Lessons from the Pros

Aug 13, 2018 Issue

Featured Article

How Money is Really Made in Markets

Profitable trading and investing comes down to two groups, those who know what they are doing (banks and financial institutions) and those who don’t (average traders and investors). In the trading and investing world, those who know what they are doing simply get paid from those who don’t. This is no surprise as banks and… Read More »


But I Read How to Trade in a Book!

Many people are introduced to trading or investing by reading a book or online article or by watching videos on the subject. Most of what is published is the same sort of retail information in different forms. Some of this information can be extremely dangerous and expensive for traders to follow because it is misleading and… Read More »

Real Estate

Foreclosures – Are They Still a Viable Way to Find a Good Real Estate Deal?

Of course, foreclosures will always be a viable acquisition strategy. The interesting thing is that the number of foreclosures have decreased substantially over the last decade. In a recent study on the foreclosure market by ATTOM data, Senior VP Daren Blomquist provides some great insight to the state of foreclosures, ‘Less than half of all… Read More »


What Are the Penalties for Not Paying Taxes?

The US tax laws expect taxpayers to pay taxes on income earned from wages, capital gains, interest income, dividends, rental income and even on inheritances and lottery winnings. However, there could be numerous reasons and circumstances where taxpayers fail to pay their taxes; such as financial constraints, health issues, divorce, fear to face the… Read More »