Lessons from the Pros

Apr 4, 2017 Issue

Featured Article

Are You Thinking Like a Professional or Paying One?

When trading or investing in markets, the simple truth is you’re either thinking like a professional or providing income for one. You either have a competitive edge or you’re giving some of your hard earned money to someone who does. It is amazing to me that people in general focus very little on this most… Read More »


Futures Contract Rollover Explained

Every March, and other quarterly months (June, September, and December), futures contracts that track interest rates, currencies and the stock index futures end their contract life, expire and come up for settlement. This necessitates the need for traders who are holding positions in these markets to exit these contracts and roll them over to the… Read More »


Stop-Losses on Covered Call Positions

Many investors like to use the covered call strategy to increase cash flow from equity positions that they hold. Covered calls work well on individual stocks and on exchange-traded funds. Some people are not aware that there are issues around protecting a covered call position with a stop-loss order. Backing up a step, if you’re Read More »