Lessons from the Instructors

Jul 8, 2019 Issue

Stocks Screenshot of Finviz stock screener

Creating a Personalized Stock Watch Lists

A common question posed by many new and experienced traders and investors is, ‘What stocks should I trade?’ There is never a quick and easy answer because the answer will be dependent on what your goals and risk tolerance are. Traders should start to answer this question by creating a watch list… Read More »

Education Resource

What Is, and Investing in, an Inverted Yield Curve

Interest rates are constantly changing, and those changes are not linear. Factors that impact short term interest rates are often different than those that affect long term rates and therefore usually move independent of each other. In the US, the most common interest rates used as a benchmark for the marketplace are the rates available… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Hacking the Flow State for Better Trading Results

Back at the turn of the century it was called a mystical experience by Wm. James, a ground-breaking psychologist who ushered in critical ideas before their time. Later, through the work of Abraham Maslow in the 1960s, it was called a peak experience. Fast forward to the 70s and it was known as the zone… Read More »