Lessons from the Instructors

Aug 29, 2017 Issue

Featured Article Two important questions for profitable trading.

Making Consistent Money Trading

For any trader and investor, the most important function for you is proper analysis of supply and demand. This leads to the two most important questions: • Where will price turn? (Where are the unfilled buy and sell orders) • Where will price go to? (Where are the filled buy and sell orders) Those who can answer this… Read More »


Is it Possible to Trade Without Emotion?

Is it possible to trade without emotion? I believe so; however, it will take plenty of effort to get there. We all know that the financial markets largely operate on the emotions of fear and greed, and that markets move on the collective perceptions of those that participate in them. As traders, we must… Read More »

Proactive Investor

Investing When Interest Rates Rise

In my last few articles I described the likely effects of interest rate rises in general, and in the bond market in particular. This is relevant now, of course, because interest rates in the United States and elsewhere are beginning to rise after an eight-year period of historic low rates. And when I say historic…
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Tax Treatment for Stock Options

It is very important for traders to understand the tax laws on stock option trading. Let’s begin by defining some stock option terms. Option Holder – a person who holds either a put option or a call option position. Put Option – gives the holder the right to sell a specific stock at a set price… Read More »