Lessons from the Pros

Jun 5, 2018 Issue

Featured Article

Supply and Demand, Nothing Else Matters?

A challenge for me over the years with conventional and mainstream trading education is right at its foundation. Always, the focus is on the chart, volume and any number of indicators. There are books written solely about candlesticks and others that deal only with volume because conventional wisdom says those two contain the most important… Read More »

Proactive Investor

More on Preferred Stock Yields

My last article was called Understanding Bond and Preferred Stock Yields. In that piece, I described the differences between the yield measures known as Coupon Rate, Current Yield, Yield to Maturity and Yield to Worst. Today I’ll expand on that, emphasizing preferred stocks this time. I’ve written about preferred stocks in earlier articles, as potential… Read More »


Is It Raining Pips? Or Are You in a Drought?

Hello traders! This week’s newsletter is about the inconsistencies we find in the markets, and how with a little bit of patience we can make things easier on us… Have you ever had one of those weeks or months in trading where the pips just wouldn’t stop coming into your account? You are on the internet looking… Read More »


The Best State for Your Real Estate LLC

There are those out there that are convinced that Nevada business entities are the optimal solution for any real estate business regardless of type, location, benefit or cost. Others believe it’s Delaware or Wyoming that provide the most benefits for real estate businesses. The truth is, it isn’t that cut and dry. So, how does… Read More »

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