Lessons from the Instructors

Sep 5, 2017 Issue

Featured Article

The Psychology of Investing

Trading psychology is a subject most books and so-called professionals keep separate from the mechanics and strategies of trading and investing. A reality largely misunderstood is that the underlying mechanics and strategies within trading and investing are a direct function of your psychological belief system. At any given time in… Read More »


The Issues with The Trend

Over the last month of leading the ongoing XLT FX sessions, we have been doing our usual business of analyzing the currency markets in real-time and scouting the arena for only the very best low risk and high potential reward setups we can find. Following on from a sharp decline in the value of the US… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Effective Trading is an Exercise in Accountability

It’s well accepted that when you trade your actions are your responsibility; even though there are myriad traders across the planet that blame their poor results on everything and everyone except where it belongs…with the trader. They want to blame the platform, or the kids, or the dog, or the lack of time to get… Read More »