whelm me as I started putting some of the pieces together. I am excited to learn more and become an accomplished trader.”

“The Core Strategy class teaches you the basic foundation process you need for making trades. The instructor provided is a pure professional in the trading industry. It was evident when he would share his personal experiences that tied to the content taught on that day. The support provided to the students is more than one would expect. They are accessible and you can tell they truly do want to make your experience enjoyable.”

“Sue, the teacher, was interactive with all students, giving much individual help. Class movie screens showed information very clearly; content was most helpful. Lighting and temperature were always at optimum. The new center is on the main floor of a plush new building. The instructor and assistants are exceptionally well trained. Everything went very smoothly. Coaches were there to help when we got stuck on a project. Breaks were given at appropriate times.”

“The OTA Core Strategy was an excellent base for the next class of assets. I cannot wait to get to the next asset course in my plan. The Minneapolis center is professional, kind, well organized and some incredibly smart people! There are also so many options to reinforce the coursework available to us at the Minneapolis center.”

“Felt just like being at home with a relaxed atmosphere. Very friendly, helpful people at OTA. And very adaptive people. If you don't understand something, they can adapt their teaching methods to your learning style.”

“OTA is a well organized educational academy. They truly care about your success and will help you reach your goals and live your dreams.”

“On Line Trading Academy is a great trading system that teaches everyone on different levels and needs. What ever your retirement plan is, it can help you manage it. if you want income there are so many ways to trade to help you attain your goals. The staff is very personable and helpful and really want you to succeed.”

“Being at the Minneapolis OTA center is like being home. The staff is always nice, always willing to help. At no time have I ever been made to feel like I was a burden or bother to anyone that I have spoken to or asked a question. Monica and Stephanie are especially welcoming. Kevin always greets with a smile and is smiling pretty much all the time. Spencer is the man; everyone knows this already, but I have to say it here too so he doesn't feel left out. Al should be a grumpy old man by now, but he is so nice and surprisingly approachable. It sounds silly, but I love it here. Looking forward to my next class. Jason Hier”

“I was very frustrated with my stagnant or downward trending IRA's and 401 k's I kept putting the full amount allowed into my 401 K and some years ending up with a negative Year To Date return. Online Trading Academy has empowered me to take control of my future with trading online for myself. The folks at Online Trading Academy are knowledgeable and very good at teaching all levels of experience. I fully intend to continue working, because I enjoy my job, and Online Trading Academy was able to show me how that was possible. Brian Dooley”

“Attending Online Trading Academy has to be the best career decision I've made in my lifetime. My only regret is that I didn't do this 10 years ago. It would have changed my life for the better. I'm looking forward to the future.”

“OTA instructors are very knowledgeable and this expertise combined with OTA's comprehensive training material allows for a very effective means to learn the various trading products.”

“Hands on program that is designed to leave the student with a rules based framework that can be implemented with confidence the following week at home. The program has an excellent support system for answering questions that might arise if needed”

“OTA is very intentional about ensuring that the learning of the students is reinforced with practical practice and observation. The support we receive as students is phenomenal.”

“This was my fifth course with OTA and I am still impressed every time I come in!”

“I really enjoyed the course, I am only 20 years old and have so much valuable information to better prepare for my future life. I am beyond thankful that I was able to find out about this school.”

“The program is very well structured and the support you get is unmatched. The wealth of knowledge is incredible.”

“I kept hearing the commercials for OTA on the radio and every time would think, "I want to do that!" After a couple of years of hearing those commercials, I finally signed up for OTA's 1 day class. I was told I could bring my husband, so he came as well. We had two different reactions when the class ended. His was, "That was super boring! I have no interest in that." Mine was, "I want to know more!" I waited two years before I signed up for the 3 day class and this time I brought my dad who also had a lot of interest. One thing I want to point out that really stuck out to me. After that initial 1 day class, there was no pushing from OTA to sign up. They offered the opportunity, but didn't bug me with emails or calls. For me, that was important. I was definitely skeptical about this program. I asked some tough questions for which they had logical answers. From the time I signed up for the 3 day through now, completing the Core Strategy, the staff has been so friendly, helpful and caring! My class had the privilege of having Scot Stokes as our instructor. He explained what we were learning in a way that made sense, but he was also sensitive to what we still didn't understand. He would then take another angle at it, which would make more sense. I also really appreciated the hands on learning that is a part of OTA's core. It's not filling your head with a bunch of knowledge and then sending you on your way, but taking what you learned and immediately putting it into practice. That is so key in getting most people to learn. If you are on the fence like I was, take a class, ask questions and see if it might just be what you are looking for!”

“Every contact with OTA personnel results in a feeling that they are deeply interested in making the students successful in their endeavor to trade profitably. They go out of their way to ask what they can do for you and how they can help.”

“For anyone that wants to learn how to make money from the stock market, Online Trading Academy is the way to go because they truly care about each and every one of their students. OTA presents the class in a clearly organized and professional manner: and are friendly while doing it. Thanks OTA.”

“The instructors at OTA make learning a large amount of information enjoyable and understandable.”

“This class is wonderful and I am very happy I took it. Alex Perna is one of the best instructors around and the staff at OTA Minneapolis is fun and inviting. Nothing but good things to say about OTA Minneapolis.”


“The Online Trading Academy is the State of the Art in Trader Trading. The strategy is presented extremely effectively for whatever experience level you are coming in at. Novice, intermediate or pro trader, the system will strengthen your capability and guide you to success.”

“I cannot believe how much I learned in 7 days. Every one of my many questions was answered patiently. Every one of the staff members truly care about your success and want to see your trading get better and better. If you pay attention in class and follow the process, you will make money.”

“I highly recommend OTA to anyone looking for another means of passive income or a wealth building tool. The staff and all of the teachers will do everything in their power to help you achieve your goals.”

“After knowing someone whom had taken this course two years prior, I thought to myself, if he could do it so could I. After 3 months of trading without training and Online Trading Academy, I was not happy with the trading result or learning curve. While in the course and using simulation, I had no issues pulling a profit whereas prior, had too much emotion.”

“The information is great, but it's the hands on work that has helped the most. Instructors are very knowledgeable and very helpful. I feel they genuinely want every student to succeed.”

“This is a thorough, entertaining, informative system of trading education. I'm more convinced AFTER taking the class that I would never become a trader without this thorough education.”

“Staff are committed to making sure you will be successful. They give you an immense amount of information available to assist in you getting what you need. Staff is also honest in what it takes to be successful and the work that will need to be done to get there.”

“Who knew there was so much to learn and such a great place to learn them? All the instructors and support staff were exceptionally accommodating, the learning environment was very comfortable and the tools offered to support learning are endless. If anyone has the desire to learn how to manage their own investments and are willing to use what OTA has to offer - this is the place!”

“I am a very skeptical person. I debated coming to OTA for several years, but wasn't sure if it was worth the money because it is a huge investment. After 2 days in class light bulbs began going off. I was starting to understand WHY I was constantly losing money in the marketplace and how to change my philosophy regarding my approach to trades. Over the next 5 days I have gone from seeing a pinpoint of light at the end of a long tunnel to being blinded by the opening in front of me. For the first time ever in my trading career I actually have tremendous confidence in my trades. I understand the fundamentals to setup a good trade that over time will deliver consistent results. This is not a get rich quick scheme. This is not a take your money and run scheme. OTA honestly wants you to succeed and they will give you the tools to do it. Is it worth the money? ...Yes. It is worth the money.”

“Very good learning curve. One of the best things is the support moving forward into the future. It's nice to know we have a team of caring professionals that are always available to help. Since there are different expertise's, OTA will connect us with the most helpful person given their availability. Also, for anyone living in or around the offices, we can set up personal help in the office when needed. I really did appreciate the careful thought put into each day's course. It was FUN!”

“My experience at OTA has been wonderful. Everyone is helpful, kind and very professional. I appreciate the fact that there was never any pressure to sign up or purchase anything, we were only given information. I will definitely recommend OTA to my family and friends. Thank You.”

“I am impressed with the professionalism and the friendliness of the support staff as well as the instructor's knowledge and willingness to assist students to thoroughly understand the material being presented. Their goal is your goal, to assist you to reach your goals.”

“Everyone at OTA is very friendly and helpful and eager to ensure my trading success. Each class I have taken here, the instructors get better and better. They are all well versed, competent with plenty of experience. I can hardly wait until my next class. Spencer is a wizard with the computers. Thank you to all.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Core Strategy course! All the staff members and course instructors, from the initial 3-day training to this Core Strategy course, were exceptionally friendly and willing to help at all times. I deeply appreciate the knowledge of the instructors of Spencer, Kurt Kiddoo and Tim Pesut...priceless!!! Looking forward to the next Asset course I will be attending to further my career in this new adventure of my life.”

“I have been wanting to learn trading for decades. There hasn't been anywhere to learn in a high quality environment until I walked through the doors of OTA. This has been one of the best decisions I have made. Thank you for helping me get closer to reaching my life goals. I am looking forward to growing and prospering. Thank you.”

“For me, OTA Minneapolis couldn't have found a more perfect way of delivering this information.”

“The overall experience was very nice. The contests on the last day really helped illustrate what was discussed in the days before, especially the need for emotional/psychological restraint, the importance of which, I presume, is often overlooked by new traders. The instructor and my fellow students helped bring me up to speed when I had to leave class for some time, so loved the spirit of camaraderie in the class as well. The supplemental instructors that stepped in for a couple of hours brought a new perspective to the class while reinforcing all that the primary instructor had talked about ... albeit in a different way. 7 days flew by in a blink, and suddenly, I suddenly see the market and charts very differently now. Time flies when.....”

“Excellent education. I have learned more about the markets than I ever knew as a CFP, former broker.”

“I have been in many different organizations, groups or teams over the years. The OTA community is one of the best groups of which I have ever been a member. Very genuine and caring. I am proud and happy to be here.”

“Forex trading is something I've always been curious about. Finally, Forex is a mystery to me no more. All of my questions and concerns were addressed in a comprehensive manner. Alex really knows his material and expresses it very coherently. Overall, the staff at the Minneapolis center are class acts. Thanks for everything. Looking forward to making some serious money with the knowledge I've obtained from OTA.”

“OTA has been an eye opening experience for me in the world of trading. After the original free session, then the market timing, to core strategies and now forex, I look forward to applying to the market, what I have learned in class and XLT practice. The amount of knowledge that is provided is amazing. I would not recommend anyone miss out on what is offered at OTA if you plan on trading, unless you want to be the novice in the market. I am eager to help others be successful as well, and to move toward the mastermind community once my ability allows me. Thank you to the staff at OTA.”

“If you are at all interested in learning anything about trading, this is the place for you. Every staff member is so helpful and friendly. You will feel very welcome there no matter what experience or knowledge you have about trading. The classes are so structured and progress at a nice pace. There are so many resources and opportunities to learn at Online Trading Academy, which also includes help with technologies and the platforms used for trading. I highly recommend OTA.”

“The OTA center in Minneapolis is always ready to help answer questions and help with technical setup.”

“OTA has been an atypical experience from multiple aspects. I have attended introductory courses, Core Strategy, Futures, Forex, Platform Immersion and individual asset work groups. Each meeting & course I attend leads to new techniques being introduced, clarification on items, total re-enforcement of the core strategy unique to OTA, and, as any venture, a new social network and community. All willing to share ideas, notes, strategies with the intent of financial growth and success. A special acknowledgement to OTA Minneapolis: OTA Minneapolis provides exceptional Leadership, Instructors, Support Staff, Customer Support and infrastructure. The team is a professional, responsive, & knowledgeable group. A perfect combination for success.”

“OTA is a great place to learn how the stock market really works. They will provide you with an amazing opportunity to change your life!”

“Attended Core Strategy at the Minneapolis facility with my son, - the instructor, Kelly Boycks was excellent - the facility was well run - and the personnel were friendly and helpful. This is the place for me to learn and ultimately to change the direction of my financial life.”

“It is a great feeling when you mark off zones on your chart and then watch price find them.”

“This course was designed so perfectly. We were guided each day, addressing not only our learning, but our emotions. Motivation is so important, and it was fed to us daily, at most appropriate times. I could tell that some grasped information much quicker than others, and this was handled so well in the curriculum. Time and help was given, as well as encouragement to discuss and make study groups. Well done. ”

“I enjoyed the learning environment at OTA. The program was very information saturated, yet the class was always fun and the hands-on learning style helped keep me engaged. I went from knowing nothing about trading to feeling like it's something I can make money doing. I appreciate the ongoing education they provide to know that I can continue to learn and be a better trader. ”

“As a teacher for 17 years, I can say OTA provides the best learning environment. Their education is designed to help you learn and succeed. So impressed with program and I would highly recommend it.”

“Well, I made 7 days intense training on something I knew very little on, trading practices. I now feel comfortable and inspired to continue with a new confidence... very much feel supported, and having a family of traders with me is such a reassurance. Thanks to all..Kayla, Spencer, Dan and Kevin... hope to see all of you again.”

“Came in with zero understanding and very nervous. The session has given me confidence that I can become effective based on rules and process. I am excited. I felt that the OTA team really cared about me as an individual.”

“OTA education and support from the staff is a must for anyone interested in trading. Their use and help in developing a trading plan and daily practice, availability for support and encouragement is beyond my expectations.”

“The OTA "family" doesn't just teach content but is assisting me throughout my entire journey!”

“I finally found a set of comprehensive courses to teach me about investing and managing my own assets. I believe I can learn enough, fairly quickly, to put me in control of my own investments. I won't need to be held hostage by "investment advisors" that really don't have my interests primary.”

“After taking the Core Strategy class, I am more than satisfied with my contrarian decision to take the course despite all the people in my life who strongly urged me to not take the course citing a "scam". Instructors and staff are extremely professional and go above and beyond to ensure you have all the information you need and access to OTA resources for life!”

“The community aspect is what jumps out at me. The technology is outstanding. They really, really want you to succeed.”

“Online Trading Academy is one of my favorite places to be. Everyone is incredibly helpful and Spencer especially does an amazing job. There was not a question this week I had that he could not answer. I have learned skills I can use for the rest of my life to obtain some additional income.”


“I have learned more at OTA in the last six months than in the previous 25 years of investing. ”

“Having gone through numerous college and brokerage firm courses, I can honestly say quality, content and presentation is far superior at OTA.”

“OTA has the highest of standards for teaching to successfully trade the markets. The people who head up OTA at the Bloomington, MN office are so friendly and attentive that we are learning a lot and enjoying the process. They make it their business to see that all our questions are being answered. This is a top-notch company and I have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone!”

“OTA is an excellent learning experience for becoming proficient in trading the various markets. The sense of community with the staff and instructors makes for a positive atmosphere and one in which every student is encouraged to participate. Susan Smith”

“I learned about OTA from the weekend radio program (1130 AM). Thank you for this opportunity for a comprehensive education on the Core Strategies for being a successful trader! Until I found OTA, I would never get involved in the stock market because I never had a chance to learn how to do it. Now I have the opportunity to replace my current income and increase retirement savings. Thanks again OTA!”

“My mind was blown with the information given. The open labs were invaluable. On top of all that, they made sure everyone walked out of here with the confidence to implement the strategies taught in the class.”

“The OTA program anticipates the students' needs and exceeds our expectations.”

“The instructor present not only theory and method but practical tips on how to use in everyday trading. Explaining of the process of the market has already helped in my trading.”

“I had an excellent overall experience. My instructor did a very good job teaching such a large amount of content in such a short amount of time. My instructor is very experienced and is an expert in his field. I also am amazed at all the resources that OTA has to offer. This is my first ever experience with trading, but I can tell that with OTA, the only way that a person could fail is if they don't try and don't put in any effort. They want you to succeed and are going to do everything they can to help you do so. They really make you feel like a valued customer. I am very excited to be a part of OTA!”

“Integrity, passion, and knowledge! These people really go all out in helping you succeed. The company is mature enough to know what works and what doesn't!”

“OTA gives you the tools you need to understand and manage your financial life. It gives you lifelong tools to implement and take control of your money so that you can have long term success. GREAT EDUCATION that is so needed!”

“Hey everybody. This place is the very best. The three instructors I've had have been amazing. The student support is exceptional. I recommend this organization to everybody, I wish I'd learned all of this forty years ago.”

“Our instructor had years of experience and was able to give us an understanding of options that I couldn't find anywhere else. As always with OTA, the step by step in the manuals are very detailed and great tools for further study at home.”

“I'm a long term student of the markets. Even as such, I learned more through OTA than any other type of studying or learning that I have ever had. I feel that I can truly get ahead and be consistent in my trading. THANK YOU SO MUCH..... PS. THANKS TO ALL THE STAFF AS WELL.”

“I just completed my fourth week of class with OTA. I have taken the Core Strategy, Options, ProActive Investor and Futures. I can honestly say that any skepticism I had about this education or these people who run the Minneapolis Center was COMPLETELY unfounded. I am very confident in my ability to use these skills to change my family's future!”

“I just finished the 3 day Signature Series Ride the Wave with Bob Dunn at OTA Minneapolis. Bob Dunn is the most experienced trader I have ever met and has a smooth instructor style that I really enjoyed. I really like the 3 day events during market hours so we can observe and trade along with exceptional instructors like Bob Dunn. The staff and ownership at OTA Minneapolis draw the very best instructors, like Bob Dunn, and run an exceptional center with a total focus on a positive learning experience with no distractions. Kevin Young, Spencer, Monica and the entire staff really work hard to draw the best of the best instructors into their unique classroom and trading environment. I learned a lot and left with a new edge to take my trading to the next level.”

“At OTA you fly with eagles and feel the warmth of the sun, even on rainy days. You guys do a great job; everybody is very helpful with great skills.”

“It's always good to have the insights of a professional trader. Overall, it's increasingly more satisfying. Being able to retake this course has greatly improved my confidence. The XLTs are also very useful.”

“All personnel are excellent. Premises is always clean. Parking is very convenient. Everyone is caring and wants the students to achieve their goals. They give their all so it's up to the student to put forth the effort... If you need help, ask!!!! They will do everything possible to see to it you get the help you need.”

“The instructors at OTA are unsurpassed. I have multiple degrees in higher education and I must say, the level of instruction I receive from the OTA instructors is nothing short of amazing.”

“OTA is a great program to get started as a professional trader. It is a good foundation to build knowledge and skill on. I appreciate the instructors giving their time, and I appreciate the ongoing training online. OTA has clearly put the time in to make the learning as streamlined as possible.”

“I'm still at the beginning of my learning curve, but as an educator myself, I can't say enough about the OTA experience. It isn't very often that I finish a program MORE convinced that I did the right thing than when I entered.”

“OTA provides some of the best quality education I have had the chance to take. The instructor, Kelly, and the team at the Bloomington Center are top quality.”

“This is a great opportunity to expand your knowledge base, learn something new and have a whole team behind you every step of the way.”

“Ray loves his center and I respect that - he did it right. Spencer really helped some of the folks. Everyone is exceptionally welcoming and full of energy and helpful commentary. Feels like a family! I have known this building for years and it is a very nice one. Easy parking and access.”

“Prior to becoming a student at the Online Trading Academy, I did not have the knowledge or the self confidence to be a professional trader. The instructors, like Don Dawson, bring so much experience and they are so willing to help each student reach their individual trading goals! The Minneapolis OTA team is outstanding!”

“OTA truly brings the financial markets into view, and lets us see it in a clear, panoramic visual. What a great group of people! They strive to give an educational service unrivaled by any teaching institution.”

“I am very pleased with my training and the experience I have had in the classroom at Online Training Academy. The class was informative, engaging and really fun too! The knowledge of the instructor seems endless. I will definitely be back for more again and again. Everything is top notch at OTA. The friendliest and most helpful people you will find anywhere. And not in a fake way, but honest. If they do not know the answer to a question, they say that and find the answer quickly. They really have the student's best interest at heart! Don't hesitate to come in and check out this school. I'm glad I did.”


“Nobody should try to figure out trading on their own. Shorten the learning curve by getting proper training. OTA is the best option I have seen. They teach sound techniques that work and they will be here whenever you need them. Very professional establishment!”

“This class has been an excellent introduction to the OTA program. As a veteran of false starts (books that only deal with a part of the needed skills, websites that don't offer adequate assistance in use, etc.) it is great to see a program that is subject to continuous review and improvement and is backed by an excellent team of professionals who make themselves available 'above and beyond'.”

“Not only was Instructor, Alex Perna, excellent (knowledgeable, clear, and concise); the level of attention I get from Support Staff is superb! There is a wealth of detailed information and it is harder for me to absorb than it was when I was young and not so many years retired, but the classes were great and the book as well as the seminars on-line mean I can review or clarify whenever I like.”

“I did truly enjoy the course! It was fun to learn about trading vs. investing. I am excited to trade for my new career and way of life, for both income and wealth! The staff are all eager to help answer any questions, encourage, or to be a friend. The center is very organized and clean. It is very understandable why this center is top of the line after working with Bill Wagner, Spencer Lewis, Monica Rittenhouse. Congratulations!”

“Excellent program with a wealth of information, first class facility with amazing instructor and support staff. Has to be considered by anyone serious about managing their own financial future. ”

“OTA is THE key to success in trading for non professional traders. No one in the industry can make your foundation in financial market learning like OTA. Instructors are amazing, very helpful and knowledgeable. They don't give you the ' HOLY Grail' of trading, but will let you make your own by teaching. Love OTA.”

“Online Trading Academy has fulfilled all of my expectations. I have enjoyed my time at the center. All of the counselors and instructors have been very personable and friendly. I feel like I can ask any of them any questions I might have and they would be happy to assist me. I look forward to taking my experiences from the classroom and transferring them into my personal trading at home.”

“If you want to fly with eagles you have to nest with eagles. Online Trading Academy soars; very nice school, good teachers, clean. Willing to go the extra mile for you. Willing to walk with you when you're not on your path to get you on track. Online materials are a great help. It's a family.”

“In today's worldwide financial market it is difficult to comprehend the inter-relationships and impacts. The US markets volatility alone appeared to me to be insurmountable to understand. What OTA offers is a proven methodology and successful track record. OTA provides exceptional instructors, tutorials, system platforms and an infrastructure that supports students who are willing and committed to taking the next career steps or entering a life changing event. You need to experience the classes and visualize the results. It all comes together...”

“I can't speak any higher about OTA or the Instructors and Support Staff. New to the trading world, and also being new to computer operation, their support was PRICELESS.”

“Online Trading Academy over other trading education courses provides the knowledge, the support and builds the confidence of the student so they get off the sidelines and actually start making money in the market.”

“I had spent over 400 hours of simulator time and critical thinking over the three months preceding my taking this course in order to develop a system of trading spot forex that could be profitable regardless of the quality of the individual trades that I was making. This system was profitable but came with massive headache, energy spent and hours lost. This course has allowed me to adapt that system into a more profitable one, into one that requires less than half of the hours weekly and will allow me to keep the hair on my head (the only thing of value to me that approaches that of succeeding in the markets.) For those that find "the game" suitable, this forex course, with this instructor, at this education center is a fantastic way to crack into a proper lifestyle, maintain their current lifestyle, or lessen the headaches, hours and frustrations that come with learning to trade spot forex on their own. Cheers.”

“Online Trading Academy has presented to me an insider's knowledge of how the financial markets operate. This information has given me the opportunity to better understand and manage my retirement assets. This is not a 'get rich quick' scheme, it involves a proper education and most importantly proper risk management. The Academy is committed to teaching me what I need and is willing to do it at my pace.”

“This program teaches me and allows me to have a method of improving my finances even as I travel in an RV in my retirement years. Earning money in this way does not get deducted from the social security income that I receive. The center that I've been attending, in Bloomington MN, is clean, orderly and well run. The people here are friendly, upbeat and always willing to help with any issues in the learning process.”

“This was my second time through. I don't know if I just understood more to start with, but it seems like more was covered by this instructor. Maybe just a different style. Great atmosphere to learn. Entertaining instructor, great students. Everyone is so helpful and ready to solve whatever difficulties you may be having.”

“OTA Minneapolis is truly a student centered educational center. Instructors and counselors are really focused on the learning curve of students and their progress through the program.”

“OTA provides the knowledge and tools that allow a person to start trading in the market. With the training given along with the practice trading, I have the confidence to start trading for my personal account.”

“Excellent program. The Pro Trader class taught me in a week what would take me years to learn through trial and error. The school itself is first rate. Convenient location and parking. The food was very good and the instructors and staff went the extra mile to make sure we understood the content.”

“I like OTA because not only is the education great, but the staff is committed to your success and will give you all the individual help you need.”

“The staff is very, very helpful, EVERY ONE of them. Thanks for a great experience.”

“Online Trading Academy (MN) has a wonderful staff for student support. Everyone is very helpful and willing to teach. OTA is the best place if you want someone to help you learn how to make money!”

“Before I came into OTA I wanted to become a trader but didn't really know how. I tried learning myself, but it proved to be frustrating and hard to grasp the concept of trading. The Professional trading program helped me in massive ways. I feel that I now have a grasp in the trading game.”

“I really enjoyed the different instructors and the content of each class. The knowledge of the instructors and the staff at O.T.A. is just amazing. Everyone is so helpful and willing to be there whenever needed.”

“Class met expectations. Craig did a wonderful job! OTA Minneapolis was awesome!”

“Retirement Planning in a fun setting. Lots of hands-on experience and a concept of income that is not ordinarily talked about by everyday brokers. Great facilities to handle the classes. People are great to work with too. Other students are friendly and we all help each other learn. Instructors that have walked the walk. If you want to be Pro Active in handling your wealth finances, this is the class for you.”

“Through this class I have determined the area I want to trade in and have the basic fundamentals I need to begin my trading. The tools and help are above and beyond my expectations.”

“I've read about a dozen books on technical analysis but I never learned anything near what I learned here at OTA. Online Trading Academy has shown me a whole different way of looking at the charts. OTA Core Strategy demand and supply zones are totally different than traditional support and resistance. ”

“Online Trading Academy under promises and over delivers.”

“The OTA education experience corrected and sharpened my perspective of "risk" and therefore liberated my mind toward trading within a structure and process that anyone can execute. The OTA staff and community are very supportive in this learning process.”

“I knew nothing about trading before I attended OTA. I feel I now have the experience to start trading in small steps and I have the added advantage of being able to contact and use the resources at OTA.”

“If you think you know how the financial world works, guess again. The process of the education at OTA is more than being taught how to trade. It's about the global economy and how it affects the way you invest. It is truly a mind opening experience that is like nothing I've seen before. You will come away with a new found way of looking at the world and how you invest.”

“I want to thank Tom, and all of the people he has surrounded himself with, to take on the responsibility to allow us as students to be as successful as possible. The resources that you make available to us are fantastic and demonstrate the commitment to be responsible for our success.”


“I love the opportunity I have had to retake the OTA courses. My experience, confidence and knowledge have increased with each review. I highly recommend OTA training courses be taken before you spend time or money on "Playing the markets".”

“OTA is a great trading school. I tried a couple of other programs before signing up with OTA and did not get much progress out of those. OTA instructors presented the material in a clear and easy to understand fashion. The support personnel in the center go above and beyond to provide ongoing support and to help their students become successful traders (or further the success). The program is definitely worth the investment. Anastasia Kasantseva”

“Probably the best investment one could make in their financial lives.”

“I knew very little about investing, other than losing in the stock market. I now have a great appreciation for OTA. Their facility, teaching techniques, and instructors were of the highest quality. I would recommend this course to those who are willing to put in the time and energy to become a successful trader.”

“The facility is very nice and up to date modern. I enjoyed working with up to date equipment and platforms.”

“Outstanding learning experience, and Fun; we had many LOL moments. Ryan Watkins is an excellent instructor and coach!”

“I've taken other day trading classes, none have been more professional than this one. You start on this road at your pace, on your gradient, and have the support as far as you want to go with your trading. Kelly Boycks is one of the most genuine instructors I've ever known. He has a clear sense of where we are at and can explain and teach at a level we can understand and knows we have to have a gradient. Also a man that really knows his stuff, he can walk the walk not just talk the talk.”

“The course content is much more structured than I anticipated. It is very exciting when you first begin to simulate trades with structure and discipline, and then watch what happens. You can really see the methodology and your own discipline at work!”

“What would be a better way to insure and control your financial health than taking courses that not only teach you how to get greater returns on your hard earned money, but also show how others such as financial advisors and brokers influence your life whether you like it or not. That's the kind of knowledge that OTA impacts. This is life training because you learn more about living through your finances.”

“Thanks to Tom and the team for the free workshop and Market timing class. Those items alone really opened my eyes to the possibilities of what is out there in terms of how the investments work and how I can educate myself to take advantage of these markets for long term income and wealth growth.”

“The instructor was very knowledgeable and helpful. The classroom is state-of-the-art. Each student was allowed to get the full experience of trading with instant feedback. ”

“In my trading office at home, I have the original invitation to the first OTA seminar framed on my wall. I had ripped it almost completely in half and was going to throw it away, but I gave it one more glance and obviously decided to pursue the opportunity. It amazes me how close I came to throwing this incredible opportunity away. OTA has changed my life, and I will always keep that framed invitation on my wall to remind me how important that decision came to be in retrospect.”

“Minnesota OTA is a top-notch school to learn how to trade. They truly care about the success of the students. They bring in great instructors to teach you how to win in the markets.”

“This class opens your eyes to the problems with not knowing what you are doing. The flaws in previous trading experiences showed up right away and allowed me to correct my methods.”

“Exceptional student body; classroom was very up to date. You all [especially Monica] have the gift of hospitality. This is genuine and welcome. ”

“The Forex course I took combined a world class instructor with OTA's new facility for an experience I will be able to build upon for future wealth creation. These folks work very hard to establish a foundation for success and the all important network of support after the classroom instruction is completed.”

“Online Trading Academy has opened my eyes to the possibilities of financial freedom and how becoming an active trader in the market can help me achieve my goals. OTA is not just a school but a community of people with common interests who continue to support each other long after the class is done. Thanks for giving me this opportunity.”

“I thank OTA for the offerings as a repeat and their authentic support to help me be successful”

“I would encourage any individual that is managing his/her own retirement account to take this course. It opened my eyes for possible investments and income sources that can be used with self managed retirement accounts that I was not familiar with after over 40 year's experience working with the stock markets and retirement accounts.”

“Successful trading and financial investing is a personal journey, not a final destination. OTA has helped me launch my trading career They are helpful, supportive and user-community based. I have thoroughly enjoyed the training sessions; the educational instructors and support staff are excellent. I look forward to continuous learning, successful trading and an on-going OTA journey.”


“Being in close proximity to the Academy, and having a community to interact with after completing training is invaluable.”

“Amazing amount of retention with all the knowledge thrown at us. I have seriously NEVER learned as efficiently as this!”

“I learned more about trading correctly, trading consistently, being patient and using a trade plan than I ever learned by using a broker or learned on my own, I wish I knew about this class when I started investing over 40 years ago. The money I would have saved, and would have potentially made is unbelievable! ”

“I am not certain of where I really want to go or where I will end up. The important thing is to follow the plan and become more proficient in learning and ensuring implementing the plan always. The integrity of your organization comes through loud and clear. You are who you say you are. You are there to provide instruction, provide support and continued learning.”

“This OTA class provided well organized and comprehensive instruction that will be a beneficial platform for beginning a lifetime of learning about investing and enjoying the results of being in charge of my own money. I am looking forward to building my knowledge and abilities with additional classes. All the instructors are top notch - and give us their perspective along with the classroom material. SOOO much information!!!!”

“As a person who is completely new to the Currency Markets and Trading, I feel very confident in OTA's teaching strategy. I will encourage anyone who I know that shows interest in Trading to attend OTA. I will follow the patented core strategy and develop my skills until I attain my goals.”

“This is the most serious market trading training that I have experienced. ”

“In both courses I have taken, Pro Trader and Futures and Futures XLT I have been very impressed with the experience and professionalism of the instructors and the OTA staff.”

“Staff here is always friendly and very helpful! Monica does a great job with handouts and help with classes. Nice to have coaches nearby also.”

“OTA really taught me discipline in my trading style, and how to develop a trade plan. ”

“The volume of information I retained was truly amazing. We went over a lot of material, and I did not expect it to be so structured and constantly reverting "back to the basics" with each topic before moving on to the next topic. Very, very well done!”

“Course was beyond my expectation and found real value in the education gained. Excited to continue my education with Online Trading Academy.”

“Staff is the best.”

“There was so much information to learn and yet because of two factors I walked away confident to take trading to a real level. 1) The Pro-Trader class laid the foundation. 2) The Instructor's ability and knowledge to explain the material so clearly that he built the Forex foundation upon the base Pro-Trader foundation so well everything clicked. Risk to reward, Odds, tools, etc, everything. It was amazing. Thanks Online Trading Academy. Thanks, Alex, for sharing what you have learned. I look forward to more classes in additional asset classes. John Watters”

“The instructor went through the material at an appropriate pace and answered all the questions, making sure everyone understood the individual issue. Can't think of any late-in-life education that has the rate of return as that of Online Trading Academy.”

“Online Trading Academy is fabulous. I've never traded before, it's hard work but having taken a couple classes I now am confident to get started and I know I will succeed due to the fact that the instructors and coaches are very knowledgeable and want you to succeed!!!”

“I have had extreme challenges (physical and mental) for the past year, and Online Trading Academy, its staff, and teachers have been supportive, patient and as helpful as possible. I do not know how I would have survived this entire year without these giving people at Online Trading Academy. Thank you.”

“The classroom instruction was worth every penny.”

“The information and strategies provided are great for jump starting people interested in taking control of their own financial future”

“Online Trading Academy...don't trade without it! Everyone was friendly and helpful.”

“Involvement in Online Trading Academy has revolutionized my approach to trading and investing. I wish I had received the training 13 years ago when I first entered the markets.”

“Learned actually how to trade (easy) and how to position trades to be winning trades (little harder but absolutely necessary) - even live during class.”

“I have attended other seminars on investing or trading and these guys are at the other end of the spectrum to the positive. The most REAL group of successful people who are committed to getting me on track to be successful as well. So far so good! Thank you, Online Trading Academy.”

“I appreciate that we were allowed to spend so much time trading. I personally learned much more placing my trades and managing them than by watching the slides.”

“I thought the Online Trading Academy was a wonderful program to help me improve my trading practice. I thought I was a good trader but I was doing things that were not in my best interest. Online Trading Academy helped me to see that and now I have rules and a trading plan to increase my profits and decrease my risk. I can work the market in both up or down trends with high probability of success.”

“Great atmosphere. Very good learning experience. Great advice and experience sharing by all the staff.”

“This was a great Forex course and a student can take it as many times as they want. The staff always are welcoming.”

“Great educational tools for our market! Good Set- up, nicely organized. Loved the Food, Lunches.. Wonderful!”

“Bringing the education of how the markets work, how they are affected and how they affect trading is absolutely necessary if you expect to be successful in the markets.”

“The class is quite good. The material is excellent and the instructor was excellent. I have few complaints or issues. There's no doubt I will make fewer mistakes and the class puts me on the track for further development in trading.”


“Online Trading Academy is a friendly atmosphere that surrounds learning on a personal level with the highest levels of proven trading expertise, while using one of the most advanced trading platforms. Accessing both "live" trading experts, daily information, and archived expert sessions in any asset class you choose, makes learning a 24/7 future growth opportunity.”

“I was told anyone can do it - and it's true. I did it! They help you through it from wherever you start and take you step by step.”

“No one should trade securities for their own account without this knowledge and experience.”

“Online Trading Academy more than met my expectations in learning Forex. The staff is friendly and helpful and the teacher was extremely knowledgeable.”

“I have tried and tried various methods of trading over the years, with no success whatsoever. After attending the Pro Trader and Pro Futures classes, I now feel I have the knowledge and confidence to make money in any market, up, down or sideways.”

“This was my fourth class with Online Trading Academy, all instructors were superb and I know that I will be highly successful going forward.”

“Everyone is super friendly and helpful. I feel like Online Trading Academy is one of the only places that really takes the time to help me understand the truth about trading and how to avoid the pitfalls on a systematic, rules based pattern.”

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