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“I am a reserved person who was somewhat skeptical before i signed up to the Marketing Orientation asked Amar many questions and persisted in seeking confidence. Amar answered these without hesitation. I then attended the Marketing Orientation course and saw my education counselor on a daily basis, at first I thought they are only wanting to do this to convince me to sign up for the Core Strategy course. The level of investment is high by anyone's means, which made me even more reserved and as a consequence analysed many things. My education counselor answered every question no matter how intrusive and gave me the confidence to enrol. I was reassured and took the leap and signed up to do the Core Strategy. On attending the Core Strategy every expectation was exceeded on every level, thank you. The quality of training, the education counselor and the bak staff were all amazing. I just wish i had done this a few years prior. Thank you Bashir & OTA! ”

“It is Brilliant.”

“I have come back after some time to re-take a course that I undertook ten years ago. The academy allows you to attend and go through the course at any time you choose to. This is a huge advantage as you can continue to re-fresh your learning and stay current with all the developments. I found the academy to be very accommodating no matter what the query. The fact that all the tutors and past and present students are very keen to help each other, makes for a very friendly environment. Trading can be a lonely business. The support from academy makes you a member of the community. ”

“Learning and caring is first in OTA. I love it.”

“Online Trading Academy instructors do have the students at heart. They teach to get you to the next level.”


“I was a novice before the program, but I can say now that I am more comfortable with trading, as the level and depth of teaching was tremendously professional and very helpful.”

“The centre is extremely brilliant. Loads of parking spots, cheerful and an ever willing and friendly staff. I do recommend OTA to any aspiring trader.”

“I had a great experience with OTA during my Core Strategy course. This very helpful information allowed me to see the market with other eyes and more depth. Highly recommended to new traders and more experienced traders that are willing to approach the market on a different level! Thank you OTA!!!”

“Wicked! The instructor, James-- accompanied by Louise-- had so much patience with me as I'm dyslexic and really need to go over the finest of details in order to fully understand the program.”

“This is one of the best investments I have ever made. The lecture was phenomenal. I learnt so much in a matter of days. James and Louise did an incredible job. I’m looking forward to learning more with OTA.”

“From the moment I got into the academy building, the atmosphere was welcoming; the place was neat, the lecture room was spot on, and the food was second to none. The program showed me another side I had never imagined about trading, supply and demand.”

“The instructors are very knowledgeable about what they teach, and the method of instruction is down to earth, realistic and very effective. The patience of the instructors and willingness to impart knowledge is gratifying.”

“OTA provides their global community of students with a vast array of knowledge and tools to be successful in the markets, with the emphasis on risk management, discipline and a proven formula for success. The ongoing support and education options available have given me the confidence to pursue and navigate my way towards becoming a full-time trader. I'm so happy to be part of the OTA community!”

“An amazing experience throughout the educational journey; the knowledge, the delivery of content, the professionalism and friendliness of instructors is truly captivating. Easy to understand with such explanation and approach. Thank you kindly.”

“Best choice I ever made. Looking forward to achieving my goals and ambition with great confidence.”

“OTA is like your family away from home; they'll treat you well and look after you and give you knowledge from first-hand experiences that you cannot obtain anywhere else.”

“Thanks for the wonderful treatment, from taking excellent care of us all to providing a comfortable setting for the learning process, as well as giving us lovely lunches and an endless supply of drinks and peanuts and pretzels! Our UK OTA Centre is a top quality place for us to master the art of learning how to trade professionally! OTA UK is the best place to learn how to trade like a professional trader in the UK. Look nowhere else!”

“My overall assessment of OTA as an organisation is that they are always looking for ways of improving the knowledge and experience of their members; they invest heavily in content and platforms that help achieve these. Don't let the ''Online'' in their name fool you. It is as much a classroom academy as it is online!! I really enjoyed my week in the classroom as a core strategy trainee…looking forward to enrolling in the assets class.”

“An outstanding approach to trading, very well structured, great techniques and tools. Superior unlimited support and resources.”

“OTA helped me understand the financial system from a different perspective and gave me the tools to confidently see market opportunities and put me one step further towards financial freedom.”

“OTA is a fantastic organisation that makes trading easier to understand. The instructors are also very helpful and easy to approach. I have enjoyed my week at OTA!”

“It has been a great experience with OTA. Completely changed my mind about trading. Every lesson in the class was very thorough, online resources are very good and a lot to go through. Instructor Nikki was brilliant.”

“I enjoyed the program very much and the staff and the instructor were exceptionally helpful and resourceful, too. I would recommend the UK OTA center to everyone, they do go the extra mile for you.”

“I would recommend and challenge anyone wanting to change their financial circumstances to seriously consider joining OTA to meet likeiminded people to change your destiny.”

“Very informative instruction on the most important features of options trading, especially around Credit Call and Bull Call spreads.”

“OTA offers an informative, realistic but goal orientating educational program which will prepare you for trading in various asset classes.”

“I always enjoy the class and each time I attend the class I feel energized and cannot wait to come home and continue my study and practice. What I like is that OTA encourages students to retake classes which is so valuable. Trading is hard, especially for me as I had no idea about trading at first. So, to be able to retake is such an excellent idea and allows me to improve each time I attend. The XLTs and continued education from Hours with the Pro, etc are also a very useful tool for students to constantly educate ourselves. Knowing there is always someone in OTA that can help us students is also a big plus.”

“I never thought there would be this level of help and support, especially the knowledge of the instructor and passion for teaching others and true hands on approach. It is so great. I am truly humbled to be a part of the OTA family.”

“Both my partner and I enjoyed the Core Strategy programme very much. The instructor was extremely knowledgeable and patient. The course is laid out in a way that is easy to follow and becomes clearer and clearer the further into the week you get. Other highlights were of course the lunches and other sundries that are provided throughout the day to keep us motivated and full of energy. Lovely staff, super helpful and friendly, good parking. Looking forward to coming back in July for Futures asset class.”

“I had no idea about trading. So if you would like to learn all about trading from very basic, then OTA is the way to go. My overall experience of the core strategy course was really enjoyable and informative.”

“OTA trained me in a well organised but friendly and supportive environment. I experienced great staff, supportive educational counselor (coach), healthy well balanced lunch and refreshments. Good after-course care and support. I also met new friends from varying disciplines and backgrounds.”

“From the day of my orientation to completion of Core Strategy, my experience with OTA has been outstanding in every way. The quality of tuition is of the highest caliber and this is supplemented with extensive post course study information and resources, in addition to the ongoing support available. I am so happy to have discovered OTA and have no hesitation in recommending the tuition to anyone seriously interested in learning to trade. I think of OTA as the Oxbridge of trading education. ”

“If you would like to learn all about trading from a basic to an advanced level, OTA is definitely the way to go.”

“I took this Accelerator course about 6 weeks after taking my first Futures course, which was also with Don Dawson. I am very glad I did this - I was reminded of things I learnt in the first course but had not properly absorbed, learnt about familiar issues in more depth, and also learnt new information. ”

“Online Trading Academy as a course provider, serves me very well indeed. On attending a revision Forex course, my overall experience of the course was really enjoyable and informative. It was pitched at my level and experience and slightly above so I learned a lot. Lots to consider. The instructor was able to sit with me and go over my overall plan also.”

“Trading is a constantly changing and learning industry and this course really addressed and taught the changes as well as consolidating previously learned material. Online Trading Academy are amongst the market leaders in financial education providers. They keep abreast of changes and are never stale or static. The course was a breath of fresh air. ”

“I cannot recommend OTA highly enough! With their vast resources, knowledgeable tutors, and heaps of support, I feel confident that I can invest in my education, knowing that success is very realistically within my reach! ”

“Love it.”

“I cannot recommend OTA more highly, the teaching gives you the best way to achieve financial freedom from the effort you put in. It's not easy but they enable you to reach your goal realistically.”

“Online Trading Academy has the easiest way of trading. The core strategy is the best way for a novice to get into trading and lays a good foundation for being an expert in other assets like forex, futures, options and others. I will always come back for other courses and will like to be part of this trading family.”

“A great place to learn, staff is amazing, tutor is brilliant. Staff friendly and extremely helpful, I would recommend to everyone. Great location, excellent parking facility. We are coming for our next class.”

“After I watched Louise Carr's forex class online sessions on MY OTA website, I wished she would be the classroom instructor when I book for forex class. I was so glad to see her name as the instructor for the forex class I booked. The training met my expectation. I feel confident to start live forex trading although with a small account to build my confidence and gain experience. The amount of useful resources and support provided by OTA to students is second to none. Sometimes I ask myself 'why I have not discovered OTA earlier than 2018'.”

“The Core course over-delivered which is unusual these days. Both the instruction process and strategy itself are brilliantly thought through. The work is truly challenging and stretching, but students are skillfully guided and motivated, being given the tools to succeed with personal determination. ”


“I cannot recommend OTA enough! For someone with zero experience in trading and knowledge of the markets, the Core strategy course was an excellent first step in my trading journey. The OTA environment, the instructors and supporting staff, as well as the online support network are truly what sets it apart from its competition. They do not just offer a course and leave you, but they offer so many more tools you can utilise at home, at your own time and pace, to maximise your potential and future success. If you are thinking of trading do not hesitate, just sign up for the course today.”

“I have been trading for over 3 years. I have spent a lot on education through various providers. Luckily, I now have found the Online Trading Academy and at last some REAL trading education. The content and lecturers are first class...and all real traders themselves. I would highly recommend Online Trading Academy to anyone interested in becoming a professional trader.”

“Perfect!!!! The teaching, the people, the want to see you succeed, the professionalism with fun learning; too much to list, just perfect and a pleasure to be a part of the OTA.”

“If you are looking to learn more about trading, you will be better off to choose from this trading education program... Online Trading Academy is the right place for you to gain trading knowledge from having no experience at all, to being able to trade fully by studying the course and utilising the information taught in the program.”

“OTA is great family”

“Material and delivery approach of OTA courses is excellent. The trainers are all professional traders who provide practical advice and techniques which have been tried and tested. I now feel very confident in trading FX and understand what potential risks to mitigate and how to mitigate them. The successful trades come automatically once risks are mitigated or managed effectively.”

“For those who may have thought trading was outside of their reach, OTA opens the door to you. From the first class to Core you realise that the party is accessible to you and you can take charge of your financial future using the tools that the pros use.”

“Online Trading Academy not only helped me grasp the concept of trading but guided me slowly toward financial freedom. Experienced traders in class, on video and through e-books guided me at my own pace. The academy fulfilled its promise and more. Thank you.”

“The depth of pre, ongoing & post-course resources is a clear demonstration that OTA walks their talk. And that is before considering their one2one or one2many support options.”

“A great learning experience. The wonderful staff at OTA London are welcoming and very helpful. Our amazing instructor, Louise Carr, has a genuine passion for trading which makes her very thorough in her teaching. She genuinely cares about the success of her students.”

“An amazing programme which has a holistic approach that not only educates you, but builds up your character too.”

“For a novice trying to understand the world of online trading, core strategy is a great foundation with loads of support tools to guide the novice through the maze. Application of the learning on the other hand is in the student's hands, as it should be. This is where it is necessary for one to be clear beforehand that online trading is what one would like to pursue as a serious trader, and not as a casual fling. Great programme, great teacher, great support.”

“The Core Strategy Class was very informative with lots of light-bulb moments. It all seems overwhelming to begin with but once the practical work starts, all the theory gels well and you soon develop your rhythm. The OTA team and environment have been great and you leave confident that if you need support afterwards, it's certainly readily available.”

“If you are serious about trading the market then I would recommend coming to OTA. The amount of info that is handed over is well and truly worth it. Everyone here is friendly and wants to help you feel welcome. And coming from a background of being clueless with market trading, I feel I have learnt a lot, plus the lunch is really good.”

“I had trading courses before and traded with a different approach in the past. I sincerely wished that I had come across OTA 10 years ago when I started taking interest in trading - the approach backed up with ongoing education and support is exceptional, in my view. It's not just trading, trading, trading but a holistic financial education geared towards building wealth that universities will never teach you, even at PhD level. Excellent. Everyone in my family will definitely join the OTA family.”

“Well designed and thought out training program and excellent resources.”

“Thank you, OTA for giving me the opportunity to retake the CS course with my son Praveen. It's been a good week with an amazing bunch of like minded people around us. Louise was brilliant throughout the course, interacting with the students and sharing her trading experience with the class. Also, a Huge Thanks to my Education Coach, Laura Bacon and entire staff at OTA, St. Albans. Keep up with the good work you all are doing! Many Thanks & Kind Regards.”

“The support of the OTA staff as well as the wider community is breathtaking! Having just completed Core Strategy, I now feel confident that I have a solid foundation to build on. Lifelong learning is also a big part of the process and OTA offers ongoing support all the way!”

“OTA offers a great learning facility with very well experienced and knowledgeable tutors. No one should attempt to trade without an education of this quality with exceptional after school support.”

“As a student of OTA, I am so pleased I invested in OTA - always deliver the goods!”

“OTA is the ONLY authentic trading educator in the market. They are genuine, sincere and not there just to profit from the unsuspecting public as is the case with many out there.”

“I would say this is the best Futures Trading Assert Class available in the UK, and the tutors are of highest quality with excellent knowledge and information. I am happy with my learning process. Jeff Mason gave us useful extra information and advice on his life experiences which will be very valuable for my personal trading journey. Many thanks, Jeff, for flying over from the U.S. to assist us with the knowledge.”

“This mini class for TradeStation was excellent. Ben Price taught us, almost instantly, the essentials to get us going and broke down any concerns or fears about the software. Perfect. The amount of parking is unbelievable especially if you are used to the lack of space in London. The centre has clean toilets, a kitchen with everything needed and a calm breakout area. Classrooms are comfortable and well equipped. Staff is very friendly and helpful.”

“An extremely valuable programme for anybody who is seriously looking to make money from trading. Thinking differently has always separated the winners from those who follow the herd, and this approach does exactly that. There is so much misinformation out there and so many options to choose from - it makes educating yourself to a good chance of long term success extremely difficult. I set myself the task of finding the best programme available, and with OTA I found it. Great Job!”

“After the time spent in Core Strategy and knowledge received by Louise, our instructor, I feel pretty optimistic! Grasping the Core Strategy theory/knowledge, I feel pretty confident moving forward making successful trades. The practical application of the theory, setting trades in live time during market opening hours, has given me further insight/confidence. The post workshops/labs available and online support make me feel confident that I will be an efficient, successful trader.”

“The OTA course is a great education to trade the market. Highly recommend it! Irfan is a great Instructor! Thanks.”

“This program has given me some very practical additions to my trade plan which I intend to incorporate. This year has started well and with these additions, I'm looking forward to greater success.”


“I came back to the OTA after a break of eight years as I got an e-mail out of the blue from them. I was interested in learning to trade as I had not followed up after the course I did all those years ago, and remembered that my membership with OTA was valid for "life"! It was serendipity and I joined a class at no cost which was great to relearn.”

“Further indebted to OTA for their outstanding and ongoing support. The quality of instructors and the continued development of their educational products is world-beating.”

“I think all of the instructors at OTA have been amazing. I have slowly started understanding more; that's the best draw for me which I was apprehensive about when I signed up. I thought this might be a get rich scheme which is completely the opposite to what is the case. Trading properly is an art, it takes years to master and perfect and at OTA you have the freedom to stay in touch, come back for more retakes and continuously learn which is what sets it apart from other trading courses, because everyone learns at their own pace.”

“If someone wants to have a genuine change to their life, to have full financial and personal control of their life and is prepared to work hard at it, then they will be supported far beyond what they pay for and come out a better person in all respects.”

“OTA is a great institution for people of all trading backgrounds. The staff is very friendly and Louise is awesome! They give great resources to ensure your lifelong trading journey is as efficient and smooth as possible. Would recommend to all my friends and family.”

“As always, a very well presented and taught class. Ben is a genius for making difficult lessons seem much easier! Thank you so much, Ben!”

“I truly valued my experience of Core Strategy Online and have a breadth of knowledge that I don't believe I could have received anywhere else. It was well worth the cost as the support levels and mentoring are beyond what I've experienced in any other learning environment.”

“To anyone considering trading seriously and professionally it is essential that you become educated: and you will find no better education than that provided by Online Trading Academy. I cannot recommend the courses run by the academy highly enough. Tony Williams - student”

“ Online Trading Academy is a professional organisation, with highly educated staff. Their support is great and ongoing. The atmosphere in the center is very friendly and welcoming.”

“I embarked on this journey as a 'Senior' with a certain amount of trepidation. I may, as a consequence, be a bit slower - reactivation of deteriorating brain cells etc. takes a slightly longer time - but I have been immensely inspired and imbibed with the confidence to keep going and not give up. I can truly say Louise with her utmost patience and encouragement, Laura, Jordan and Ben, have given me the fortitude to keep at it and with perseverance I will get there. Also, what impressed me quite a lot was that there is so much background support that I have never previously experienced with any other financial training organisation. The 'detail' is immense. Well done, OTA.”

“OTA is by far the most thorough trading education provider I have come across. They are as committed to education and support as they are to trading.”

“I very much enjoyed the programme. The pace, the environment and the staff are very welcoming. The life time commitment OTA has to educating the students is well appreciated.”

“OTA has some really good people involved in their education program. You will only meet them if you sign up and see how well supported you are. They will be with you way beyond when you first part with your cash. ”

“I think as a past student doing a re-take, there has been considerable improvements in terms of the delivery of the course. It was clearly seen that the course was given quite a great deal of thought and the success of OTA's students was given high priority. As always, Louise gives 100% in her presentation of the course and she is a great asset to the business because she genuinely cares!”

“The course is organised and delivered in a structured format and leaves the student with total confidence in the instructors, and by extension themselves.”

“Most of us have heard of the Proverb - give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Having now completed two OTA courses, I genuinely believe OTA is teaching me the skills to allow me to make lifestyle choices forever in my future rather than circumstances dictating them. There's still a distance to go before I've reached that level of competency, but I'm confident I'm well on the way, even more having experienced the depth of the follow-up and online support from the OTA Community.”

“The lectures that I received in core strategies have opened my eyes in the field of trading. I am right at the beginning of a new journey, but I feel empowered by the knowledge I have obtained. My lecturer, Steve, was so helpful in bringing in my mind the vision of being a successful trader. The staff was very helpful and highly professional.”

“The centre is in an excellent location with ample parking space and a well proportioned and comfortable learning space. We enjoy a great relationship with all personnel as they are very friendly and highly interested in our success.”

“I think one of the things that makes OTA unique is its attention to detail over every facet of what it takes to be an exceptional trader and the Trading Plan course is another shining example of that. It delves into practical considerations for developing and tailoring your trading plan to suit your personal goals and lifestyle. An excellent course that can't be recommended enough!”

“Having arrived cold into trading, after 7 days in the classroom I now feel empowered to move forward and I look forward to the journey ahead. I know that if I hit difficulties, there is a team at OTA who are there to support me. I feel like I've joined a new community of like-minded people, all interested to take responsibility for their financial destiny. I couldn't have asked for more comfortable, relaxed surroundings than at OTA headquarters. The team of educators and administrators are very friendly and just want you to succeed.”

“Valuable information provided by 1st class staff along with great customer service. ”

“If you are serious about trading and want to learn real fundamentals and a methodology with real credibility and a demonstrable track record of success... then this is for you.”

“Truly has opened my eyes to the right way to trade through a core strategy, and because of OTA I have now started to trade full time as my new career choice and feel confident.”

“Everyone at the centre was lovely. You do feel at home. The areas were always clean, there were always more than enough snacks, fruits, coffee etc. for us to indulge ourselves. The choices of lunches were also delicious and filling. EVERYTHING WAS FABULOUS!!!”

“OTA has a policy that they want you to succeed.”

“The program is unique and all about increasing one's knowledge and technical know-how about how not to gamble but to trade professionally and make a living out of it.”

“This foundation course run by OTA is excellent and gives the student all that is necessary to start actively trading. The instructors are all excellent at their job and the particular instructor I have just completed the course with, Stephen Hanahoe, is the best I've had to date. Steve Sargent.”

“The course contents, the instructor's approach and the delivery was exceptional. The online materials and support will definitely keep me close to further learning. I feel it was well worth the while and money well spent. Thank you, OTA and Sunil Mangwani. Also not to forget the educational coaches and other staff at the centre, thank you for your support.”

“Always a pleasure to visit; friendly, helpful staff.”

“There was always somewhere to park. We were very well fed and watered throughout the day. The staff were always on hand if needed. I retook the class after 3 and a half years and not only reminded myself of what I had learnt before but I also learnt more useful things.”


“When I enrolled with OTA, I was anxious because I did not know anything about Trading but I wanted a course where I could study at my own pace, and when I retire I can trade wherever I intend to live. I like it because there are so many learning tools available, and best of all - learning at my own pace. I also like the idea that I am able to keep in touch with someone at the centre who can direct me when I need it. When I enrolled the course, I felt that the staff in St. Albans were very nice, friendly and helpful. Ben, who is the student support - is so willing to help even when I have issues with learning how to use the computer. When I started the class with the instructors, they were very encouraging and their enthusiasms with their work helps to inspire me. The class was well structured. I like the idea that I can retake the class because I felt I am not up to the standard. Louise and Irfan were great instructors and they taught well, reminding us the importance of the XLT, continuing to educate oneself and more.”

“I was made to feel at ease right away, with no pressure at all. An excellent learning experience. The center was very clean and tidy. There is ample parking and the staff is very friendly. The course was excellent. Professionally delivered, enjoyable and presented in a fun way. A terrific learning atmosphere.”

“Learning at OTA is simple and straightforward. Their approach is easy to understand and has made my trading journey a great experience. I would highly recommend OTA to anyone who wants to get into trading as it makes it accessible and fun.”

“I honestly can’t believe it. I never thought it would be this level of help and support, especially the knowledge of the instructor and passion for teaching others and true hands on approach. It is so great. I am truly humble to be a part of OTA family.”

“OTA is worth the money as it delivers. If you are a novice to the market and you want to trade, you need an education. OTA would show you the traps, how to trade and how not to get slaughtered by the pros. A lot of people claim it is a scam, but the pros and brokers will as they rely on novices to make big money.”

“What is interesting to me is hearing from different students that after trying (many) other trading courses, they prefer OTA's strategy the most. This is when you realise that you are getting the best of the best. And after a year being an OTA student myself, I can see why they were saying that. Don't waste your time trying to invent the wheel when it comes to trading, when OTA has done it for you already!”

“I have been looking for someone / organization to learn Trading from for almost a decade. During this period I attended several expensive courses and bought books. OTA is in a different league. It has revealed to me the secrets of trading and I strongly believe I am on the right path to achieving my dream.”

“The staff are all exceptional, helpful; and the additional perk of free food is particularly pleasant when one does repeats and additional courses like the Trading Plan course. This company obviously understands what providing a good service means and getting repeat customers walking through the door.”

“I had a very enjoyable week! All the staff was fantastic. It has been an inspirational experience and I feel very fortunate to be a student of OTA.”

“Trading is a skill that can be developed for life, and help us achieve the goal of earning our own independent income. OTA teaches you how to achieve this through building your trading skills from the foundation up, so you may become the successful trader you were meant to be.”

“I have friends that have trained and been trading since 2006. We talk trade and I have read their training materials; it is nowhere near what I have seen and heard on OTA training. Beautifully crafted.”

“It's a friendly center with all very lovely staff here, very helpful as well. Parking is not difficult, place is tidy. Overall it's a good environment to learn. I think it's a truly great program; will recommend to anyone who would like to open a door to trading.”

“I truly enjoyed my classes with OTA. I came here knowing absolutely nothing about trading, and in a considerably short time I was able to understand the fundamentals of trading and core strategy, which was very clearly defined. The experience was amazing. The teaching was fantastic and I can now go away confident about making trading a career.”

“I was trading in Binary options and losing money like water being poured in a funnel. I thought everyone can trade and make money without formal training. Now I know the truth. OTA training is exceptional because the knowledge and skills practice I have acquired do not end here. I will continually be mentored and refined in trading as time passes. Louise Carr is indeed an exceptionally born instructor.”

“I feel like the blinders have been removed and I now understand what it takes to be successful in the markets. I am confident that together with OTA I will be able to achieve. Stephen Hanahoe put his heart and soul into making this work for us. His practical style is very effective and enables the student to appreciate very quickly what is involved in becoming a successful trader. I now know where I need to get to and all that's left is for me to put in the work to get there; and I know I will arrive thanks to Stephen.”

“I learnt so much during the Forex course and now feel eager to start practicing using the tools and honing the skills that I have been taught. Louise was a great instructor and the whole team at OTA is helpful, knowledgeable and supportive. I feel excited and optimistic about the journey I have embarked upon and would recommend anyone interested in this area to take one of the OTA courses.”

“Being a student of OTA is one of the greatest things to happen to me. The education is first class, the facilities available to me are extensive and comprehensive, and the online learning resources are constantly evolving to suit modern educational needs. All of these provide the platform for me to achieve my ambition of becoming a successful trader. This is a very special community, from the master traders all the way down to beginners. Having been fortunate enough to visit centers both in the UK and Irvine, you can feel the warmth and positivity throughout the whole OTA network.”

“If you truly want to become a trader and want to do it in the right way, and I mean cutting through all the free information out there that is generally geared towards taking your money and making you unsuccessful, then Online Trading Academy is the best way forward.....possibly the only real way forward for an aspiring retail trader/investor.”

“I enjoyed the intensive program delivered masterfully by Louise Carr as well as the company of the other students and the friendliness, support and patience of all the staff at OTA. Everybody at OTA is perfectly aware that we are engaging on a new journey that can potentially change a great deal of our lives and, as a consequence, everybody tries hard to makes us welcome, especially coaches, Louise Carr and Ben Price. Without their help, to reach our goals would be impossible. Now it is very much up to us with OTA support. Excellent parking facilities and let's not forget that the lunch was included making some of the worldly arrangements a lot easier. The majority of us were not local at Saint Albans and some days I had to drive a total 180 mins. from London and back so not having to organise food was an added bonus.”

“I thought I would find this tricky, but it went well and without any misunderstandings. As a basic intro, it gave me confidence to practice and take the platform further on my own at home.”

“The course is very well structured and the material is of a very high standard. I feel as though I can trade confidently in the markets now using OTA's core strategy, and I look forward to interacting with the OTA community for many more years to come.”

“this is the best trading school that I have come across in my reassure that teaches you not for gain but for the benefit of your education ”

“Very friendly and helpful staff. The centre is all ways clean. There is always parking available and there is good food and plenty of tea / coffee available.”

“I endorse the OTA approach to trading because of the methodical and logical approach. The instructors are very knowledgeable and provide both the curriculum and the practical application, as well as support both in and out of the classroom. Nothing is too much trouble; and if something needs to be explained over and over it is done so in a variety of ways to appeal to all learners.”

“I wish I'd found OTA before starting any trading. The core strategy really nails the underlying controls on price movements; my understanding of trading opportunities has increased by leaps and bounds. The rest is down to me - discipline and practice :-). ”

“Although skeptical at first, as anyone would be when you are told you can make money out of the stock market, my attitude to the whole course has totally changed. I'm finding the whole experience a complete joy. The instructors and staff are very helpful and steer you in the right direction, the online lessons are thorough, and the interactive lessons with the instructors on a regular basis I have found really useful. I'm definitely going to continue to complete the other asset classes in the future.”


“The Online Trading Academy has an excellent course to make us successful traders. I t allows us to learn at our own speed and time.”

“As an employee at a leading London hedge fund, I can directly equate the values shown at OTA to the values that the pros actually use. I now feel like I can challenge the Market with the knowledge, mindset and discipline of a pro.”

“The beauty of OTA for me was that if I did not understand something in class, I was able to go home and using XLT fill in the gaps. OTA's support is second to none”

“The Online Trading Academy has impressed me from the very first beginning when I came for a free class. OTA has a concept on which you truly can build and evolve into a Professional Trader. Developing into a good trader is a process. OTA has recognized this and developed a great lifetime program based on the OTA's Core Strategy. I am glad I have started the Journey in a very qualified organization.”

“After many years of struggling with Forex, I feel that this week long course has put me on a totally different level - it really has advanced me as a trader exponentially. I have come a very long way from first watching Online Trading Academy's advertisement on Bloomberg TV to where I am today! I am SO glad I took action and invested in myself and my future. Thank You SO MUCH, OTA!”

“The Centre was extremely well managed and did almost everything possible to provide a good learning environment.”

“OTA center is an A plus organization. The friendliness of the staff and the structure of the classes have met my expectation as a university level facility. Instructors were very knowledgeable on the topic they were teaching. I have learned so much about the market after attending the course. Everything I have hoped to learn from chart reading has met my expectation.”

“Online Trading Academy, in their methodology, have given me an invaluable way to look at the market. The market is no more threatening. I am not fearful. I can see more clearly where the market is. This gives one more of an opportunity, as I have higher probability, higher profitability and lower risk.”

“The OTA education programme has definitely exceeded my expectations. In my opinion, it would be very difficult to find instructors of such quality and experience elsewhere. The fact that they are all active traders gives them tremendous credibility. If you are serious about becoming a professional trader, I would strongly recommend partnering with Online Trading Academy.”

“I have really liked the programe, it's one of the best any one can invest in.”

“I am amazed at the level of ongoing support that I receive from the OTA organisation. It is the only educational trading organisation that I have come across that truly helps students to take the practical but necessary steps to engage in long term successful trading using multiple asset classes.”

“The program was just fantastic. I enjoyed so much and I will recommend it to my friends. I want to thank all the people from here...You are great.”

“OTA has a great core strategy and teaches a professional risk model which is paramount to successful trading.”

“I found the education provided by OTA not only opened my eyes to the realities of trading - but has given me a road-map of how to start trading in a structured manner with confidence. The fact that I am part of the OTA community is a major on-going benefit - as it will help me stay on the right path to be successful for the long term.”

“The course was intense but environment, facilities, strategies, course materials and the breakdown and, most importantly, the skill and the ability of the instructor was brilliant. The whole course was great.”

“One of the best professional courses I've experienced. Totally relevant to my needs and taught with the perfect balance of theory and hands-on practice. Every detail was first class from the teaching, the facilities, the administration, right down to even the food and car parking!”

“I was challenged, informed and enthused. The instructor was patient and down to earth and maintained my interest throughout. I am truly looking forward to going up the learning curve in order to become a professional trader.”


“OTA's supply and demand strategy really puts the trader in a position to fully understand the underlying functions and dynamics of the market, clarifying the reasons why we see what we see on a price chart. I believe the explanation of how price moves from supply to demand is very important and the way it affects price as a result is eye opening. The cause of sharp price movements to and from certain levels on a chart is no longer a haze of confusion but something I can practically apply to my short term day trading with the mind of always keeping the larger time frames and their levels in mind. I now look at a chart with a deeper understanding and greater confidence and am certainly looking forward to getting back to trading and applying everything I've learnt to excel at this journey in becoming a consistently profitable mega trader!”

“Really nice atmosphere here. Very generous, positive and encouraging people. I am a complete newbie to this form of business. I work in the arts, we think very differently, but I was looking for another way to make an income and make my money grow without being ripped off by banks. I have NEVER done anything like this before. I was a bit unsure signing up. I knew I wanted to do it, but I thought it was a bit pricy. Plus, when they told me where the London office was situated I thought, 'London? That's not London!' And I had images of Ryan Air strategies and tactics! I am very pleased to say I don't that way feel now. I feel confident in the training and future with OTA. I'm still a complete beginner and I have a long way to go, but I have begun to develop a new muscle in my brain and maybe found another lifelong family of fun, positive, productive people.”

“Honest genuine information from a successful trader. The closest I could get to being mentored.”

“Georgie has a great team here in London who are all exceptionally helpful.”

“Always a thorough, professional and enjoyable experience, giving you fresh insights into the trading environment. ”

“It is worth the money paid.”

“Absolute perfection! Fantastic education and very friendly instructors - 100% satisfied and I am looking forward to studying all other courses soon.”

“A brilliant immersion into the world of trading. I came feeling clueless and left feeling excited and inspired. Louise was great.”

“Online Trading Academy has taught me how to trade successfully.”

“Friendly staff, good food. Irfan has great knowledge and understands his teaching topic well, which reflects in his confidence when he teaches the class.”

“Online Trading Academy provides relevant, up to date and market specific education for financial training. Excellent!”

“For the first time in my life I have the certainty that I am on the right path to be independently wealthy.”

“I learned so much in one week. The staff were all excellent and very helpful. Would definitely recommend.”

“Since I have started with Online Trading Academy, I can only say that my trading knowledge has gone through the roof. I would say I feel confident trading Forex profitably, and now after my second Futures class and many XLT's, I am now close to trading a live account. This is my dream to be a trader and I feel that I am very close to achieving this goal. I'm so lucky Online Trading Academy is close to where I live and I made the decision to get trained professionally by this company. I don't think trading is easy, but Online Trading Academy shows me how to use leverage, timing, location and position to trade high probability trades. Thanks.”

“Online Trading Academy has shown me how to trade from classes on Forex, options and futures. I was pretty stubborn with bad habits in my old trading style that has not been profitable for years, and now I am starting to see winning trades again and only small losses. I can now use leverage correctly and still sleep knowing I am using proper trade management techniques. Online Trading Academy training develops your skill set for trading, but allows you to evolve as the trader you want become (SET, day trader, position). So there is flexibility to trade how you want, when and where you want as well.”

“Online Trading Academy, and specifically Sam Evans, is indeed a blessing to our generation. As a product of this academy, I stand also to be a blessing to my generations.”

“I taught myself, more or less, to trade spot Forex... Thankfully, I found Online Trading Academy. During and after my course with Sam it all made sense, what I was doing incorrectly. I am now armed and conscious! Needless to say, I still have a few stairs to climb by putting it all into practice and embracing a paradigm shift. The indelible Sam Evan - He has definitely left foot prints on my heart. Thank you, Sam and to all the Online Trading Academy team. Love you guys.”

“I have taken other courses from other institutions, but this takes the cake. The instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced traders. More important, they want you to be a success in trading. I have found this a very rare quality. ”

“All staff are very friendly and polite. Excellent team at Online Trading Academy.”

“The atmosphere was great. A lot of good people, all like minded. Very friendly staff and mentors keen to make sure we are all well looked after.”

“The course was generally well conducted and everyone was quite friendly and supportive.”

“Online Trading Academy is what Ferrari is to the car industry, you get to your destination fast and in class.”

“Without any real experience in trading, I have learned enough to feel like I know what I'm looking for and, with the support of Online Trading Academy, will begin to trade live with confidence.”

“Everything was really good at the Center. The staff were really friendly and helpful if I needed anything.”


“A highly enjoyable and hugely educational experience. Anyone who is considering trading the capital markets must do these courses - to attempt to try without this level of education and experience is commercial suicide.”

“My name is Peter Gould, after looking at the Forex market for six years, I finally made the decision to start TRADING. I responded to an advert on LBC Radio, and I am so glad I did. It began with a half day seminar, then a three day course, now I have just completed a seven day Professional Trader Course. If you want to be successful Trading, forget all the phony courses or even buying countless books, just give the guys at the Trading Academy a ring.”

“The clear instruction and the after course support offered by Online Trading Academy is just what I need for me to achieve my trading aims.”

“Online Trading Academy staff and instructors have a genuine passion for trading, which makes the quality of teaching first class.”

“Forex is a skill to be learned and those who do not organise professional education are putting their money and time at serious risk. Online Trading Academy is, without doubt, the best organised to provide this education.”

“I am pleased that I decided to take this class, as it met and exceeded my expectations. The simplicity in the format was what I needed. I like the gradual layers that were added daily to create the Bigger Picture. I feel truly confident that I can apply the wealth of Knowledge that Sam has empowered me with to meet my goals and gradual success. Would highly recommend Online Trading Academy to my friends and family who wish to engage the financial markets for independence. Freedom....... here I come!!!!”

“Online Trading Academy really goes out of their way to educate you and fill you with the confidence to put your newly acquired knowledge into practice.”

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