Lessons from the Pros

Oct 7, 2019 Issue

Featured Article Man deciding if the market will be bullish or bearish

Does a Strong Bias Hinder Trading Performance?

How often do you start the trading session with a strong conviction of where the market is headed? Then, as the day progresses, the price action of the market clearly contradicts your bias, yet you stubbornly cling to the notion that the market has to do this or should do that, resulting in negative trading… Read More »

Real Estate

Retail Space and the Changing Landscape

Retail space is defined as a property used for marketing and selling goods and services directly to the consumer. As we are all aware, products are more likely delivered to your front door these days as opposed to consumers heading to a retail store or mall to purchase them. This is a significant reason for the… Read More »


How to Manage Trading Risks

Many people overlook the importance of managing risk in their positions and trades. As a trader or investor, this is the only thing that we can control. We cannot control the directions of the markets. We also cannot control whether we will win or lose in any position we take. The only thing within our… Read More »