Lessons from the Pros

Apr 25, 2017 Issue

Featured Article

Failure Happens For You, Not to You

Have you ever noticed that the people who achieve exceptional success in life almost always have a life story that includes a bumpy road. Often, their path includes making mistakes and overcoming challenges that would cause most people to stop and choose another path. The key difference between those who fail and those who stick… Read More »


Improve Trading Results By Thinking Differently

Any trader worth his salt will tell you that he thinks differently about the markets than most. This is where he gets his edge against the competition. In other words, good traders tend to be contrarian thinkers. Although anyone can say they’re a contrarian, going against the prevailing herd mentality is not easy. In fact… Read More »

Real Estate

Adverse Possession, is it a Viable Acquisition Strategy?

I heard recently a real estate “guru” talking about using “Adverse Possession” as an off-market acquisition strategy. As a real estate investor, I understand what adverse possession, but never looked at it as a viable strategy. Let’s explore the concept together. Adverse possession is a legal process that allows title (i.e. ownership) to be taken… Read More »