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Jun 10, 2019 Issue

Forex Stock chart showing a supply and demand zone on a forex trade

The Three Parts to Every Trade

Here, I’ll cover the three parts to every trade, and which one you actually have control of… OK, so at Online Trading Academy, we look for the supply and demand zones formed by institutions to enter and exit our trades. The main reason for this is to be able ride the waves on the charts… Read More »

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The Benefits of Evidence Based Trading

How many times have you been convinced that something was going to happen, like a particular outcome in a trade, and then it didn’t happen? In other words, you had invested deeply in an outcome and that outcome never materialized…go figure. It is likely that as you evaluated the mechanical vs. the internal data or… Read More »

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How to Pay off Your Debt

One of my favorite phrases when I was growing up was, as American as apple pie! It’s one of those phrases that sticks with you whether you’re a proud American or you simply love apple pie! However, as I’ve gotten older and learned the way the financial world works I’ve created my own version… Read More »