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May 2, 2017 Issue

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Real Estate Newsletter – May 2017

Featured Articles Adverse Possession, Is It A Viable Acquisition Strategy? By Diana Hill I heard recently a real estate “guru” talking about using “Adverse Possession” as an off-market acquisition strategy. As a real estate investor, I understand what adverse possession is but never looked at it as a viable strategy. Let’s explore the concept together. Read More »

Featured Article

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Finding a good entry, stop and target is fundamentally the most important aspect of trading and investing in any market, not just Forex. I have found over my years of teaching that when I introduce students to our core strategy, they rarely ever want to use any of the other tools along with it because… Read More »


Options and Time Value Part 3

We started the discussion of the Time Value component of an option’s price with an overview of how time affects options positions and continued it with an in-depth look at intrinsic value and time value. Time Value is also called Extrinsic Value, which is probably a more accurate name. The two terms are used interchangeably Read More »


3 Strategies for Tax Efficient Investing

One of the most important considerations that investors should make is what will their net rate of return be. Net rate of return is basically your gross rate of return minus your income tax, state tax, alternative minimum tax and, of course, your net invest income tax on gains. Some investors can pay more than Read More »

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