Lessons from the Pros

Aug 19, 2019 Issue


Dead-On Diversification

Many investors are told that the best strategy is to buy and hold and, unfortunately, this is not the only bad advice that is being provided by financial advisors. The additional advice often given is to diversify your portfolio. In order to accomplish this, advisors will use your capital to purchase stocks of companies working in various… Read More »


Option Profit Calculations – Cash Secured Puts

Today we’ll look at a strategy used by many conservative investors – the cash-secured short put. In the chart below you can see that following a sudden drop, IWM was near a price level from which it had previously rallied strongly. We thought IWM would be a good buy at around $145 to $146.
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Education Resource

Customizing Your Estate Plan Using Trusts

Think of creating your estate plan like ordering your pizza. Your pizza will automatically come with the basics: crust, sauce and cheese. But, if you really want to make the best of your dining experience, you need to customize the pie. Like your pizza, a simple Will contains the basic mandates that ensure that the… Read More »