Lessons from the Pros

May 23, 2017 Issue

Featured Article

It’s All About Trading Basics

Everyone wants to figure out where price will turn in a market and there are so many theories that claim to figure that out. Rally base drop, drop base drop, resistance, Fibonacci, Elliot Wave, Stochastics, Bollinger Bands®, and so many more… all attempt to figure out where price will turn in a market. What makes… Read More »


Improve Your Forex Trading By Learning from My Mistakes

Hello traders! In this week’s newsletter, I’d like to talk about a few mistakes that many new traders make, all of which I’ve made. Some of them, I’ve made numerous times… In no particular order, the first mistake that many traders make is to move their stop loss the “wrong” way as price approaches. I… Read More »

Real Estate

Low Risk Ways to Get into the Real Estate Development Game

We all know that real estate developers can make big money; they also take significant risk. How can “mom and pop” real estate investors get into the development game? Two Lower Risk Real Estate Development Options: 1) Buying stock in a development company 2) Starting with a small rental development where you’re adding one unit…
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