Lessons from the Pros

Dec 31, 2018 Issue


S&P 500 and the Future of Equity Markets

Happy New Year! A few weeks ago, I published an article where I discussed my view of the equity markets and predicted some of the activity to expect from them in 2019. This week, we will dive deeper into one of those markets for a more in-depth analysis. We will be examining the S&P 500. Read More »

Real Estate

Tips When Buying U.S. Properties From or Selling to Expats and Foreigners

In 2018, ‘Canadians purchased approximately 27,400 residential real estate properties in the U.S. valued at $10.5 billion dollars…. The average purchase price was $383,900 and the median price was $292,000. Canadians were responsible for about 10% of all foreign real estate sales in the U.S.’ according to CanadatoArizona.  This is amazing since Canadian currency is… Read More »

Education Resource

When To Review Your Estate Plan

Other than perhaps philosophers, most people do not like to contemplate their own demise. Even fewer enjoy the idea of planning for it! So most folks prepare an estate plan, put it in a safety deposit box and forget it. That could be a fatal estate planning mistake… Read More »