Lessons from the Pros

Jan 6, 2020 Issue


Some New Year’s Resolutions

Hello traders and Happy New Year! For my first newsletter of the New Year, I’d like to make some resolution suggestions that could help improve trading results. Let’s go! Before we begin, I’d just like to mention that I know most New Year’s resolutions end up failing in under a month. This is a bit sad, so at the end of this article I’ll offer a couple of motivating suggestions to help keep these resolutions going!…
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Options – Beware of Greeks Bearing Gifts

The saying Beware of Greeks bearing gifts of course comes from the story of the conquest of Troy by Greek soldiers hidden inside the Trojan horse. In Options parlance, the Greeks are measurements of the effects of the three main forces that affect option prices: price movement of underlying assets, time decay and changing expectations… Read More »