Lessons from the Pros

Jan 30, 2018 Issue

Featured Article

Is Your Market Analysis Benefiting You or Someone Else?

The world of market speculating is made up of everyone from the active day trader to the longer-term investor, speculating in all kinds of markets and asset classes, people all around the globe pushing buy and sell buttons each day in hopes of achieving income and wealth. Never in history have there been so… Read More »


Weekly Candle Hints

Hello traders! I’ve just come from our beautiful Woodland Hills, California office, and one of our veteran students asked me a question about Japanese candlesticks, specifically referring to an article I wrote a couple of years ago. With his questions in mind, I’d like to expand on how I use weekly candles to give… Read More »

Real Estate

Flip a Contract not a House = Wholesaling

You want to get started in Real Estate investing but are concerned about the amount of money it takes, or you don’t know anything about real estate and are afraid of making a mistake, or you are already an active investor and come across good deals that might be right for you but don’t know… Read More »


Prevent Costly Mistakes With These Tax Planning Strategies

Life is full of mistakes. It’s easy to recover from the small ones and move on. Making mistakes when filing your tax return can be very costly and harder to recover from. You can lose tens of thousands of dollars in unnecessary taxes, as well as paying penalties, interest and representation fees… Read More »

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