Lessons from the Pros

Jan 28, 2019 Issue

Featured Article

Trading the Agricultural Markets

Of all the futures markets that we trade, by far the ones that have been around the longest are the agricultural markets; specifically, the grains markets. In fact, the reason we have a futures market today is because a bunch of farmers and commercial entities got together to form the Chicago Board of Trade back… Read More »

Real Estate

Investing in Real Estate as a Sober Living Facility

I recently had a discussion with my husband regarding one of his listings and a potential buyer who was looking at the property for a unique purpose. The property was perfectly setup for a sober living home or what some call a halfway house… Read More »

Education Resource

The High Cost of College Education Today

College education costs have soared in recent years and for many it seems as if these costs are getting to the point where the affordability of college is becoming out of reach. To give you a recent example: the annual tuition at Harvard for 2014 was $45,278. Now we are talking here about college tuition… Read More »