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“I was expecting to get a lot of content. I did! I was expecting some support. I did! Way more than I expected. I now know I am not alone and will never be as long as I am a student of OTA. Thank you so much for allowing me to join such an amazing community of knowledgeable and caring group of people. Dennis”

“OTA is a great trading school for people from any type of background that try to learn to be a professional trader. They teach all the knowledge you need to know to avoid mistakes you might make when trading without knowledge.”

“In the beginning I was a bit hesitant and didn’t know if I was going to have success at OTA but after the first few hours I felt like this was the right learning hub for all types of learners. No traders get left behind. Joyce was amazing. She teaches at a great pace and makes sure to check on every individual to make sure they get the information they need. The rest of the OTA staff is great and very helpful alongside motivating. I had a great Core Strategy experience and will be referring all my friends and peers. Thank you.”

“These classes are amazing. The environment in which they are conducted is supreme, and the instructions are great.”


“My experience through OTA in the Core Strategy program was overwhelmingly positive. OTA did a thorough job of presenting the essential materials and taking you through the CliK software (their proprietary trading platform). You'll come out with a very good understanding of the market (supply and demand) and how best to position yourself to take advantage of market conditions. They make it easy to learn and fun! They care about you as an individual and helping you make your dreams become a reality; your ambitions are tied into the program in order for you to understand why you're trading and set rules/guidelines to follow. I highly encourage those who have been curious about trading or are already trading and want to improve their skills/learn to be a pro to take courses through OTA. There is tremendous value here.”

“I began OTA a complete novice to the trade market and its inner-workings, but after completing Core Strategy, I now feel I have a grasp of the basics. The course leaders, Jamie and Joyce, were phenomenal, professional, and personable. I will definitely look forward to attending more courses led by them.”

“I have enjoyed the process and feel like I just got off the thrill ride... my head is spinning. Luckily the staff is so supportive they prepared me for that feeling. Well prepared is what I can say about everyone in this school.”

“I only wished I would have known about the program sooner. The information provided is a real life-changer. I'm glad I took the opportunity to participate in this program.”

“The staff and instructors are fully dedicated to making sure we receive the most relevant info and learn how to use this data in the most effective manner possible.”

“OTA is the place to be, if you are really serious about trading like the professionals do.”

“Online Trading Academy provides a pathway for those who seriously wish to create financial freedom and the ability to create the life we wish.”

“One thing that makes OTA truly great is that they recruit instructors who have been successful in the industry and have exhibited authentic leadership.”

“After doing the 7-day class, I feel more empowered in the financial aspect of my life than I have ever been. On my drive home each day from class, I feel more aware as new doors keep opening up in terms of financial knowledge, which I know will enable me to make more wise financial decisions. Taking this class is one of the best decisions I have made in my life. Everyone should take this class; no age limit or educational background is required.”

“Being part of OTA is empowering. It gives you the confidence that trading is something that anybody can do provided that you have that interest. Here at the academy, they teach you the foremost principle of risk management.”

“I love the program and believe strongly that anyone who wants to trade should take this course. I came all the way from Uganda to CA, USA specifically looking for the very best and I'm glad and humbled to have found it.”

“Online Trading Academy has one of the best trading and educational program that I know. If you want to learn to trade and want to trade for a living, you should sign up. The investment you spend on the education is well worth it, if you implement the knowledge.”

“I'm a novice trader and was following a program other than Online Trading Academy. I found myself frustrated and nowhere to go with my questions. Then I became a student at the Online Trading Academy and now I'm blown away by the number of people that are available to help me succeed. Thank you OTA.”

“This class gave me a totally new perspective on how I look at finances. I always sort of felt powerless when dealing with this changing economy and, you know, your job is never going to make it for you. I feel that I have been given new skills that I can now develop to take control of not only my future but to help others in my family and community.”

“This training was very advanced, I learned a lot of valuable information that will assist with my online trading endeavors in the future. I was extremely pleased with the instructor and the class learning experience, it gave me the confidence needed to construct my first trade. This was an amazing experience that gave me the tools necessary to succeed in the trading industry. I will definitely take advantage of the lifetime training that is provided with my membership to the Online Trading Academy. Overall, great experience learning with a very diverse group.”

“Online Trading Academy has opened my eyes to the unseen world right in front of my face. When I came here, I thought I was mildly educated about the market and why stocks moved....I was soo wrong! Now, I have knowledge of the market that my own father doesn't understand. My path of learning will never stop, but I have come a great distance in the short period of time that I have been here. OTA provides an opportunity to really change your life, but it is VERY important to stay optimistic and follow your rules. Leave emotion out and make wise, educated decisions. ”

“The program is amazing and helpful”

“I was an absolute novice in this industry. I have left my core strategy class feeling like a new and empowered individual who will become successful in this industry. I have the foundational tools, rules, and support to make it come together. I'm totally excited and ready to begin my journey as a trader!”

“This is the best way I know of, after 40 yrs in the financial business, to create additional wealth on your own time with tremendous support and resources behind you. If you follow the process and devote the time and discipline, it's hard to fail!!!”

“The instructors are very enthusiastic and really care for our success.”

“I always wanted to learn to invest. This is the only academy that convinced me to take their course. The instructors are so dedicated.”

“The instructors of Online Trading Academy (mine was Damontre Owens, Tre) made me realize to the better the John Ruskin quote: Quality is never an accident. It is the result of an Intelligent effort. There must be a Superior Will to Produce a superior thing. OTA instructors and educational advisors have proven to be 'High Quality Communicators', teaching smart and putting out an intelligent strategy of trading. With their superior will, they teach us how to achieve superior trading skills. I want to personally thank Mr. Tre for creating a drive in me to achieve the "Master Mind".”

“This is the real deal! I love the sense of community!!”

“Program is amazing! This academy is an Elite educational system. This is a no joke environment, we are here to make money and plan success. Both newbies and advanced members can find comfort here at OTA.”

“I received mailings from OTA several years ago and kept putting off making a reservation for the Lunch and Learn. That was a BIG mistake! My financial life would have been on track for the security and abundance I have wanted by now. It's never too late to start!”

“I appreciate the time and effort the instructors put in to effectively teach the mechanical and rule based system for trading in the Financial Markets that OTA has developed. It was easy to learn and apply during the practice labs.”

“If you want a trading education, look no further.”


“Core Strategy class provides a comprehensive detail to identify trades with supply and demand using the candle stick charts. Once you have the knowledge and practice your trades, you will have the ability to make money in the market. ”

“I really recommend it because the core strategy has advanced my stock knowledge so I may find both entry and exits points so I can see my gain/loss potentials and make moves accordingly. This is something I learned specifically here.”

“My experience at the trading academy has been extremely positive. The staff worked together to provide a supportive environment. All the staff were always available to answer all my questions. Would recommend all my friends and family to join the organization. Elizabeth Froes - A life long student of the academy.”

“I was really skeptical if OTA was going to work, but listening to teachers explain has made trading extremely easy to learn and has made me excited to keep wanting to learn. I have never loved school so much until I came here, and I am not joking as cliche as that sounds. I also have new friends now that I can share tips with. I'm only 1 month in, and have taken my CORE and my Forex class and I'm already loving it. It's how much time you put into practicing trading and creating a community of friends that makes your experience that much better. Definitely recommend OTA if you're committed to consistently practicing and learning.”

“"OTA" "OTA" "OTA" I can't find enough GOOD things to say about OTA.”

“Signing up for OTA was an investment in myself, and that's always the best investment.”

“I feel more empowered than I could ever imagine by the resources, community and professional support of Online Trading Academy. Every day I can watch countless hours of live or recorded practice sessions, and directly apply what I learn toward my trading. It seems that every day of the week, there are about six more hours of analysis and practice sessions recorded from which I can learn. ”

“What I loved the most about the experience is the multi levels of support, starting with the instructors, who are so very patient and willing to take and field all kinds of questions, many mundane but you wouldn't know it. Simply outstanding, personalized support at all levels.”

“Many people want to advance in life and make this world a stronger, happier place. Before coming to this academy I was flying blind, working an ordinary job. I thought I was doing well but soon found out I was well below my potentials and goals. OTA has given me the opportunity to grow substantially. I thank the crew and staff. Let the knowledge be known and people happier.”

“I just finished taking the Professional Futures Trader Course, and I can't help but call it the cashback class. It's accurate for me to say that OTA's programs are thus far the best gateway towards a more self empowered and abundant life. I finally feel, through this education and continuous practice, that I have gained a solid understanding of the markets and how they relate to my wealth management. I'm no longer bound to blindly accepting exorbitant management fees attached to what a broker thinks is best for my hard earned money. This program has been an incredible confidence booster. It goes without saying that it feels incredible to know that from now on, armed with all these income and wealth building tools OTA has provided, I'll be able to consistently provide for my family, especially so after all the hardships we have endured.”

“OTA is a program that gives you back as much as you put in. I came in jaded but realized that there was a real opportunity, and with the mentorship offered by OTA I feel I am turning around my life.”

“I have been in the market as a novice trader for the last two years and thought it was all about the soundness of a company that drove the stock market; and found that it is indeed PRICE if you really want to make money. I am no longer at the mercy of all the noise in the market while using a sound plan to continue building my portfolio.”

“I love that Online Trading Academy gives their students the ability to re-take classes for life. I have been finding it extremely valuable to be able to take classes with a wide array of instructors and learn different market approaches from each one.”

“Class and Lab work are based on real market environment. I was also fortunate to meet some past and current students who are trading using the system.”

“I can't say enough about Online Trading Academy. They were very patient with students. They have a great support team that actually talks to you and, the most important, they make you feel comfortable.”

“Leaders were true hands-on experts, so the teaching was terrific. Questions were always well-answered, which inspired confidence in the veracity on their claims. Met or exceeded my high expectations in all areas. Steve Y.”

“I came to OTA with virtually no knowledge about the markets or trading. In the span of 7 days, I learned more about reading and analyzing charts, and understanding the mechanisms that move the markets than I ever expected! -David T”

“I wanted to learn about stocks and investing. OTA's Core Strategies course made learning the fundamentals easy.”

“Really enjoyed the Core Strategy course with OTA. I had been trading for a few years but this course showed me how to do it as pros do with specific but simple rules and discipline. Best part was, we could apply what we were learning by putting real time trades during the class. Looking forward to using the skills learned towards futures trading.”

“Excellent program! As a current trader, I was amazed to learn about OTA's core strategy and it was a privilege to learn it from such an experienced and knowledgeable instructor. ”

“OTA is the real deal when it comes to learning trading. The curriculum is excellent and is the most structured and practical education on trading that I have come across. Brandon Wendell was my instructor and is truly amazing. I will definitely be following his classes in the future. ”

“I have learned way more in only 7 days of the Online Trading Academy Core Strategy course than I ever learned in hundreds of hours of reading about trading, watching YouTube videos, and trying to practice on my own with a simulated practice account. It is all so very simple, and I clearly see from the chart patterns that it can work. However, I am taking the advice of the teacher, and will not be trading with real money until after I have a chance to invest my time and energy into practicing, and into studying a specific asset class (for me, Forex) in a next level program at Online Trading Academy. I have to walk before I can run!”

“I wish I would have known about Online Trading Academy 10 years ago. It's made a large impact on my life. This will be my full time job after I retire from the military in one year.”

“OTA really breaks down the steps that you need to take to become a successful trader and take complete control of your financial situation. They make complex subjects much more digestible and let you learn at your own pace.”


“Very solid grounding on chart analysis, price action and sound strategies to make winning trades in all markets. This gives you the edge to trade, whether it be for short term income or more for building long term wealth. The program gives you great insight into supply and demand in traded markets, and how price moves. It teaches you how to maximize your rate of return, by utilizing chart analysis.”

“I got tired of watching YouTube videos and buying books that never got me anywhere. This is the place to get the knowledge to profit in the stock market.”

“We are very happy to be part of the OTA family. It truly is a world class organization.”

“We not only learned a lot but enjoyed every moment of the class. We never had a boring moment and constantly learned new things. I would recommend this class to anyone. Taking these classes has been one of the best decisions I ever made!”

“This is my first month at OTA, it's a lot of information to take in and understand. The teachers are very patient and take the time to explain and re-explain to help you understand. I'll be back for this class again in a few weeks!”

“The school, teachers, and method/strategy is phenomenal in every aspect. This is truly a God Blessed school with wonderful, positive, uplifting individuals and environment. This is a must go to school, I recommend to everyone to come take at the very least one course. This information is a necessity.”

“I believe OTA is the place to get a good and a reliable strategy to trade more efficiently in all of the markets. You feel like you are supported from the beginning to end. I also like the fact that my teachers were once sitting in the classroom where I was and have the perspective on what it is like to be a student learning new information. It is truly inspiring. ”

“This class and school challenged and encouraged us to persevere as new traders. This program also demonstrated how we can successfully implement instruction, tools and tips in our trades. This program provided resources that we need to help achieve our goals.”

“I enjoyed the program beyond my expectations. Each day I looked forward to the next session. Individual needs were attended to with patience, lots of examples, and a positive attitude. The instructor is great!”

“Thankful for the guys at OTA for having a very great program and welcoming all of its students, retakes as well as newcomers, in with open arms.”

“Very rewarding experience and excellent professors. Lots of practice with the software and zones to set up the trades.”

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know, which makes me hungry for more. I love learning the concepts and applying them in real world situations... there are so many "gems" and little tips that can be gleaned from each lesson, am excited to make the dream of being a trader a reality!”

“So far, I've been told I would make a lot of money, but this class especially SHOWED me I could! Pretty dope all around. Never had to look for a parking space, and the food has always been up to par. Plus, who can complain about good free coffee? The staff is always smiling and helpful when I come into the building.”

“Most impressed with OTA's commitment to its students learning and development as professional traders.”

“If I can learn how to trade, anyone can learn this! You will be amazed how everything comes together and proud to have acquired a new skill! Don't let the tuition scare you away-it is worth every penny. Expose your young children to this education, so that they won't have an excuse for UNEMPLOYMENT- you won't regret it! ”

“Learning anything for the first time is always challenging. As an adult, when you have been out of the school setting for a long time, it is more so. What's worse is when you come into class with preconceived ideas about what is going to be taught. OTA provided the tools and resources, including a qualified, knowledgeable instructor, to lessen the challenge enough so that you don't get discouraged and want to give up. Not only is the instructor an asset, but all the folks at OTA answer your questions and offer comments when you are moving about the facility. Would I recommend to friends and family? Absolutely.”

“An excellent experience and friendly introduction into the world of trading. Caring, real world instructors share their knowledge, experience and patience in a very friendly (hands on) environment.”

“The Online Trading Academy program is an exceptional program. The training is top-notch and thorough. The materials are valuable tools and the online support team covers all the bases. The standouts for this program are the professionals and the passion exhibited by them. The counseling given is genuine and after evaluations an assessment for suitability is analyzed. It feels like a genuine community. I am truly excited to be a part of this phenomenal opportunity.”

“My learning experience at OTA gave me a solid, basic understanding of the necessary concepts of trading at the professional level. I was provided with direct hands-on software, tools and resources that challenged me to deepen my awareness of how to be a more disciplined trader, and I received great, detailed instruction from a fantastic teacher through the whole process.”

“Had great overall experience with the OTA Core Strategy Program. Obviously all the instructors are wizards in all aspects of the trading markets. Roger Best is a wealth of knowledge in teaching the foundation in Core Strategy. OTA takes care of its students. They make it convenient for students to have access to an enormous amount of information at all times through the XLT classes. Students can replay the information over and over online at all hours. The information received and knowledge obtained during the Core Strategy is inspiring and motivating so much that I am looking at advancing into Futures and Mastermind Community. Thus far, OTA has been everything they said during enrollment and more. ”

“I want to thank Online Trading Academy for helping me and my wife to become successful at trading. The moderators and the staff, especially Ashton Huebner, LA Group Student Support Specialist for Woodland Hills and Westwood, California, who has been the glue in coordinating and planning the classes.”

“The training at OTA is the best training I have ever seen for trading the stock market/Forex Market. The Westwood Center is in a really great location. Plenty of parking, staff was excellent and knowledgeable. Food was good too, but the training by Jody Wong was priceless. Bring him back.”


“Coming into OTA, I had virtually no knowledge of how to trade. After taking the Market Timing and ProTrader classes, I realize that I knew even less than I thought I did. The ProTrader class was especially informative. I really enjoyed learning about reading market trends, learning how to identify movements, and the zoning techniques. The zoning techniques, I believe, are one of the most powerful tools that I learned. I know that with the knowledge I've gained in these courses, I'll be a much more effective trader.”

“I really like Online Trading Academy. The programs and the support are excellent, as well as the instructors, the staff and the venues. It is probably the best trading school around to learn how to become a successful trader. I would recommend it to anyone who is seriously considering learning how to trade.”

“The core strategy workshop that the Online Trading Academy offers is well worth the investment. The information provided is priceless and the opportunity to share 7 days with an excellent instructor and a classroom of students with the desire to acquire trading knowledge is awesome. Online Trading Academy's staff is awesome.”

“Overall my experience with Online Trading Academy is very good. Staffs are very informative and responsive and there is absolutely no question about professionalism and qualification of instructors, which I believe is the most important part of this learning experience. I am glad that I made a decision to learn these trading courses and came to the right place.”

“This entire experience at OTA along with teachers and staff has been amazing. Their ability to assist with questions and concerns is helpful, especially to a new student learning about trading, which can be overwhelming. This week has been challenging learning the core strategy but with the guidance and help of Kelly and Erika it has made this learning experience amazing. Thanks.”

“This academy is truly amazing. Welcoming teachers; also amazing students, very very helpful.”

“State of the art building, location was very safe, very clean, access to the counselors, curriculum and teachers can't be beaten. Absolutely no complaints about the facility. The platform, while is being totally new to my husband and I, was very interesting and at times mind boggling. Our instructor did everything possibly to make sure that each of us learned what we needed to learn and repeatedly gave us each positive feedback on our progress. We must have learned something, our group made money on our live trading 2 days in a row.”

“WoW!!!!!! Amazing... In a day and age where SCAMS are abundant it's refreshing to find something real. From the very first free seminar, to the market timing class, to the core strategy class, you're being methodically educated and constantly provided evidence in real-time in live markets that you yourself are trading in, that not only does this system work but that it works for you.”

“Everyone is willing to help and assist you in every possible way. The staff is courteous and informative. I really enjoyed the class with Mr. Tre. Everything was taught systematically and was easy to follow.”

“Amazing location, service, teachers and content. Thank you so much for making it so easy to learn, and for all the support and friendliness.”

“There are several reasons why I jumped into OTA. From the office personnel, teachers and my own counselor, everyone is more than accommodating which is a great relief. All the tools are provided to make successful trades and investments. Now it's up to me to take this to the next level; and then I'll really give OTA a great endorsement.”

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