Lessons from the Pros

Aug 20, 2018 Issue

Featured Article

Are You Too Smart to Make Money?

Do you think you have to be smart to make money trading the financial markets? Think again. While there are strong studies on the correlation between IQ and income levels that show the higher the IQ, the stronger the income, I would argue the supply and demand strategy that I write about so often flips… Read More »


Is the Trend Really Your Friend?

The golden rule in conventional trading books is that you must trade in the direction of the prevailing trend in order to be successful. These same books also tell you that the biggest no-no is trying to pick tops and bottoms. On the surface it seems like pretty reasonable advice, however, there are different ways… Read More »


Using the Options P/L Graph Part 4

This will be the last in the series (for now) on using the Options P/L Graph. As I’ve explained previously in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 of this series, the P/L graph is a crucial tool in getting the most out of your option trading. Some form of it is a part of… Read More »

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