Lessons from the Pros

Aug 5, 2019 Issue


Earnings Reports and Their Influence on Index Stock Futures

Two weeks after the beginning of each quarter (January, March, June, September) starts a period where public companies (those traded on a major exchanges) must release earnings reports to the public at large. During this period, an army of Wall Street analysts spend most of their time trying to figure out what earnings the companies… Read More »

Specialty Skills

High Tech Mind Strategies Could Lift Your Trading Game

I’m sure that most of you have at least a cursory understanding of mindfulness meditation if not an actual practice in the ancient art. That’s because mindfulness meditation is enjoying, along with other forms of meditation, somewhat of a resurgence. Many scholars, academics, trainers, teachers and traders just like you swear by mindfulness as one… Read More »

Education Resource

Top Ways to Find Cheap College Text Books

College can be expensive, really expensive, so it’s always good to look for ways in which you can save. Textbooks are a necessary expense, but a typical textbook may cost $75 to $325 new. Since almost every class you’ll be in will probably require a textbook, finding ways to get textbooks cheaply can be a great way… Read More »