Lessons from the Instructors

Jun 6, 2017 Issue


How Inversely Correlated Futures Markets can Provide an Edge

Each day the global financial markets are impacted by events that cause traders to react in dramatic fashion. These responses quite often will have a ripple effect that can stretch across all types of markets and asset classes. In other words, what happens in one market will in turn move another related market. For newer… Read More »

Proactive Investor

Bonds in a Rising-Rate Environment

One of the asset classes that can be productively used by many investors is fixed-income investments – bonds. We have written about them before in a few different contexts. However, I have been asked several times recently about the wisdom of investing in bonds in an environment of rising interest rates. That’s what I’ll address here… Read More »

Featured Article

Why Are ETFs More Tax Efficient than Mutual Funds?

Exchange-traded funds, or ETFs, are significantly more tax-efficient investments than mutual funds. One of the main reasons ETFs are more tax efficient is due to the fact that they generally create fewer taxable events than most mutual funds. Most ETFs only sell holdings when the elements that compose their underlying index change. This in turn… Read More »