Lessons from the Pros

Dec 9, 2019 Issue


What Does the VIX Mean to Option Traders?

The Chicago Board Options Exchange’s Volatility Index (known as the VIX) is an indicator that tells option traders whether options are currently cheap or expensive, relative to their normal values. This is an indication of whether it is a better time to be a buyer of options or a seller. The VIX is calculated in… Read More »


How to Trade Range-Bound Markets

Over the last month, the many Futures markets have been seesawing back and forth in a symmetrical manner. For traders who practice the method of trend following, this type of environment can be challenging. Partly because price movement fails to follow through in any persistent fashion, trends have tended to be short lived causing these… Read More »

Education Resource

What You Should Know About Inheritance Tax

We hear quite a bit about death and taxes and how they are largely unavoidable. Income taxes might be unavoidable, but some forms of tax, like the federal estate tax, can be avoided to a certain degree through the use of certain estate planning vehicles. One tax that does not get talked about very much is the inheritance tax… Read More »