Lessons from the Pros

Oct 1, 2018 Issue

Featured Article

What the Smart Money does to be Profitable

It is not a mystery that in the financial markets there are two distinct groups, those that make money a large portion of the time (banks and institutions) and, on the other side, those who don’t (the general trading and investing public). These folks tend to struggle to keep up with market returns at best; or end… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Don’t Let Your Trading Get Caught In The Comfort Zone

The normal human being is always moved to seek pleasure and avoid pain. From the time that we are little ones, we seek the pleasure associated with eating, playing, touching, pounding, grabbing, standing, running and myriad of other endeavors that may seem inconsequential to an adult, but remain firmly in the pleasure zone for little… Read More »

Education Resource

How to Be Smart About Asset Allocation

How many times have you heard the following from Wall Street, the financial media, your CPA or your financial advisor, “‘ax out your 401(k)?’ Almost every day there is another article on how and why you should ‘Max out your 401(k).’ The marketing powerhouses behind Wall Street programs tells us to contribute as much money… Read More »

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