Lessons from the Pros

Aug 6, 2018 Issue

Featured Article

Confronting Fear When You Trade

If you have read previous articles written by me and the Lesson from The Pros team, you know that we all drive home the need to follow a rules-based trading and investing plan. Not only does this make our decision-making process easier but also frees up time and, more importantly, our emotions. The less the… Read More »


Trading Conventional Thought for an Edge

As I have mentioned many times, at the core of any successful trading and investing strategy is an edge. Few traders and investors ever attain the significant market edge they desire and there is a simple reason for this. Most new market speculators begin their quest for edge building information and education on the internet… Read More »

Specialty Skills

In the Trade, it’s Not Your Fault – But it is Your Responsibility

The statement in the title line is somewhat controversial. There are those that reject the pass that some people are given to being accountable for things like addictions, issues with the law or some other infraction. This faction of the population feels that if you do something wrong, or fail to do what is warranted… Read More »

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