Lessons from the Pros

Feb 6, 2018 Issue


Candles Light the Way to Profits

People seem to think that since they hear that so few people are successful in trading, that there must be a complicated process to complete in order to make money. The truth is, that the simpler we make trading, the more profitable it seems to be. Many traders and investors often seek out complicated indicators… Read More »


Using the Options Profit/Loss Graph

I have referred often in these articles to the Options Profit Loss graph. Today, I want to show it explicitly and discuss its uses. First, let’s look not at an option Profit Loss graph, but at a regular price chart of a stock to use an example. I’ve chosen Colgate Palmolive (symbol CL)…
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Education Resource

Score More with Better Credit

When it comes to your financial future, why limit yourself? You could be doing just that with a low or weak credit score. You may think of your credit score as merely a way to get a loan for a car or home but it is much more than that. A good credit store can… Read More »