Lessons from the Pros

Jan 16, 2018 Issue

Featured Article

Trading Around Market Highs and Lows with An Edge

Whatever your trading strategy, you have to have an edge or you will lose. Like competing for anything in life, if you don’t have an edge, don’t bother competing. For today’s piece, lets look at a recent Live Trading Room trade as it represents a simple edge that offers consistent profitability… Read More »


Looking for Better Returns

Investors are always looking for a better way to evaluate the stocks they are selecting for their portfolio. Brokers and portfolio managers often speak in what seems like a foreign language. Or they use abbreviations to make the investment process seem more complicated than it truly is. This week, we will examine one of these… Read More »

Education Resource

Options as Insurance: Now Is the Time

When I am asked whether people should learn options, I ask them the following questions: Do you have car insurance? Do you have homeowner’s insurance? Do you have life insurance? Of course, most people say yes. But when I ask who has insurance for their IRA or who has stock insurance, people look at me… Read More »

Proactive Investor

Investor’s New Year To-Do List

It’s January, and that means time to prepare for the year ahead in your investment portfolio. At least once a year or so, and January is a good time to do it while you’re probably in that kind of mood, you should spend some time on portfolio management. Diversification One of the main principals of portfolio… Read More »