Lessons from the Pros

Jan 2, 2018 Issue

Featured Article

Was 2018 A Great Year for You?

No, 2018 is not a typo in the title. For a moment, imagine this… It is right now, exactly this time next year (Jan 2018) and you just lived the best year of your entire life. Why was it the best year of your life? What did you do? What made it so special? Why… Read More »


Trading and the Universal Law of Duality

EMBRACE TRADING RISK is the mantra I espouse to all traders, mainly because the universal law of duality exists. This law states that nothing can exist without its antithetical counterpart. Night cannot be without day, evil cannot exist without good and rewards cannot happen without risk. I know this may be a bit philosophical for… Read More »

Real Estate

Changes in Work Places Lead to Changes in Real Estate

The work place is changing; there is no denying that. What do the changes look like and how do they affect the real estate market? I was in Dallas visiting my granddaughter (and her parents, my son and daughter-in-law). It was a Friday, so both my son (he is a consultant) and I had work… Read More »

Featured Article

Shop With Purpose

Whether you are shopping for “retail therapy,” household items or holiday decorations and gifts, it is important to be aware that how you spend often reflects and impacts your inner mood and perception of yourself. Unfortunately, many Americans suffer from financial obesity, one’s obsessive and self-sabotaging need to constantly overspend and remain financially unhealthy… Read More »

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