Lessons from the Instructors

Sep 24, 2018 Issue

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Be Original to Make Profits Trading

At Online Trading Academy, we teach traders our core strategy that allows them to identify where the institutional traders are entering and exiting the markets. If you know that these traders routinely make millions of dollars at day trading, it makes sense that if you follow their actions and copy them you could be profitable… Read More »

Proactive Investor

Return on Investment and Risk

The idea of getting a return on an investment is the cornerstone of saving and investing. With every investment comes some form of risk. As we evaluate our choices for investing, it’s important to think about how reward and risk are related. How much and what kind of risk we can tolerate will determine what… Read More »


Why You Need to Consider a Roth IRA Conversion

What is a Roth IRA Conversion? An IRA conversion, also known as a rollover, generally refers to the act of transferring assets held in a traditional IRA, or a similar retirement account, to a Roth IRA. Most investors can convert their IRA to a Roth even if they earn too much money to contribute to…
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