Lessons from the Pros

May 1, 2018 Issue

Featured Article

Are You Catching The Huge Profit Zones?

The past few weeks, market volatility has been sky high. I can’t remember the last time the NASDAQ had more 50 – 100-point swings so often. Very strong supply and demand levels and huge profit zones are the norm ever since the market declined to the February lows. So often in… Read More »


Finding Value Stocks

Investors want to purchase stocks at a low price and sell them at a high price. This is what we have all heard from the first time we were exposed to the financial markets. The biggest issue facing investors is: ‘What is low and what is high?’ There are many schools of thought that attempt… Read More »


The Rules for Exercising Options

You probably know that a Call option gives you the right to buy a stock at a fixed price; and that a Put option gives you the right to sell a stock at a fixed price. These rights are what give the option its value. When you take advantage of these rights it is called Read More »

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