Lessons from the Pros

Mar 21, 2017 Issue

Featured Article

Understanding Trading Challenges

The day someone decides they are going to get involved in active investing or pursue trading, they are typically making that decision because of the potential financial prize. In other words, they are making that decision because of the perceived benefit. What most people don’t understand, let alone consider, is that they are about to… Read More »


Avoiding the Trap of the Demo Trading Account

One of the biggest advantages of the Global Currency market is that it is very easy for traders of all levels to open a simulated trading account with great ease. Brokers in asset classes like Equites, Options and Futures make it much harder to open demo trading accounts without funding a live account first and… Read More »

Specialty Skills

Beliefs: A Source of Great Power – But Be Careful

The power of beliefs is a double-edged sword that can cut both ways. It can help you and it can hurt you. Take the placebo effect, and the fact that physicians have been doling out sugar pills forever with amazing results. Or, I’m sure you’ve no doubt heard about people that were diagnosed with some… Read More »


Should You Trade Your IRA or Your Brokerage Account?

One of the most common questions traders ask is should they be actively trading their retirement account or maybe trade their taxable brokerage account instead. As always, there are advantages and disadvantages to trading each type of account… Read More »