Lessons from the Pros

Mar 28, 2017 Issue

Featured Article

A Trading Lesson from OTAs New Core Strategy Course

Rally base drop, drop base drop, drop base rally, support and resistance, Fibonacci, Elliot Wave, and so much more… There are thousands of different theories used to try and figure out where price will turn in a market, and where it will go. What makes Online Trading Academy different is that we don’t subscribe to anything related to… Read More »


Trading Above Average

When trading or investing, you need to properly identify the trend that your security is in so that you can trade in the direction that offers the highest probability for profit. At Online Trading Academy, we know that there is no substitute for reading price itself. Our patented Core Strategy involves finding the trend of… Read More »

Real Estate

Fix & Flip: Hot, Inexpensive, Green

Really, what is Fixing and Flipping? Well, if we believed the TV shows – it should be easy to fix and flip a property with just a little unexpected drama. Fix and Flip, in my opinion and experience, has the biggest upside potential for an investor who wants sizable profits in the short term… Read More »