Lessons from the Instructors

Jul 29, 2019 Issue

Stocks Stock chart showing a period of time where buy and hold did not work for investors.

Is Buy and Hold Dead?

Investment advisors have long promoted a strategy of buying securities and holding them indefinitely. This strategy, called Buy and Hold, is a passive strategy that ignores market trends and attempts to increase the value of the portfolio over a long period of time. But does this strategy really work or are there better opportunities for… Read More »

Proactive Investor

Choosing Between Growth Investments and Income Investments

While safety, managing investment risk to protect a portfolio from loss, is probably the most important aspect of asset management, growth of capital and cash flow also play an important role. Different types of assets have different levels of average returns, and, in general, high returns equate to high risk. So, investors must take into… Read More »

Real Estate

The Need for Real Estate Liability and Title Insurance

In this article, I will cover insurance facts and benefits of including liability insurance as a part of your total real estate investment plan. Learning how to protect yourself and your property is imperative. The type of insurance coverage you purchase will vary according to your needs. Here is a look at categories… Read More »