Milwaukee, WI - Student Testimonials

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“I feel comfortable trading with real money and am very excited to get started after this class. I have already recommended this class to several friends.”

“OTA does a fantastic job of walking you through every step of the process. Whether you're struggling with just using a computer or identifying high probability trading opportunities, they have ample support options to help you along your way. I highly recommend them.”

“I took the OTA Core Strategy class. I found it very well organized; content, labs, insights, and review. This was all new to me but after the end of the class I feel I can move forward with practicing and gaining experience.”


“At first the cost seems high, but after going through the course it is a better value than a master’s course at college. The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful.”

“OTA is great! They take a foreign language and help you to become quite fluent in it in quite a short amount of time.”

“Great depth in the content of the course and an extremely knowledgeable instructor. Everyone at the center is helpful and committed to students.”

“Great experience! I would definitely recommend OTA to anyone interested in learning about the market and/or looking for a new income opportunity.”

“OTA is an excellent source for those that want to understand the market and how to trade and invest like a professional. The in-class program offers students a valuable source of information to help forward any person's financial goals. However, the value delivers far beyond the class. OTA students have at their fingertips online resources (videos, online classroom, etc.) along with lifetime retakes of classes. There is a lot to learn and the road to successful trading and investing requires education and practice. If you are a person who wants to be in control of your money, then OTA is the choice you should highly consider.”

“I have already told my neighbors, relatives and associates about the academy and will continue to sing the praises of everyone and all of you at the Milwaukee Online Trading Academy.”

“Excellent and worth every penny.”

“Excellent execution from beginning to end. Easy to follow along. Visually learning, as well as learning the Core Strategy, will help imprint what I need to continue to do to achieve my short-term and long-term goals. I'm leaving with a new sense of mentorship and the peace of mind that this continuing education is at my fingertips or a CliK away…”

“The entire staff at the Milwaukee OTA has been warm, friendly and willing to help with learning, giving direction and support to help me learn within my schedule, in my life away from OTA. As I leave the Core Strategy class, I feel that I have the tools-- online and live-- to assist me in continuing to expand my level of understanding of trading.”

“I was skeptical as to whether there was value for the price of the course. There is much more information and a lot more tools available than I thought. I am excited to move on in this journey because I know that I am not alone, and I have available what I need to be successful.”

“OTA is a great, practical experience for those who want to be taught to trade by industry experts that really know their stuff. I would highly recommend this to anyone that wants to make a difference in their future.”

“OTA focuses on education with multiple forms of support for the student after the classroom. The complex nature of trading is broken down into a strategy that can make me a consistent trader. Staff is very friendly and approachable-- they will individualize your program to fit your needs. I am looking forward to continuing my journey and using their vast educational resources. Tom Jenkins (Core Strategy Instructor) makes it fun!”

“I have taken several classes from OTA and they get better every time. OTA continually improves the content and the presentations. Our instructor, Tom Jenkins, did a great job. His passion for trading and his presentation made the course extremely enjoyable.”

“Coming from a background in education (B.A., M.A.E., and Ed.D.), having taught for 30+ years, and having completed my career as a professor in the field of education, I can testify that Online Trading Academy does education well. Their patented program teaches trading habits of mind, teaches order flow, and supply and demand. They are so dedicated to their mission of assuring success for their students that they are developing the CliK platform, which speeds up the learning by doing the math for us. This is an awesome program that I highly recommend!”

“I enjoyed what turned out to be a highly educational and intense learning plan. I now feel much better equipped for my next class, continuous self paced learning, and active investing with greatly improved chances for success. All of the instructors and aids were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful throughout the very interesting 7 day class. I will be returning for a refresher!”

“It is really amazing to find and be with so many people that really care about my success. Thank you.”

“The hands on approach to learning how to create trades and how to enter your trades is outstanding.”

“Learning a new subject with which you have little to no comparable "experience" is stressful and intimidating. I appreciate the fact that OTA's primary mission is to truly educate the students and always exhibit patience and respect toward the students. I love the fact that students of ALL ages are present and that OTA is a great environment to start new friendships and communities!”

“Core Strategies was a great class and a lot of fun. Tom Jenkins is an excellent teacher seriously dedicated to helping every student succeed. Student teacher's assistant, Dominic was tremendously helpful as well and very knowledgeable. Much thanks to Rick Rogowski and Eric Conlin for their invaluable assistance throughout. All four of these guys tirelessly helped and encouraged every one of us in the class individually. I finally have an approach to the market that makes sense from beginning to end. The guess work is gone. This is a science class. I recommend OTA to anyone seriously interested in learning how to trade.”

“Wow! This class was exceptional, challenging and fun! Tom Jenkins did a fantastic job and gave us a lot of information on how to avoid the mistakes he made, so he was really more of a mentor. It is a family/community atmosphere and everyone is willing to help here at the Milwaukee center. The students helped each other as well. I would highly recommend this class.”

“The staff and instructors here are generous with their time and energy. Questions on every level are answered fully. It is really a quality experience with so many resources. Although the trading challenges are daunting, I am fully confident that I will be successful.”

“This has been an incredible experience! I knew fundamental analysis before coming here, but it never explained the true moves the market was making. I now have the missing piece to be a successful trader. Beyond that however, the community here is so incredible it's like a family here. I truly enjoyed meeting everyone and gaining new friendships. I know they truly care about our success! If you are willing to learn and be coach-able they will (literally) do whatever they can to help you succeed!”

“I am so impressed with the center. Everyone, including office staff, education counselors, and instructors always had the best interests of students in mind. There was never a question that was dodged or left unanswered. I have already recommended this program to two friends.”

“I believe that real truth applies to all people of all times in all situations. The Online Trading Academy system meets the criteria for good principles because OTA principles apply to all asset classes, all trading time frames, and all market conditions. The system's genius is in the simplicity of the principles. My challenge will be to discipline myself to master the principles.”

“Learning how to see supply and demand on the charts and learning how important they are to entering trades and to see profit zones between the two areas is a concept that creates the big picture needed in trading. Seeing the imbalances and where the institutions and big guys are selling and buying and the lessons they teach helps build the confidence needed to be a successful trader.”

“It's all science! None of the noise and voodoo your broker gives you. With commitment, effort and execution of the science and methodology you are taught, YOU take control of YOUR money, YOUR future and YOUR financial wellbeing!”

“My eyes were completely opened up as to how the market works. I don't need to be afraid anymore, now I can embrace it.”

“Love the fact that there are lifetime retakes. The first time I took the class I didn't have the time or money to really trade with. But having the option to retake it now that I am ready to really start was amazing. Plus, going through it the second time was hugely helpful!!”


“Online Trading Academy continues to outperform - we are privy to the very best instructors with true exchange experience. There are those that do and those that teach - we're fortunate enough to have those that did and now teach.”

“OTA is truly a great resource. If you really wanna learn how to trade, the instructors are very knowledgeable and teach you in a way that is understandable.”

“The Core Strategy Course was a significant first step to understanding and appreciating that my wife and I have control over growing our retirement accounts, even with one of us already in retirement - and keeping them safe at the same time.”

“OTA creates a wonderful culture to grow in the art of trading, and provides an opportunity to become a part of a caring community that helps you to reach your goals. Can't get over how available and willing to help the teachers and staff are here. This truly is a very special educational experience.”

“I'm beginning to see the formations of supply and demand and work with the knowledge that I've gained in order to become an income trader. OTA has helped me with its dedication to teaching students how to truly make an income with trading. ”

“OTA is the best education out in the market to learn how to trade! The classes and the huge community that surrounds your education is second to none! Looking forward to seeing what my future holds with OTA.”

“The most significant thing I learned was that if you don't understand the concept of supply and demand that institutional traders apply, you will be painfully reminded by the institutional traders that you are an amateur! Core Strategy converted me from a buy, hold and hope investor to a confident trader who will apply proven techniques to reduce my risk while increasing rewards and probabilities. Both our instructor, Tom, and various staff members were very approachable and patient with questions and discussions which set the entire class at ease. I look forward to my next set of courses and cannot express strongly enough the level of satisfaction with OTA and I am delighted I have joined the OTA family!”

“If you are truly serious about starting your trading journey, then coming to OTA will be the first critical step to achieving that.”

“These 7 days were PACKED with information! The presentation of concepts was clear and methodical. I am leaving with a solid foundation to begin using Tradestation on a simulated account.”

“Great support, great onsite location. Staff very friendly and helpful.”

“This class truly prepared me for trading. I really appreciated the strong desire in each of the instructors to help every student become successful. Dave Mueller”

“I was a skeptic when I first attended the first three day introductory course. I decided to take the leap after talking with the OTA team in Milwaukee and talking to Core Strategy students at the facility at the same time. After taking the Core Strategy I and II courses, I have become a true believer in the process. That is the key: Follow the process and you will be profitable. The instructors are very knowledgeable and patient with all students who vary greatly in their trading experience.”

“The most impressive part of the Academy is the feeling that you are not alone. They make every effort to make sure that you get as much help and support as you need.”

“The OTA educational experience constantly exceeds expectations. Nothing is stale. The incredible wisdom of each instructor always comes through.”

“The staff, facility and instruction are extremely professional. It is clear that their only intent is helping students succeed.”

“This class is not for the person who is not dedicated to trading. It is very intense. There is a lot that is covered in the 7 days but it is all TOTALLY worth it! I am excited to make trading my new career; with the help of this school and these people I know I will succeed.”

“OTA continues to improve the classes, they always share new information and techniques with all of their student. OTA and all the instructors truly want the students to succeed.”

“OTA always keeps me up to date with how to take advantage of the current market situation.”

“OTA has not only met but exceeded all my expectations. Teachers are extremely well qualified, use humor and frequent personal stories to help illustrate and "cement" class material in the student's mind. While each course is intense, one leaves after the final class with "I think I can do this!!"”

“I'll admit, at first I was really skeptical about the benefit of the class. After taking the Core Strategy Course, I now understand how using what I've learned on a daily basis and applying the rules to my daily activities will provide monetary benefit to me and my family in the years to come. I can't thank OTA enough, they have truly helped me start building a Legacy for my family and enjoying the freedom it brings. I look forward to my upcoming classes and continuing my Trading Education.”

“The building blocks to think like a Trader are given. My confidence to place better trades has soared. The Instructor was excellent and answered all questions professionally and well.”


“OTA is everything they say they are. I highly recommend OTA to anyone who is serious about managing their own money, earning a living through trading, and building wealth. You are going to need to bring a fully engaged brain, focus, and a willingness to follow the steps in exacting detail. But if you do that I believe OTA will work for you.”

“OTA can make you a truly better trader and more profitable.”

“I especially appreciate the friendliness and helpfulness offered by Scott Turiff, Rick Rogowski and Rachel. No matter what the level of proficiency of the student, they always make you feel that you belong there.”

“Online Trading Academy's Core Strategy program is an excellent way to learn how to trade the markets. The company genuinely wants to see people succeed, and it is always improving their programs to fit the needs of their students. ”

“Everything about the Germantown center is great, from the facilities and especially the people who are there. The follow-up is top-notch.”

“How often do you find yourself surprised and delighted that a product or service vastly exceeded your expectations? That was my experience. Although this was the second time I have taken this class, and the second time with the same instructor, it was even more enjoyable, rewarding and inspiring than the first time. This is an opportunity that MUST be taken!”

“This program has presented a perspective into the market that has provided a "peek" behind the curtain as to how the market really operates. It also presents an approach to trading/investing that is logical and repeatable. The atmosphere created by Online Trading Academy is dedicated to helping the students grow into successful traders and provides a variety of support mechanisms to broaden the education experience.”

“Online Trading Academy has so many resources available to help their students be successful in a trading career. And on top of the resources the Staff and all instructors are dedicated to helping every OTA student be successful. Chris Grubisic”

“Retakes are amazing! I get more out of every retake in every asset class. My questions are more on point and the answers make more sense!”

“The core strategy class has demonstrated and absolutely convinced me that it was a good and essential decision to come on board with OTA. To see the core strategy work fist hand with real trades left no question. I am looking forward to growing with OTA.”

“The OTA way really gives you a different way to look at trading that makes sense and takes a lot of the uncertainty out of it. ”

“All my doubts and fears were put to rest throughout the week of the Core Strategy class at the Glendale Online Trading Academy. The instructor, Scott McCormick, was extremely thorough and patient, and it was completely obvious that he enjoyed instructing and helping all students to make sure we each “got it”. It is also obvious that the Trading Academy has the goal to make sure every student that puts in the effort will succeed.”

“The facility in Milwaukee offered a good learning environment and Scott supplied some wonderful instruction. I feel much more comfortable after just one week of training to go into the market to place some trades. Thanks.”

“I always knew there was a trading approach out there which would help people profit from market moves. I've found it with OTA and fully believe I can achieve my trading goals with the training, mentoring and system they've provided. For me, the center was easily accessible on all accounts. Personnel also is a great team of people who are not only friendly and professional, but available and understanding of my trading goals and situation.”

“I have never traded-but after completing the Core Strategy Course I am now confident that I have another source of income for my family that will allow me the flexibility I need. Thank you for a wonderful experience! I look forward to taking more courses! Thank you!”

“This is the first trading class I have taken where I fully believe I can go home and trade successfully after practicing OTA's trading plan. As I grow, I will point anyone who asks to OTA.”

“Ample parking. The facility is clean and easy to find. Staff is always friendly and helpful. Plenty of workstations for all. The room is sometimes a little cold. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone looking to take control of their investing future. Scott is great at explaining the core concepts and the little nuances of picking trade zones. I look forward to getting started with some live trades in the near future. Love Scott's music mix too!”

“The staff is fantastic; any questions or concerns are immediately addressed helping to make you feel confident in your decisions. Seeing the information working in the real world made me feel more comfortable with my decision to manage my own retirement goals.”

“To know that I have a means to affect my financial lifestyle that is based on principles and facts is freedom in itself. The level of experience of the instructor made me feel secure; and I could identify with someone like Bill Henner who continued to move with the changing times. The support from the staff was also very good and awesomely friendly. This type and level of education is so motivational that I have already told my 30 year old boys about OTA. I would have paid for their education at OTA when they got out of high school had I known about OTA back then.”

“The Environment, Culture and Attitude of the team at OTA is outstanding and makes for a great learning experience. They are truly interested in the individual's success.”

“This course has been enormously helpful in moving me toward my financial goals. The instructor was very knowledgeable but explained sometimes dry or difficult topics in an easily understood way. OTA in general, has been extremely supportive through this process and has always done exactly what they promise. Thanks OTA!”

“OTA is the best place to start if you are interested in getting into the stock market. If you follow the rules and be active in the community, you are unstoppable.”

“J.R. taught me simpler understanding of trading futures, made it easier to grasp terms and concepts from the tuition... it also helped that I took this class before so I wasn't blown away from new ideology, the trading stocks (terms/concepts) as I was when I first took this class. OTA made me a better trader even in terms of daytrading and trading in general and now I will have success when I start trading futures. One day I will get to take mastermind courses so I can become a great trader. That is my goal.”

“I was especially impressed with the emphasis that was placed on managing and minimizing one's risk on any one trade and on one's account(s). It made me very comfortable that the academy was looking out for its clients. Thank you.”

“I find Online Trading Academy to be very professional & honest. I signed up for the course in 2011 and I'm just getting back to take the class 6 years later! Wish I would of took it back in 2011; lot of wasted time on my part. Everyone there are very helpful from the office staff to the instructors, a very pleasant experience.”


“The Online Trading Academy is for individuals interested in being serious investors. The staff and instructors are sincerely focused on helping each student become a successful trader. If you are serious about being a successful trader the Online Trading Academy is your best choice to achieve your goals. ”

“Previous experience with a different company left me in a very negative mindset that trading could actually be more than just gambling. I knew there was something different about OTA when they talked about the patent. Other companies just teach more of what is already available on the internet or at the book store. So very glad I am able to continue my education in a more positive direction and cannot wait to start applying the newly found information. I feel very fortunate to be a new member of the OTA family, because that is what it feels like, a family!”

“Education from OTA will reduce your cost of doing business! So, either donate to the market without boundaries or invest a reasonable amount with OTA and get real wisdom and continuous lifetime support from A to Z !!! No-Brainer!”

“This class helped me understand not only how trading in Forex works, but why trading methodically and logically works the way it does. The instructor is there for you during the class, but there are also peer-to-peer forums and the staff at the center that are always there for you. The other great benefit is that you can take the course as many times as you want for free after the initial class is over, either in person or online. I highly recommend this system and this company for the novice, intermediate and for those that consider themselves advanced investors.”

“The staff and center was great. The friendliness and helpfulness of all involved was top notch. All questions were treated as important even if some of my inquiries may have seemed basic to some. All who work for OTA seem to really enjoy their jobs and take real interest in helping some of us who are a little slower than others. The support of OTA is what sold me on your school. Thank you for your help and I look forward to a long relationship with you.”

“I have been investing for 30 years with modest success. A large part of my frustration was due to a lack of knowledge and an inability to find a source of information in order to acquire that knowledge. OTA has been a tremendous help to me. The staff has been extremely helpful. ”

“The level of instruction was head-and-shoulders above any other courses I've taken. Our instructor was also one of the best I've seen. OTA Milwaukee is the place where you want to turn to for education in trading.”

“I would like everyone at Online Trading Academy to know how much I enjoyed the Professional Trader course. Everyone that I have met through OTA from the introductory seminar and the Professional Trader course have created an amazing environment to learn these new and exciting trading concepts. These concepts will allow me to "take the reins" in investing not only for my IRA account, but also create a program that I can generate a regular income. I would like to personally thank our instructor Scott McCormick for his approachable teaching style and personal insight into investing and the markets. Scott's diligence in providing us with the "Ten Steps to the Trade" will provide a framework establishing a disciplined style of profitable trading. His willingness to share both the upside of his trading experience and also some of the downsides he has weathered throughout his trading career will be pivotal in creating a successful personal investment program. I plan on implementing his strategies in my future investing. Thank you very much, Jim Clifford”

“Online Trading Academy has given me hope that financial goals and opportunities for me are endless. I really feel empowered to become a consistent and successful trader with a huge network of tools and support whenever I may need it. ”

“The manuals provided in OTA courses are like the yoga Sutras (brief, succinct, overviews of principles and practices) which require a "guru" to amplify and explain the subjects. OTA's instructors are not only excellent gurus, but also take a personal interest in every student, making sure each one progresses successfully. I've learned more techniques in this class to further my trading success than in any other course I've taken (and I've spent a lot of money on others!).”

“I didn't even know how to read candles before I entered the class, and by the end of the week we were placing orders and executing trades. Online Trading Academy methods work and stand the test of time. My instructor was a professional in the trading field and very helpful in steering us in the right direction.”

“Having recently retired, I have been fearful of deep stock market corrections causing erosion of my retirement finances. At the same time, I have wanted to maximize my opportunity for income by leveraging the money I've accumulated. Online Trading Academy gives me the tools to do both. The instructors are active trading experts with years of successful experience. They teach well tested techniques to control risk and improve probability for income and growth. The ongoing support and resources provide unlimited assistance, making it feel like I've joined a partnership rather than a school.”

“The staff is very nice and attended to all of our concerns. The instructor is excellent. I would recommend the program to anyone. It is a great program to be connected with other traders in your area.”

“Online Trading Academy is the real deal. They don't teach a magical way of making money. They teach their students how to follow a definitive process to increase the probability of making a profitable trade.”

“Starting from near absolute zero, I've been accorded a great informatiol and support base for the business of market trading through OTA. Any failure to succeed, or even mediocrity in this endeavor, will rest solely with myself.”

“I walked into OTA without any real trading experience or knowledge. After the first Pro Trader course, I understand the concepts and am really looking forward to continuing with my education with OTA. Everything they teach makes tons of sense.”

“For someone totally new to Trading, the course/Instructors brought me into the game quickly. There are so many resources, groups, training, one-on-one help available that there is no excuse not to succeed. I am convinced that if I invest my time to what is available, I will succeed.”

“I felt like I knew what I was doing already but wasn't making any money. After this class my probability of executing winning trades is now much higher.”


“The best thing about Online Trading Academy is the ability to re-take the courses so that lifetime support is always available.”

“The instructors offered at the Online Trading Center are the most knowledgeable I have ever encountered. They have incredible depth as well as great instruction techniques. Amazing!”

“Very satisfied with the learning environment. Instructor was very professional, very knowledgeable, and did a phenomenal job illustrating everything.”

“They opened my eyes to stock trading, and how I have been manipulated in the past by brokers and the media. I would recommend this program as a good investment if you want to do well with your future investments.”

“It's amazing to me that I came here on a whim after listening to the radio program, and here I am now learning from some of the best (and I mean best) traders in the country. God Bless America!!!”

“I find the courses taken at the OTA to be very informative and current, keeping me on the leading edge of trading philosophy.”

“Where else could you go and get a lifetime education on how to trade these markets? Nowhere. Online Trading Academy is the greatest thing since sliced bread!”

“Whether you want to grow and protect your present retirement account or need to jump in now and build one, trading the markets with OTA's method of analysis will help turbo charge your results. A good friend recommended it to me and I am grateful for his advice!”

“The first investment you need to make before you get into the markets is with OTA. Don't allow your pride to get in the way. This organization is excellent.”

“Truly a program that teaches how to use the various markets as income producers in a very logical, concise and disciplined manner.”

“I would highly recommend OTA as they provide an excellent education and their website is awesome. The additional XLT classes and resources like "Lessons from the Pro's" and "Hour with the Pros" are a really nice addition to the in-class teaching. Everything OTA does seems to be top notch.”


“Hi my name is Dale. This is a retake for me, NO cost retake. Talked to Rick here in Milwaukee when I saw there was an opportunity for me to come in. He made it a done deal no questions asked with no hidden agenda to get me to spend any money. It was a great learning experience. Thanks, OTA”

“There is a reason that OTA is the best in the business at teaching traders. The teaching, support and products give you everything you need to be successful as a trader. Thank you very much.”

“This was great information. I especially think that anyone that has a retirement account or substantial assets NEEDS information like this to protect what they've got.”

“Since the '80s, I have taken many investment classes and seminars which each added something to my investing skills. The Pro Trader class tied a lot of it together and gave me RULES to keep me to a disciplined strategy that increases my chances of winning and keeps me to SMALL losses.”

“Everyone here at the Milwaukee Center is always helpful in anything that is needed.”

“Staff willing to bend over backwards to make sure you become successful.”

“Thank you, Online Trading Academy, for all you have taught me. I can't wait to get into the market and put it to use. your radio show and commercials are very accurate. The systems you teach are easily understood and put into action, I see no reason why, using the tools and rules based methods I've learned here, I can't get into the markets and generate and keep some income. Thank you.”

“From early on my experience in dealing with Online Trading Academy has been excellent. The information provided in class, the instructors, the on premise staff have all been top notch. Looking forward to more classes. Have no doubt what I've learned will prove to be extremely profitable.”

“This class clearly identifies what I have been doing wrong in my previous attempts to trade. It is very likely that I would have given up on trading before ever being profitable without the help of Online Trading Academy. This is likely the best investment I have ever made. The staff here is GREAT!”

“This is the second time I've taken the Futures Trader class and I am SO happy that I did! The class is jam-packed with information, tips, and strategies that it's impossible to digest it all the first time. I came in looking to refine my skills, in hopes of doubling my somewhat mediocre results. With the reinforcement of things I heard the first time, but didn't quite follow, my simulated trading average Weds.-Fri. was up over 700%. I can't wait to get home and use these lessons with real money!”

“Everyone is friendly and helpful. This was my second time through Professional Trader, I got so much more out of it than last time. Things became more clear as the class progressed. Coming back to repeat the classes is something everyone should do because there is so much to learn to make you a better trader.”

“From my perspective, ANYONE having any interest in investing should absolutely become an Online Trading Academy student. I've never traded before, but with what the school teaches along with the follow up support available, I think it'd be hard NOT to succeed in trading. Education is not inexpensive, but here it's teaching you how to make many times back on your investment. For those that trade on their own but don't know what this course teaches, they're paying for education through losing in the markets and may not ever learn to be a good trader.”

“This is the best allocation of my time and money I have ever spent. The long term impact on my future will be enormous.”

“I've always been impressed with the quality of the instructors in all the Online Trading Academy classes I have attended in the past year.”

“The Online Trading Academy community continues to impress me and I truly feel privileged to belong to it. Larry Jacobson is an exceptional teacher.”

“The course was informative and extremely professional. The staff was helpful and approachable. The radio ad is what got me started and I thank them SO MUCH, because that ad stirred something in me and in a couple of hrs. I called to reserve a spot to listen to their sales pitch and here I am.”

“Online Trading Academy Milwaukee is a really great environment. The staff is friendly and the professionalism is outstanding.”

“Best investment I ever made! ”

“I am new to active trading. Time will tell if my inherent skill will support success in Trading. What I do know now is that Online Trading Academy has provided exceptional instruction and resources to ensure the probability of success. My first instructor, in my first (Pro Trading) course, was Michelle Volmering. She represents Online Trading Academy at its very best. First impressions lead me to be confident that my investment (entry) into the world of trading will hit the target.”


“I really enjoyed the hands-on approach taken in the class. I think that will be the most important asset for me to become a successful trader. The teacher was excellent. The ongoing support will be very beneficial to me. Thanks.”

“Everyone on the staff is very approachable. The feeling of family and caring is evident. Everyone has a totally positive attitude no matter what time of day. That alone is so helpful for us as students since our thoughts are all over the map during this process. It is great to know that we have a positive person on the other end of the phone as we leave the class.”

“If you are serious about learning how to trade online, this is the route you take. The fact that Online Trading Academy emphasizes core strategies that enhance profits and lower risk makes my experience with trading online gratifying.”

“Chris Muldoon and the staff of Milwaukee are attentive and knowledgeable. They aim to please.”

“Online Trading Academy is a great place to begin learning to trade. Makes trading entries, exits, and opportunity very clear and helps to turn the learning curve into a straight line. They offer full time staff to answer questions any time of day via XLT support, and the full time staff at the campus are very knowledgeable as well. There is too much to talk about in such a small text box.”

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