Los Angeles - Woodland Hills, CA - Student Testimonials

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“The best teaching material, instructor and staff. I can't get this kind of education anywhere else.”

“The wealth of knowledge and resources you get from the academy is unequivalently the best I have seen in the tradeing industry.”

“I have to highly recognize such a dedicated group/staff of so many professionals that were always -- without any exception – kind enough to answer any questions. All were pleasantly easy to talk to and very available at all times whenever one had a question. I will surely recommend OTA to anyone who asks. Thanks all, for your helping me in understanding such a most important and difficult subject.”


“I am brand new to trading. I had no prior experience and little knowledge of trading before walking through the doors. The step by step approach is easy to follow and I feel like I have now stepped into a new world and am learning a new language. I love the continued support and education availability, and I can't wait to learn more!”

“Instructors are knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and very helpful.”

“I was someone who had no previous knowledge of the stock market, and this institution has given me a lot of opportunities to better myself in the field of assets marketing. The instructors are very informative in their teachings and the support personnel are very helpful. I would definitely recommend this to all of my friends and family.”

“I enjoyed the class and look forward to expanding my knowledge base in trading. As a disabled Vet, I see great options to help supplement my disability income without harming my disability income. Thank you to all staff that have helped and will continue to help me in my quest to become whole again.”

“I am excited to be starting my trading journey at 24 years old with OTA. The Core Strategy class helped to empower my perspective on finances and markets. I am much more optimistic about my future financial freedom.”

“I have learned a lot of valuable information about trading here at OTA. They not only teach you everything you need to know about trading, but also the mindset that a trader needs to have to be successful.”

“OTA's Core Strategy program is a solid foundation for new and seasoned traders and I would recommend it to anyone interested in understanding the financial markets. The student support and teaching approach are very encouraging and complete. I'm very glad I've joined the community and now look forward to reaching Mastermind.”

“Online Trading Academy opens a whole new world to the concepts of trading. It is not just a one-time class situation but an ongoing commitment from OTA to give the student access to a wealth of information and opportunities to enhance the trading experience.”

“To the new students: All I can tell you is you are in the right place at the right time. OTA is a great organization that cares deeply about the success of their students. My husband and I are very thankful to be a part of this community.”

“Taking this class really made me open up my mind and challenge myself in many ways. No matter how hard I thought it was, I loved coming every day because my professor, C. Manson, was great!! The rest of the staff was amazing; Edgar made sure we were okay and had the right tools to succeed and for that I'm grateful. They made this experience amazing. I'm excited to be part of this program and take the rest of the classes provided.”

“The step-by-step concept was very much appreciated. From not ever knowing what online trading was all about to becoming an actual online trader is such a wonderful experience. Speaking with different instructors and picking their brains sure gave me the confidence and tools I needed to become a trader. Excellent experience. Thank you, OTA, for everything.”

“Being young, I came into this program knowing close to nothing about trading. It's crazy; you go in and come out feeling like whole different person. In just a few days, I was able to learn a vast amount of information and now I'm able to use that to trail a better life. Thank you to everyone at OTA.”

“The program is something you don't learn at school or your work areas, but it makes you a productive money manager. The fundamentals and specifics of the stock market are all taught in this academy and the teachers are all extremely knowledgeable at what they do. The class also creates a like-minded environment, making the whole experience even better.”

“I would recommend Online Trading Academy to anyone who does not have trading experience to learn all aspects of trading. They teach you from the start all the skills necessary to make successful trades and give you the confidence needed to go to the next level.”

“This is my first class. Must admit I was a bit apprehensive about how this process would go, but I love the fact that this learning process is based on technical analysis with some fundamentals. We got a great lesson this week on the fundamentals of the market with the Federal Reserve announcement, followed by the Trump tweet the next day. Great lesson on moving stops up to lock in profits. Still have a long, long way to go, but this first week was a tremendous start to what I plan to be a new career for me.”

“I love what I have learned at Online Trading Academy! The knowledge, the resources, the support and overall learning experience is wonderful. It has opened up a whole new world to me. I'm so glad I found this program and can't wait to learn more.”

“Started with no ... zilch ... nada ... nincompoop ... zero knowledge at the start of this journey and I am leaving with trading ability. Woot woot! Thank you very much.”

“After years of mixed results trading and knowing I knew only enough to be dangerous, I made the decision to get help, with the goal of being a more educated trader. I have learned so much in the short time I have spent at Online Trading Academy (OTA), and I feel a lot more confident in placing my trades, knowing I'm managing my risk/reward ratio much better than I ever have previously. If you want to be a trader in equities, futures, options, etc. you will really benefit from attending OTA.”

“"OTA IS THE WAY". There is no better place for Financial Education!”

“I set a goal for myself in 2019. A way to create additional cash flow and reserves in my life and NOT get caught with all of my eggs in one basket during any upcoming market pause, reset... I am a real estate guy by nature and fared well in the last cycle transition, BUT, with the strategies I found in Futures I could have done considerably better. SO, old dog, new tricks. Thanks Craig and OTA!”

“It terrifies me to think I was trading so blind before OTA.”

“Online Trading Academy has an excellent Trading Education Program and the level of support from the instructors, counselors and administrative staff is unlike any I have seen.”

“The OTA is dedicated to my success as a trader and they constantly provide upgraded teaching methods to enhance my learning capabilities. ”

“This Academy program is worth your time. Especially for the reason that you can come back for life to review and resharpen your edge and focus.”

“This class was incredibly eye opening and I'm glad that I was able to take it before going blindly into the world of trading with nothing but a few hunches and second guesses. I understand that many feel that sources such as Google and YouTube are more than enough, but the fact is, there is too much data out there, some surely good, but even more surely BAD. OTA helps speed up the process by deciphering between all the bad and good information before you find yourself in a million and one beginner's pitfall traps. The classes itself may be expensive, but the lifetime retakes and all the current, up-to-date resources and a community of professionals waiting to help is so much more worth your time and money than you'd know.”

“I love OTA. I wouldn't know anything about futures trading if it were not for this program and all these courses. Every class leads to a deeper understanding. Eventually I will come up with my own successful trade strategy, but were it not for the OTA instructors, I wouldn't know where to begin.”

“I have taken Core Strategy and Forex and have been very pleased with the instructors and the knowledge I am gaining on my road to becoming a professional trader.”

“Before I came, all I knew is that I wanted to learn how to work a chart and make money; but after coming and learning, I realized there is so much more to it and, if it wasn't for OTA, instructors, and student support, it would have been difficult to comprehend.”

“As a military solider, I never thought that I would ever learn about the stocks. That it took a lot of research and time. But OTA taught me to follow and listen to trends. Which, as a solider, I am great at listening to.”

“The wealth of knowledge that OTA provides speeds up my learning process. I am also confidently trading now using the core strategy and algorithms that they share to all students. All the way thumbs up!”

“Panpilot.com says "By learning the zones to set your target, stop and entry, it takes out the risk and emotion in the trade which makes it more fun and enjoyable. I lost thousands of dollars by not having the stops in and proper zones to identify." Now that I have taken the class, I am more confident in their patented theory.”

“Very comprehensive course overall. A very solid foundation to start my trading career. I learned so many things about the market that I never even knew existed.”

“OTA not only covers the required course materials but gives me deeper understanding on how the market and institutions work as a business. They make sure that the students fully understand the given materials and give the confidence to trade. Overall, it is a great experience and definitely, without a doubt, I will recommend this academy to everyone.”

“OTA has a true interest in making sure that every student is treated in the best way possible and given an opportunity to learn at their own pace. I have enjoyed every moment of every course I have taken so far.”

“I am sincerely shocked by the effectiveness of OTA's strategy. I came in here more cynical than most, but it continues to surprise me in the best of ways.”

“I came into Core Strategy not knowing a single thing about investing. The technique Online Trading Academy uses to teach their class is so informative. Peeling back layers at a time leaving me with a much more clear understanding of how investing works. I feel blessed to be partnered with Online Trading Academy. Looking forward to more classes!”

“I can't believe how uninformed I was about the market prior to taking this class. It has opened up a world of information that I am now beginning to understand how to tap into and, most importantly, utilize.”


“I came into OTA with reservations, never having made a trade but watched a few brokers allow our accounts to steadily decrease without doing anything for months. My husband and I decided something had to be done to protect the wealth we worked to save all our lives, so we began to search for true solutions. As luck would have it, we found Online Trading Academy and they met the needs we had and beyond. We considered the cost, the huge risk of just letting things stay the same, and my ability to actually Do This. Because OTA has an outstanding team, and they are always available to help their students in every way, I consider my first step a Total and Complete Success. No Fear, No Pride - just follow the rules.”

“Before attending OTA I had no previous exposure, experience or knowledge about trading. After completing Forex with Scott Greer I am proficient in identifying trading zones, aware of the necessity of developing a daily routine and what my Rules for Trading Plan are to include.”

“If you want to change your life for the BEST, this is the answer for that change! Please no second thoughts. Just do it and you won't regret it! This is the BEST gift ever for myself=)”

“I have recommended OTA to my friends and family and will continue to do so as everyone here is always ready and available to help me succeed.”

“To anyone looking for a new challenge in life. JOIN OTA! Your reward will be all, or more, than you expected. Both the office and professional staff are outstanding. Your financial future will never be the same. ”

“Using OTA strategies, I am able discern and understand charts and start trading with good confidence that I am able to make money by sticking to the strategy. I have only had a positive experience so far, and am really impressed with the support and the amount of leverage OTA gives its students to succeed. It's truly a gem to have found this school, as it's giving me the knowledge to be able to move up tax brackets.”

“My OTA experience has been well worth the money. With each asset class I feel more and more confident to trade the market. Instead of stumbling in the dark now there is light that gets brighter and brighter. Thank you OTA. E. R.”

“The concepts and strategies of trading are taught in an imaginative and straightforward manner that makes sense. The instructors are attentive and responsive to questions and concerns about what is being taught, so there is no misunderstanding and to ensure the student truly understands and grasps what is being presented.... GREAT job Tre!!! Make it a GREAT day.”

“The skills taught in OTA are unlike any taught in public education. My perception about who should be in charge of my life and my finances has changed. OTA is a life changing experience and I will be sharing this with my daughter.”

“For my first Online Trading Academy asset class, I found it to be quite informative, very professional and a few ice breakers to make it comfortable. I have taken their Core Strategy classes that are the key element to the success of Online Trading Academy. I found their courses to be everything they advertised. I believe in their methodology and would absolutely recommend it to Friends n Family. It's a positive continuing experience for me, glad to have stumble upon it. It's a game changer for me.”

“I have been very impressed with the quality of instructors that I have learned from at OTA. This is one of the main reasons that I have enrolled at the school. I also appreciate the professional environment of the school and the quality of the facilities, the delicious meals provided, and the professional and friendly staff. Thanks for providing the trading school environment that I have been looking for!”

“When I first had the thought to trade, I thought I would just read some books and watch some videos. But as I began talking with others about how they learned, I kept hearing rave reviews from previous Online Trading Academy students. I have recently finished the core strategy class and went from 0-60% in 7 days. I've learned so much and have been able to test and prove the strategy of OTA while live trading with the company's money. OTA provides you with so many resources to continue your learning and growth, and they really do have a community feel of people helping people. I'm happy to have made this investment and look forward to taking my next asset class.”

“The information and resources OTA provides is invaluable. I feel very good about my financial future.”

“I would definitely recommend Online Trading Academy. I Believe in their technique and services offered by the school. Friendly, Gracious, and Accommodating Instructors and staff members ready to address all your concerns.”

“First time taking this class. I learned a lot more than what I had hoped in my wildest dreams and now am ready to take the next steps! Thank you, OTA and thank you, Craig Weil.”

“I had no experience with trading prior to taking OTA's Core Strategy class. The program is sound, systematic, proven and well taught. The most important factor is, each instructor has to qualify annually with their own trading accounts. If they don't succeed with their own money, they can't keep their jobs. Simple... and brilliant. I can't think of a better way to test an instructor, except perhaps how well they teach others to do it too.”

“This is such a unique education, specifically designed for those who desire to generate income and grow wealth via trading, that does not exist anywhere else. I have learned so much from OTA in a week that would take a life time to learn.”

“The Core Strategy course was full of incredible information. Well organized. Incredible tools. A complete training system -- both in person and online.”

“Learning the skill of online trading is something I truly desire. After attending the Core Strategy class, I realized that I am completely capable of making successful trades once I have mastered the process. I am pleased to say that Online Trading Academy provides many resources for me to practice this process at home to gain confidence in my abilities prior to making trades on my own. I feel excited about learning and thrilled at the prospect of mastering this new skill and becomming a successful online trader!”

“I have enjoyed the Core Strategy class so much that every day I get up and get excited for the thought that I will be on my way again to the OTA to learn many things. Ryan is so knowledgeable and very patient in teaching us and answering all our questions.”

“OTA's Core Strategy, in-person class was a tremendous learning experience worth every minute. The instructor was deeply knowledgeable, a great communicator, and an experienced trader. It was inspiring to receive his insights, experience, and wisdom. I love OTA!”

“I have always been really intimidated by all of the chart analysis techniques out there and always traded like a novice. What OTA teaches simplifies everything so that I can actually understand it. I will admit, the material is quite intimidating and confusing at first, but by the 3rd day of class the clouds part and everything starts to come together. By day 5, I felt pretty solid on the material and being able to do the live practice sessions, webinars, and the plethora of past live sessions and videos on my own at home; the material really sank in. It is also good to know that I can take the classes as many times as I want until I really get it, and to also get the info taught in a different way/different perspective by another instructor. I am beyond happy that I found OTA!!!”

“I truly enjoyed the class. I have been working on core strategy by myself for 2 years now, but there are subtle things that I learned that would cost me thousands of dollars if I would not know them. I'm so grateful that I was able to attend the class with a really experienced instructor that made a huge difference in my trading career. Thank you, OTA, for your great service.”

“Great instruction in a great educational environment. The instructor left no questions unanswered. Will send my children through OTA.”

“The Instructors are informative, knowledgeable, and friendly. Everybody at OTA is helpful and pleasant to work with.”

“Best OTA facility on the west coast, friendly personnel, Great Foods, clean classrooms and time to ask as many questions as you need.”

“All the staff here are really helpful and all the instructors are knowledgeable and experienced. So, I've learned a lot about HOW to trade in the right way and become the better trader. OTA is like a family that sincerely wants you to be successful as a trader. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement.”

“OTA makes the concept of trading simple and easy to understand and execute. I highly recommend this course to anyone. ”


“Whether you have been trading for years or brand new, you have to take these courses. Your profits and win percentages will go up immensely.”

“My background and career path includes 17 years in Behavioral Health industry and no previous exposure to Stocks or Investment Strategy. After Core Strategy I have grasped the basic concepts of investing dynamics, Risk Management, Institutional Impact on the economy and Personal Confidence in this area. OTA has taken me from Not Knowing, to Knowing. I am very satisfied with my current progress as a result of Core Strategy.”

“OTA breaks down difficult concepts into bite size pieces that anyone can understand. It's a sharp break from other opportunities out there, as OTA removes the obstacles that hinder success and showcases a path to follow that is consistent, clear and based on evidence. I would not only use them again but highly recommend them.”

“Online Trading Academy offers you the opportunity to spend five full days of your life in a small classroom with an experienced trader from CME. The opportunity to be taught by Bob Dunn, a successful floor trader, is a unique and valuable opportunity, if trading is what you would like to do. I know no other business opportunities who offer anything like what OTA brings to the table, in order to teach, train and guide you in becoming successful in your business.”

“Day trading has always been in the back of my head but I never tried because I am a risk averse person. The Core Strategy made me understand that there is a systematic way to increase the probability in my favor during trading. No one should trade without fully understanding how to increase the probability of reaching your target.”

“I love all the instructors. This has been a fun, and enlightening learning experience. Thank you.”

“The Core Strategy class was a great experience. I learnt the novice mistakes I was making prior to coming to this class and it tremendously helped me in not only identifying the best trades but also provided me all the tools and tips to be a successful trader. We did a lot of hands on trading and learnt many, many scenarios in identifying the demand and supply zones. The instructor did a fantastic job in explaining the core strategies, helping through the different scenarios and answering all our questions. Absolutely a great experience and I am happy that I did it.”

“The staff at OTA Woodland Hills is highly efficient and effective in teaching us everything we need to learn to be successful traders in the future. This is the BEST hands on experience anyone can ask for, especially for New students like myself.”

“Daniel Galvez ALL personnel at OTA is very supportive and wiling to go the extra mile for you. You are not alone in the journey to profitable trading ! !”

“ I always learn something new at OTA. All the instructors are top-notch. There is so much to learn about trading. Each instructor provides students with slightly different approaches to trading while still using core strategy. It has allowed me to find my own style of trading as I continue to learn.”

“I have been trading live since July of this year. I found myself doing well early on and then not so well. After reviewing my log comparing my successful period vs. my not so successful period, I found myself trying to short cut the process. Once I went back to the "rules" and process my success began to recover. Conclusion: The rules and processes are there for a reason and actually work.”

“The lengths that OTA goes to in order to ensure their students are successful is impressive and appreciated!”

“Entering into the program I was speculating in longer time frames with only fundamental analysis and rudimentary chart pattern following. I had never looked at a candlestick chart before this course. The core strategy course has appealed to my intent to become a daily income trader, to break free from the limitations of following "financial advisers", to stop gambling with my hard earned capital and to earnestly approach the market with a strategy that is true to the moment, deliberate, risk managed and free from the anxiety of improperly managed trades.”

“Everything was tip top. Knowledgeable and helpful staff not to mention very friendly. Having a couple of days of lab time was a great way to test your knowledge and make sure you understood the teachings of core strategy.”

“It has been 2 years since I enrolled, then been away. I think you have truly refined the teaching and materials which are much better and effective. Congratulations on your commitment to excellence in education. Plan to stay with my education to conclusion this time.”

“I have learned a knowledge base that will last years to come. OTA instructors are patient, professional and truly interested in helping students gain success in trading. Jeff Manson is emblematic of this philosophy and it really shows.”

“I am so glad student support reached out to me. It's nice to know I can retake courses when markets change and when course material updates. I feel I'm never left behind.”

“Student with 0 trading experience is who I was. Coming into the class with no experience, I thought would be an extremely difficult time, but getting through the whole Core Strategies course has helped me develop so much more confidence and gave me the fundamental education of how I can be successful in trading. The step by step instruction and the care the instructors take knowing that many students do not have much experience is wonderful. Everyone at the center makes you feel welcome and is readily available if you need anything.”

“OTA will change your life. The education is invaluable to understand how to trade. Being part of this community has enhanced my trading, my life and my skill. +”

“Because OTA has provided students chances to repeat the course, slow learners like me can hold onto their hope for eventual success. I could attest to the company's effort for making sure it lives their mission through continuous improvement in the contents of the materials and presentations by great instructors to ensure success for their students. Thanks for feeding our brains with healthy food selection. I commend this instructor for spending time with the students individually.”

“I am a student at OTA. I wanted to learn a system that wasn't difficult to learn and gave me the best possible chance to succeed in the markets. I have found that with OTA. Their system gives a rule based, step by step, comprehensive approach, that I was able to see work.”

“I have really enjoyed the inspirational examples of the instructors that have shared their stories of how they got where they are today. The class was very informative and enjoyable. The instructor was very involved and taught us well, using many helpful analogies and even movie clips to inform and inspire. The centers are located in a very professional building and environment. They take care of the parking fees, provide very good breakfast and lunch and the personnel are very friendly and helpful.”

“The program teaches how to become a trader. Becoming a trader is not a simple task but OTA puts all the moving parts together and makes the process a high probability success. Friendliness is forthcoming from the faculty and also from the students. Administration and faculty are very interested in student progress. The more experienced students are willing to help with unresolved issues allowing the process to become even more personal. The student center and its parking structure make it enjoyable and easy to come to classes.”

“I don't know what to say, every time I take a class in OTA it is like opening a new door to trading!!”

“Great program to learn in, great learning environment. As a new trader who knew nothing about trading, this program is top notch. May be costly, but you get what you pay for. Learning Center is top notch, clean and up to date. Learning materials are up to date and easy to use. Parking is easy and always available. The personnel from instructors to staff are friendly, upbeat and supportive.”

“Online Trading Academy programs are of the highest quality and value. I have never been disappointed with any of the classes or programs I have attended.”

“Great food! The classroom was well equipped and very clean. The instructor was excellent and made the experience of learning to be a trader a lot of fun. I enjoyed the class very much. OTA provides you with the right tools to be a successful trader and I am very happy that I had the opportunity to attend the classes OTA has to offer. The only negative comment was the parking cost of $20/day. OTA is the best investment you can make in securing your financial future. Thank you, OTA!”

“Anyone who is considering investing for retirement or trading for income absolutely needs to take classes offered at Online Trading Academy. OTA will teach you how to strategically invest and trade, when to get in and out of a trade, and minimize your risk. I wish I would have taken the OTA classes years ago!”

“I enjoyed the Pro Trader classes very much! Our instructor, David Fong, was extremely patient and did an excellent job answering student questions. I liked his presentation style. He explained the concepts in a way that was very easy to understand. I would highly recommend OTA to anyone that is considering a trading career!”

“It is a lot to take in and learn yet having the opportunity to be instructed by seasoned professionals actively trading in the markets today, in my opinion there's no better way to learn it! They shared their experiences and learning curves so that we could achieve a higher probability of success and a lower probability of failure (or just opting out!). I look forward to my continuing education and use of all the excellent resources that the Academy has to offer. My life has already changed! Thank you.”

“Online Trading Academy of Woodland Hills and its personnel are great. Excellent location, facility, great food and the best support from Sarah Sandoval, Ashton Huebner and Edgar Leija. Thank you so much.”

“Thoroughly enjoyed the class! I have been "investing" for years but I have been fearful of the collapse I know is coming. At 66 years old now, I know time is not on my side. It is hard to put in words the relief I feel knowing I now can begin working with OTA community to plan a success track through the down that is surely going to happen, and eventually reach income and retirement goals. Kelly was an excellent instructor! Always direct and to the point, entertaining and a great listener, going the extra mile to answer as many questions as possible. I would encourage anyone with the desire for this knowledge to seek out Kelly Boycks for a life-changing experience.”


“If anyone wants to make money on their own, OTA is the Alpha Dog of the Pack of 8 that I have bought into in the last 30 years. My advice is, don't waste any more of your time and hard earned money on any other investment education program. Every one of my 6 Instructors have possessed extreme expertise in their subject combined with stellar communication skills. There has never been any wasted time in class and everything presented has always very useful and insightful.”

“In life and in many other things, patience and an open mindset is required to perceive things more clearly and to come up with solutions to problems. Which is what exactly happened when I first joined OTA; this academy, the students and teachers were the solution to my questions and I will forever be grateful for this life changing experience.”

“I am a trader for more than 15 years and attend a lot of seminars. NEVER have I heard about zones where institutions trade, where to find it and take advantage. It gave me a ton of info and new confidence how to trade, especially when and where to put stop loss, managing my money, RRR and zones. Scott was excellent in teaching and explaining all. The best is that OTA is my trading family, which allows me to go back; they stay with me and answer my questions if I need answers. The support is amazing and the classes they offer online or live are worth much more than we paid for. Just follow the rules they teach and go back if you forget them... that should help me to grow my accounts much better, safer and easier. Don't get overwhelmed with all the info you get as once you digest it, it will sink in and stay. Keep it simple is the great rule # 1.”

“Core Strategy proved itself to me this week in class. During the 8 months since taking the Pro Trader for the first time, I had slipped into some bad habits of not following the rules and was discouraged that my trades weren't very successful. In class this week, I applied all the rules, and I made a point to ask every question I could think of to fill in the gaps of what I didn't know, and my trades this week in class were successful! Thank you, OTA!”

“These classes were worth every dime it cost. That is not something I experience very often. The courses were comprehensive and taught you how to make money.”

“The company is first rate. First of all they feed you, you get these gourmet meals morning, noon or night if there that long. The staff is very accommodating and professional. The teachers are first of all Traders themselves; they are passionate and dedicated to the OTA way of learning. The Staff behind the scenes is just as dedicated as the teachers are. After the teachers teach their week or weekend, they leave and it's the support staff who help guide us, people like Ashton who painstakingly schedule you through the right courses, and the counselors who will go to bat for you about anything. That's my kind of people. Thank you OTA. Truly. Thaddeus”

“OTA is a great school full of great teachers. especially the community that is involved with this school is amazing. I had a good time and I learned a lot. I had a great instructor, Josip Causic explained everything very well and made it look so simple so everyone could understand.”

“At first I felt lost and confused, but by the last day of my first course I found, although I was not near ready, I was understanding more and learning more. In addition, I found myself having fun! This lead me to realize it was possible for me to do this since I could repeat the course again and again. I never would've thought a regular person such as myself would ever be able to even try this. I am excited to not only repeat this course, but to take many others and to explore what my OTA has to offer me online.”

“The OTA program is invaluable to understanding how to trade with focus and intention. You can time the market! Sean's knowledge of trading gave me lots of "aha" moments throughout the week as he spent time to answer my questions and challenge me to think about why I am making the trade. This will help me in all of my trades, short and long term.”

“I'm very new to the trading world. I thought that Trading was hard and out of my reach, but OTA has opened my eyes and shown me exactly how to do it step by step... The learning curve is complicated but the instructors make it fun and do their best to help us to understand and be able to apply what we learn to the real trades. The whole OTA community is so supportive and I don't feel that I'm on my own trading anymore.”

“Great amount of time doing hands on learning. Used matrix to place orders in this class which furthered options on how to trade. Lots of info to learn regarding ticks and the tick value used for the many different types of markets.”

“I got exactly what I was looking for this week - a solid foundation on which to build. Tre Owens made the class interesting and entertaining, but more importantly packed it with usable information. I'm looking forward to implementing the Core Strategy fundamentals. The staff and the center here are all excellent.”

“OTA is a wonderful resource for anyone who wants to trade. Instead of losing thousands in the market BEFORE thinking about education, I would suggest every would be trader sign up with OTA FIRST. From physical classes to online classes to live trading sessions and 24/7 mentoring, OTA can drastically reduce a newbie's learning curve and help keep one's account intact.”

“My overall opinion of taking these classes is great. All the teachers are superb and very knowledgeable. The best way to learn how to do something is if the professor teaching you does this outside the class room. AAAA++++”

“The center is extremely professional and supportive. It has changed my life in the short time that I enrolled. I struggled the first couple of days. The course and material was excellent.”

“I was always interested in the stock market and how it works. Thanks to OTA, I now have more knowledge in one week than most people will receive in a lifetime!!! I look forward to a very successful career as a trader due to OTA's intense training program.”

“Online Trading Academy has changed my life and I only wish it changes the lives of others in a positive way. I have a true passion for trading in the foreign currency and commodity markets now all because I was blessed to learn from the BEST. The Online Trading Academy in Woodland Hills CA. has the some of the BEST staff whom I can get along with and who I can go to if I have any kind of questions. They have All helped me far beyond just giving me trading advice, but give me life lessons directing me into the right path that will give me a brighter future than expected. I really do feel Online Trading Academy has what the people need, and that is a community of traders and instructors willing to help one another achieve their financial goals and many more. I suggest everyone takes a visit with Online Trading Academy even if they aren't interested in investing in any asset class because they just might change your mind once you see things in their perspective.”

“I really enjoyed the instructor and the way the information was presented. OTA is a very unique school that offers training and education found nowhere else.”

“OTA does an amazing job from the start. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and instructors with superb online resources.”

“This program is truly life changing. I've learned the skills needed to fulfill my dreams. The continuous education and support provided by OTA is priceless. My instructor, Damontre Owens, is enthusiastic, open and extremely knowledgeable. Tre uses humor and his real-life experiences, both good and bad. He's an honest and engaging teacher. I look forward to learning more from him!”

“My life is changed, and not just financially. OTA provides hope for a future which includes financial freedom, but that is only the first of many gains to be had from what I learned in Core Strategy.”

“OTA Stock Training was so eye opening. I pulled back on my own trading because I could see my many errors. As I continued to learn, I began feeling like I was now in charge because I am in control of myself. Never go against the trend and remember to manage your emotions. I am empowered now an the sky is the limit. But always trade the plan. Thank you to all at OTA.”


“I am amazed how much I learned about the market in just one week, having no prior knowledge at all. And I'm so grateful that Online Trading Academy will have an abundance of resources available to me both on the website and with the option to retake any courses online or on location, anytime, anywhere, for LIFE.”

“I enjoyed the class. The instructor increased my knowledge about stocks, investing and trading. In the near future I will be using OTA for all of my training. No other company comes close to what they have to offer.”

“If you are looking to improve your life or looking for extra income that could change your life, Online Trading Academy is a game changer with only the future ahead of you. Do yourself a favor, look into its program and I am sure there will be no looking back, only straight ahead!!”

“We were treated extremely well. We didn't have to be concerned about our breakfast, lunch, snack, or drinks. The staff was there for us for anything we needed.”

“Great lesson on Forex - I walked in with zero knowledge, now I am walking out of this class filled with great information as well as some amazing tools that will help me start in the right place and be on the road to successful trading.”

“I really enjoyed jumping into the world of trading using a simulated trading platform with TradeStation! It has been a very informative experience, making me more confident to complete more courses and begin the world of trading. It is very helpful being able to trade the real market in a simulated platform to learn the process.”

“This education really helps you cut through all the false hype we have been previously taught.”

“I am an engineering student that took an interest in OTA's trading programs after being taken to their Market Timing Introduction. I initially went from complete indifference about the topic of market trading to finding out that this is something that I might actually be capable of doing and being good at. After the Market Timing class, my family and I decided to take the plunge and enrolled in the Pro Trader and Forex programs from OTA, and so far I am not disappointed!”

“Came to the program as a very novice investor with limited potential and similar results. Came away with a new perspective on trading with purpose and direction. I have no doubt that my results will be much more than I expected. This is not a get rich quick scheme but slow positive results are what give this program legitimacy. ”

“An eye opening experience. Anyone who truly desires to become a professional trader will benefit greatly from an Online Trading Academy education.”

“What a wonderful staff, from the director to Eric and Sarah at the front desk. Everyone is always helpful and knowledgeable about the center, classes and the overall process to keep us focused and getting us to reach our goals. The center has a nice atmosphere and I don't mind taking the drive because this center makes it well worth our time.”

“This education is worth every penny I paid for. I feel like the world opened up before my eyes. ”

“You can't put a price on the information that you receive from OTA instructors. They are simply the best instructors HANDS DOWN! You'd be dumb to not learn this stuff.”

“This is an amazing program that anyone interested should definitely look into. I highly recommend it and it will prove to be worth every penny!”

“I just want to say that everything that I have experienced and learned so far here at OTA has been worth every penny and then some. I believe that what I am learning here is going to prove to be an everlasting and priceless commodity for me to utilize moving into the future. I would highly recommend OTA to anyone and suggest that they at least give it a try as I believe it will change their lives, as I believe it has already changed mine.”

“OTA is the best place to start your trading career!”

“I am developing the edge to pay it forward. Thank you, OTA, for all the educational help you have provided and now I am personally hedging myself in my retirement account.”

“OTA is truly a profession organization. Upon enrolling with OTA i had been searching for education on how to become a profitable trader and found nothing that compares. So glad to have found OTA and cannot wait to see where this takes me! There are no limits! -Jon Liebscher”

“OTA's methodical educational approach to trading is a slam dunk scenario for successful trading!! The way it was presented was very realistic in terms of what was expected of me. It is NOT a GET RICH FAST SCHEME!!! But, through hard work and diligence it was demonstrated how this could become very lucrative.”

“The Academy is consistently going beyond my hopes and expectations. Thank you so much.”

“I finally have the knowledge and a plan to succeed.”

“Being totally new to the business of trading, it has become apparent that a better choice could not have been made to get a thorough education with tons of student support to ensure success. With total confidence I can state that I will become a successful professional trader, owing it all to Online Trading Academy.”

“I am very glad that I am in a program where like-minded people are all around me willing to help in the learning curve of learning the right way in trading stocks.”


“I really like the fact that I can review the classes over and over again until I really understand it very well.”

“While it takes perseverance, hard work and patient application of what one learns here at OTA, it also shows up as reward and personal achievement with time and consistency. I am always delighted and surprised by the new areas presented, along with reinforcement of what has already been ingrained as core procedure in prior classes. The confidence and hope it brings about are pretty priceless. Go OTA!!”

“OTA did not just give me a fish; they taught me how to fish. During my first week here at "Online Eating Academy" (lol) they didn't just feed my belly with food, they fed my brain with knowledge and my heart with joy. Great energy that you can't buy. Thanks again.”

“OTA must be providing the most value for the $ in the Trading education industry. I can't imagine anyone else offering more.”

“I came in not knowing what to ask because of my limited knowledge of FX, but after taking Forex Pro Trader I am confident in my ability to trade effectively thanks to Keith and the staff at OTA. To anyone wanting to learn to trade, I would recommend getting in contact with them and getting started.”

“This is truly an innovative methodology to teach anyone of any level how to trade the Forex Market. This method allows the student to learn quickly and correctly. OTA is a "trusted source".”

“Now that I know OTA exists, I would not go into trading without educating myself at OTA first!”

“This was an overwhelmingly positive experience. Prior to the class, the markets and trading were like mine fields in which I was sure to blow myself up, or like betting against the house in Vegas where I was sure to lose. After this class, I feel I have a solid base from which to continue to learn and I am hungry to keep on learning. The structure, pace, materials and practice all combined to give me the feeling that "I can do this!" I loved it and would recommend it to anyone thinking of trading who didn't want to lose their shirt or settle for minimums.”

“These are excellent classes. The content will assist you regardless of your level of experience, from beginner to experienced trader. The Core Strategy provides a new way to read charts and understand market activity to support entering and exiting the markets. There is always something new to learn in life and in trading to enhance your level of success.”

“I greatly enjoyed Online Trading Academy's class and would highly recommend anyone who is interested in investments take the class.”

“Words are inadequate to describe Sam Evans and the OTA staff. Best is best!”

“I am developing a clearer understanding, such as in life, that the value I can receive from this training is directly proportional to the time and effort I commit. The lifetime access to the classes and XLTs provide the framework to achieve that goal. The value of the training over time versus the initial investment has potentially unlimited value. I am excited about the training, the opportunity and most important I have a renewed invigoration for life, attitude and behavior.”

“I always enjoy the courses at Online Trading Academy. The environment of the school is upbeat and professional, and caliber of instructors is top notch.”

“This was an excellent course. I was slightly skeptical and was very happy with the knowledge base that was taught. I Made three successful trades with the rules and strategy laid out. More than excited with the experience.”

“The upbeat and encouraging attitude about everyone here. I feel that this group is genuinely interested in the success of its students.”

“In this infamous world of uncertainty, the principles and philosophy taught at Online Trading Academy certainly give you a strong basis in understanding the markets and minimizing risk while maximizing reward. I can now say when I sit in front of my platform, I no longer feel as though I'm about to jump into a tank full of sharks.”

“I have seen many courses but nothing comes close to what Online Trading Academy has to offer you. It's simply second to none.”

“Online Trading Academy never stops improving to meet the needs of their students. To be in touch with the Online Trading Academy community and improve my trading, there really is a need for continuing education.”

“I loved the teaching and experience that Online Trading Academy brings by hand picking the Instructors with years of experience in Trading. They truly have our best interest at hand.”

“Before Online Trading Academy my stock trading was based on news information, market analysts' picks and fundamental analysis. After one week of Professional Trader 1 and 2, I now look at asset trading (and even daily life) through the lens of supply and demand using Online Trading Academy's core strategy. I fully expect to become a confident and successful trader.”

“For anyone interested in becoming self sufficient at generating income independent of holding a regular job, these are the vehicles.”

“Chairs are incredibly comfy. Staff is especially cordial and welcoming and all instructors so far have been more than supportive, patient, understanding and actually predictive of our frustrations.”

“After investing in stocks during most of my life, Online Trading Academy gave me understanding and insight that has and will continue to change my life! I have made Online Trading Academy training available to the senior staff in my company to enhance both their lives and my company's performance! Can't thank you enough!”

“Online Trading Academy helped me to understand how to trade as a professional, and supplies the mentorship/leadership to ensure that I will trade as a professional. ”

“I had lost enough money trading my way. Thank you Online Trading Academy for teaching me how to limit my losses. The emphasis on supply and demand taught me which side of the trade I want to be on in the future.”

“Online Trading Academy is the leader when it comes to day trading. I've tried other schools and none of them compare to the on-hands training I received at Online Trading Academy. All of the instructors have a passion when it comes to teaching and their reward is developing your trading skills.”

“This is the first class that I have taken for trading and I have to say that the school has exceeded my expectations for the concern for the student’s education.”

“Simply life changing!”

“What I liked best: The way Online Trading Academy instructors foster a community environment. In fact, the entire staff present at the facility always leaves me feeling as if I am now a part of a new extended family.”

“I said it in my last survey and I'll say it again... Hands down the best education that money can buy.”


“A great experience. I would recommend to anyone I know who may have similar goals.”

“I would, hands down, recommend Online Trading Academy to anyone who tells me they're interested in trading or increasing their knowledge of personal finance. I'm the writer of my finance blog, www.foxonstocks.com and I have people asking me where to go to learn how to be a profitable trader all the time. Going forward, I'll immediately refer them to Online Trading Academy. The Supply/Demand zone strategies really work and have proven to be very profitable. I'm coming out of this class a more profitable trader than I was when I entered, and more confident that I can be consistently profitable with these new methods.”

“Online Trading Academy is the ITT of tomorrow. I remember attending a classroom there when they were a little hole in the wall in Los Angeles. Look at them today. I am grateful I have the opportunity to get in now.”

“I honestly can tell that allowing students to retake the class is the best thing that you have ever done, not to mention the best education that you deliver in trading.”

“Each time I take this class, I learn something new. Great Instructors with a large level of knowledge in the material and the use of the platform.”

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