Lessons from the Pros

Feb 11, 2019 Issue


Why is the Stock Market Down?

Investors suffered through a frantic and volatile 2018 in the markets and the big question on many minds is, ‘Why is the stock market down and will it continue the spiraling downward trend or make a come back?’ What you need to know is that the financial markets are a forward-looking mechanism. Professional investors and… Read More »

Proactive Investor

In-the-Money Options as a Way to Buy or Sell Stocks

We have written several articles about how options can be used as a strategic investing tool. We have mainly focused two simple option strategies: Covered calls as a way of increasing cash flow on a stock or ETF position Cash-secured puts as a way of acquiring a desired stock at a discounted price. Each of those… Read More »

Education Resource

Understand Your Investment Fees Like a Professional

Do you truly understand your investment return? The average investor might be touting high investment returns at their kid’s next soccer game but when you subtract the fees and investment costs the returns will be quite different. It is important that you know how to professionally evaluate the hidden fees in… Read More »

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