Lessons from the Pros

Sep 19, 2017 Issue


Trading: Treat it like a Business

When we talk to prospective students about learning the skill of trading, we also encourage them to treat trading like a business. If you start any type of business, you first have to come up with the initial seed capital to get the business off the ground. This comes with the understanding that there’s always… Read More »


Beginners Guide to Buying Put Options

In the last two options articles, we described put and call options on stocks by comparing them to everyday items. We described how a Call option is like a sale coupon, and a Put option is like an insurance policy. Now we’ll take that discussion further. A put option on a stock is like an… Read More »

Featured Article

How Are Bitcoins Taxed?

It seems like Bitcoin is being talked about almost everywhere you go, on the news, radio, TV and numerous blogs on the internet. There is even a new term for people who made millions investing in Bitcoin – Bitcoinnaires! There are two types of virtual currency – nonconvertible (like Pokémon Go coins) and convertible virtual currency… Read More »

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