Lessons from the Pros

Mar 2, 2020 Issue

Featured Article Investor man having stress losing money on stock market fall

One Enemy Number One for Traders is Emotion

It’s 6:00 am on the west coast and the US stock market is set to open lower. The headlines are that Apple shares are trading sharply lower in the pre-market as a direct result of the company lowering their earnings guidance due to the impact of the Coronavirus. Since Apple (AAPL) is the biggest stock… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Getting All Caught Up in Trading

Your state of mind, which is the condition or position of thoughts and emotions, governs your results. For instance, the state of fear can unleash a torrential cascade of fight/flight neurochemicals. These neurochemicals hijack your ability to think clearly and make you the recipient of scathing hyper-critical comments in the form of inner voices that… Read More »

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