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“Very solid grounding on chart analysis, price action and sound strategies to make winning trades in all markets. This gives you the edge to trade, whether it be for short term income or more for building long term wealth. The program gives you great insight into supply and demand in traded markets, and how price moves. It teaches you how to maximize your rate of return, by utilizing chart analysis.”

“I got tired of watching YouTube videos and buying books that never got me anywhere. This is the place to get the knowledge to profit in the stock market.”

“We are very happy to be part of the OTA family. It truly is a world class organization.”

“We not only learned a lot but enjoyed every moment of the class. We never had a boring moment and constantly learned new things. I would recommend this class to anyone. Taking these classes has been one of the best decisions I ever made!”

“This is my first month at OTA, it's a lot of information to take in and understand. The teachers are very patient and take the time to explain and re-explain to help you understand. I'll be back for this class again in a few weeks!”

“The school, teachers, and method/strategy is phenomenal in every aspect. This is truly a God Blessed school with wonderful, positive, uplifting individuals and environment. This is a must go to school, I recommend to everyone to come take at the very least one course. This information is a necessity.”

“I believe OTA is the place to get a good and a reliable strategy to trade more efficiently in all of the markets. You feel like you are supported from the beginning to end. I also like the fact that my teachers were once sitting in the classroom where I was and have the perspective on what it is like to be a student learning new information. It is truly inspiring. ”

“This class and school challenged and encouraged us to persevere as new traders. This program also demonstrated how we can successfully implement instruction, tools and tips in our trades. This program provided resources that we need to help achieve our goals.”

“I enjoyed the program beyond my expectations. Each day I looked forward to the next session. Individual needs were attended to with patience, lots of examples, and a positive attitude. The instructor is great!”

“Thankful for the guys at OTA for having a very great program and welcoming all of its students, retakes as well as newcomers, in with open arms.”

“Very rewarding experience and excellent professors. Lots of practice with the software and zones to set up the trades.”

“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don't know, which makes me hungry for more. I love learning the concepts and applying them in real world situations... there are so many "gems" and little tips that can be gleaned from each lesson, am excited to make the dream of being a trader a reality!”

“So far, I've been told I would make a lot of money, but this class especially SHOWED me I could! Pretty dope all around. Never had to look for a parking space, and the food has always been up to par. Plus, who can complain about good free coffee? The staff is always smiling and helpful when I come into the building.”

“Most impressed with OTA's commitment to its students learning and development as professional traders.”

“If I can learn how to trade, anyone can learn this! You will be amazed how everything comes together and proud to have acquired a new skill! Don't let the tuition scare you away-it is worth every penny. Expose your young children to this education, so that they won't have an excuse for UNEMPLOYMENT- you won't regret it! ”

“Learning anything for the first time is always challenging. As an adult, when you have been out of the school setting for a long time, it is more so. What's worse is when you come into class with preconceived ideas about what is going to be taught. OTA provided the tools and resources, including a qualified, knowledgeable instructor, to lessen the challenge enough so that you don't get discouraged and want to give up. Not only is the instructor an asset, but all the folks at OTA answer your questions and offer comments when you are moving about the facility. Would I recommend to friends and family? Absolutely.”

“An excellent experience and friendly introduction into the world of trading. Caring, real world instructors share their knowledge, experience and patience in a very friendly (hands on) environment.”

“The Online Trading Academy program is an exceptional program. The training is top-notch and thorough. The materials are valuable tools and the online support team covers all the bases. The standouts for this program are the professionals and the passion exhibited by them. The counseling given is genuine and after evaluations an assessment for suitability is analyzed. It feels like a genuine community. I am truly excited to be a part of this phenomenal opportunity.”

“This program is very informative. I have had the best instructors, or as I would say, teachers... this experience has been life changing for me and my family. This opportunity has given the power to set up generational wealth. Thank you OTA.”

“My learning experience at OTA gave me a solid, basic understanding of the necessary concepts of trading at the professional level. I was provided with direct hands-on software, tools and resources that challenged me to deepen my awareness of how to be a more disciplined trader, and I received great, detailed instruction from a fantastic teacher through the whole process.”

“Had great overall experience with the OTA Core Strategy Program. Obviously all the instructors are wizards in all aspects of the trading markets. Roger Best is a wealth of knowledge in teaching the foundation in Core Strategy. OTA takes care of its students. They make it convenient for students to have access to an enormous amount of information at all times through the XLT classes. Students can replay the information over and over online at all hours. The information received and knowledge obtained during the Core Strategy is inspiring and motivating so much that I am looking at advancing into Futures and Mastermind Community. Thus far, OTA has been everything they said during enrollment and more. ”

“I want to thank Online Trading Academy for helping me and my wife to become successful at trading. The moderators and the staff, especially Ashton Huebner, LA Group Student Support Specialist for Woodland Hills and Westwood, California, who has been the glue in coordinating and planning the classes.”

“The training at OTA is the best training I have ever seen for trading the stock market/Forex Market. The Westwood Center is in a really great location. Plenty of parking, staff was excellent and knowledgeable. Food was good too, but the training by Jody Wong was priceless. Bring him back.”


“Coming into OTA, I had virtually no knowledge of how to trade. After taking the Market Timing and ProTrader classes, I realize that I knew even less than I thought I did. The ProTrader class was especially informative. I really enjoyed learning about reading market trends, learning how to identify movements, and the zoning techniques. The zoning techniques, I believe, are one of the most powerful tools that I learned. I know that with the knowledge I've gained in these courses, I'll be a much more effective trader.”

“I really like Online Trading Academy. The programs and the support are excellent, as well as the instructors, the staff and the venues. It is probably the best trading school around to learn how to become a successful trader. I would recommend it to anyone who is seriously considering learning how to trade.”

“The core strategy workshop that the Online Trading Academy offers is well worth the investment. The information provided is priceless and the opportunity to share 7 days with an excellent instructor and a classroom of students with the desire to acquire trading knowledge is awesome. Online Trading Academy's staff is awesome.”

“Overall my experience with Online Trading Academy is very good. Staffs are very informative and responsive and there is absolutely no question about professionalism and qualification of instructors, which I believe is the most important part of this learning experience. I am glad that I made a decision to learn these trading courses and came to the right place.”

“This entire experience at OTA along with teachers and staff has been amazing. Their ability to assist with questions and concerns is helpful, especially to a new student learning about trading, which can be overwhelming. This week has been challenging learning the core strategy but with the guidance and help of Kelly and Erika it has made this learning experience amazing. Thanks.”

“This academy is truly amazing. Welcoming teachers; also amazing students, very very helpful.”

“This class was amazing, maybe even better than the previous one. OTA, and specifically Mr. Ringgold, gave much attention to helping us to be prepared to start our trading career. He is very concerned to help us off to a good start and provided us with insights that went beyond the course material that I hope will be reflected in the next revision. I'm grateful for the level of value that OTA has provided to us, which I was fortunate to have been able, for once in my life, to afford. My hope is that, in the future there will be a way that people on the economic level that I have lived for most of my life will be able to have access to this quality of education and instructors. If there is anything that I can do to help that to happen, I will do my part to make it so.”

“OTA is the Real Deal! I've been to several investment training academys in the past, but none have wow'd me the way the instruction at OTA has. My first instructor was very knowledgeable, but as I continued to the next class it just got better, seems more informative because every time I take a class there is a new instructor so you get different view. I would definitely recommend this for anyone with little or more experience. Two Thumbs up!”

“This is like a Master's Degree in online trading. If you really want an education and are serious about learning online trading, this is the school to go to.”

“State of the art building, location was very safe, very clean, access to the counselors, curriculum and teachers can't be beaten. Absolutely no complaints about the facility. The platform, while is being totally new to my husband and I, was very interesting and at times mind boggling. Our instructor did everything possibly to make sure that each of us learned what we needed to learn and repeatedly gave us each positive feedback on our progress. We must have learned something, our group made money on our live trading 2 days in a row.”

“WoW!!!!!! Amazing... In a day and age where SCAMS are abundant it's refreshing to find something real. From the very first free seminar, to the market timing class, to the core strategy class, you're being methodically educated and constantly provided evidence in real-time in live markets that you yourself are trading in, that not only does this system work but that it works for you.”

“Everyone is willing to help and assist you in every possible way. The staff is courteous and informative. I really enjoyed the class with Mr. Tre. Everything was taught systematically and was easy to follow.”

“Amazing location, service, teachers and content. Thank you so much for making it so easy to learn, and for all the support and friendliness.”

“There are several reasons why I jumped into OTA. From the office personnel, teachers and my own counselor, everyone is more than accommodating which is a great relief. All the tools are provided to make successful trades and investments. Now it's up to me to take this to the next level; and then I'll really give OTA a great endorsement.”

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