Lessons from the Pros

Feb 27, 2018 Issue

Featured Article

Is Momentum Trading Draining Your Account?

I have seen and heard from many new traders who buy right at or near the high of the day or sell at or near the low of the day and then can’t believe the outcome. Either their strategy rules or their emotions had them entering the market at the worst possible price, which is… Read More »


Sector Rotation: Investment Strategy for Better Opportunities

There are several decisions that must be made prior to entering a trade or investment.  One must first decide what to invest in.  Then the choice of when to invest comes and finally where to exactly enter.  Most people decide what to invest in due to a recommendation from a broker, a friend, or even from television… Read More »

Real Estate

Ten Top Elements to Being a successful Real Estate Investor – Part I

For years, I have been asked what makes a successful real estate investor. I do believe there are key things that one must do to achieve success no matter the goal, some tangible and others intangible. However, motivation is one of the key factors and can range from making big money, to flexibility or improving… Read More »