Lessons from the Pros

Feb 25, 2019 Issue

Featured Article Stock chart from an Online Trading Academy Forex XLT class

Making Money in Forex When You Are Wrong

A struggle many traders tend to have, and one that makes it hard to be a good trader, is overthinking. Whenever I teach a class with Online Trading Academy, right off the bat I ask my students is one simple question: Have you ever been emotional about… Read More »

Real Estate

Is There a Slow Down in the Real Estate Market?

I’ve been through three big boom and bust cycles in my Real Estate Investing career (yes, I’m showing my age). The fact is, cycles are part of any market or economy and will always be.  However, down turns like the Great Recession are fewer and farther between. So, when talk starts circulating about a slowdown in the… Read More »

Real Estate

10 Tips for the First Time Home Buyer

When you have a career in real estate, and have done extensive investing in real estate for much of your children’s lives as my husband and I have, you might expect that your children are pretty real estate savvy; at least I did. I felt that by osmosis my children should know all there is to know about… Read More »