Lessons from the Pros

Mar 13, 2018 Issue

Featured Article

Trading & Investing: Who’s a Mental Fit?

The day someone decides they are going to pursue trading, they are typically making that decision because of the potential financial prize. In other words, they are making that decision because of the perceived benefit, not thinking of the risk and work it takes to achieve the benefit, etc. After all, no one gets excited… Read More »


Knowable Risk Management

Hello traders! This week’s newsletter comes to you from sunny southern California, where the weather is 75 degrees and I’m teaching a futures class. My sympathies to all of my east coast friends who are suffering through a terrible cold and snow snap! Wish you were here! On that note, this week we’ll discuss some things… Read More »

Proactive Investor

Have You Considered Preferred Stocks?

We’ve written a few times before about U.S. preferred stocks. These are different from the stocks that make up what we usually think of as the ‘stock market’. The stock market is made up of ‘common stocks’. Each of the two kinds of stocks has its place, and you might very well want to invest… Read More »


How Mark-to-Market Accounting Election Affects You

What is Mark to Market (MTM)? A simple explanation would be that MTM is an accounting method that describes how a trader calculates their trading gains and losses, and how these gains and losses are reported on a trader’s annual income tax return. MTM refers to a year-end process where you mark all your open positions… Read More »

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