Lessons from the Pros

Jun 20, 2017 Issue

Featured Article

It’s on the Chart Right in Front of You, Open Your Eyes

I have always found it very interesting, how many different ways people look at charts and all the different pieces of information people try to attain from a price chart. How could so many people look at the same chart and have so many different opinions? Fascinating. With all the different schools of thought on… Read More »


So You Think You Can Retire?

If you are like most Americans, you have been told that in order to retire you should be putting money into a company sponsored retirement plan like a 401k or an individual plan like an IRA. We are told that if we do this, our money will grow and between the gains in this account… Read More »

Real Estate

Your Fixer Upper Is Ready for the Flip – What’s Next?!?!?

Personally, I experience two moments in the fix and flip process where I go – “Oh NO, what’s next!”  One is at the close of purchase of the property and the other is when the property is ready for resale. To help me through these times I’ve created checklists, time lines and a project plan Read More »

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